Insanity Work Out | Month One Review

I have finally completed month one of Insanity!  It was a tough month and I am looking forward to my one week recovery period of stretching and balance which I will cover in my next Insanity post alongside a fit test. 

I thought it would be worth doing a summary of this journey, alongside any physical and mental changes I have experienced, and final thoughts. 

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General Observations

1. The work outs seem to get harder.  For me, it did not get any easier throughout the weeks, rather, it got more difficult.  I believe it is because you use so many major muscle groups in each work out that one day is not enough for it to completely restore and repair prior to the next session. 

2. Never get lazy with the warm up and stretches.  They play a central part in 'getting fit' and reducing the muscle aches you feel afterwards. 

3. You can adjust the workouts to an extent. It's okay to change around when you do the 'cardio recovery' and 'rest day' in accordance to your schedule, but try to stick to the order of the other sessions.  My 'rest days' were days I had dance class as I didn't want to do two work outs in one day. 

4. Try to push yourself to go a little further after each circuit in one session.  If you did 10 Ski Abs in 30 seconds the first time, try to do 11 the next.  This way, you know you are getting the most out of the workout.  In addition, if you normally do push ups on your knee, try to do slowly take the weight off your knees and onto your shoulders and core.  You'll be surprised at how much strength you gain in 4 weeks!

Physical Changes

1. The most obvious one is the derrière.  In my eyes, it has gotten a lot more perky, firm, and prominent compared to the flat pancake it once was.  I still have very far to go, but I am a lot further away from where I started. 

2. The calves are more toned.  A lot of these work outs are plyometric, and therefore use large muscle groups in the lower thigh and calves.  Thus, it explains why my calves are a lot firmer and toned than they once were.  

3. Inches around the abdomen.  I definitely experience less bloating and have lost a couple inches around my waist and abdomen/stomach region. No abs yet though! Nonetheless, a lot of my high waisted jeans no longer fit which is a promising (and frustrating) state of affairs.  

4. Less fatigue, more energy.  In general, I find that I have a lot more energy than the beginning of this regime.  This is most noticeable when I go to dance lessons or practice.  I would usually run out of breathe early into the routine whereas now, it is a lot less strenuous.  Nonetheless, the bethke is still a struggle but less so (if you know, you know). 

5. You feel sore all the time.  This is a major downside, but you are constantly sore in random parts of your body and it is very annoying!  I think it may be because, in my case, I was pretty sedentary before taking on this regime so my body was not as well equipped compared to those that exercise more regularly prior to Insanity. 

6. Improved flexibility.  Stretching for 6-10 minutes a day may not seem like much, but the effects it can have is tremendous!  I whole heartedly believe I can successfully do the splits at the end of the second month at this rate.  It has furthered my body control which I notice when dancing because I am able to make fine movements with improved elegance.

Mental Changes

1. Confidence.  I have gained a bit more confidence compared to before.  Not just because I've become slightly more toned than before, but I feel a lot happier with my body.  I've pushed it to the limits and it stuck by me through thick and thin.  It made me realise my strength.  On top of this, we begin to learn how a positive and determined mindset can allow you to reach great lengths. 

2. Better stress management.  The niggling butterflies and stomach knots are much less frequent.   I am human and some situations can tickle my pickle but in terms of worrying about work or general life issues, working out has really helped release that excess tension so I do not project it in a negative way elsewhere.  

3. Peaceful sleep.  My sleeps have drastically improved.  Previously, it would take nearly hours for me to drift and I would have a disturbed sleep.  Now, I can have a good shut-eye up until my alarm. 

4. Reduced eczema flare ups.  If you have struggled with eczema or any condition that results in itchy skin, I can honestly say that exercising significantly reduced that itching sensation alongside general flare ups.  During the winter, eczema tends to worsen naturally but exercising has helped keep things under better control. 

Final thoughts

All in all, the Insanity work out regime definitely illustrates results which we wouldn't expect to see in such a short amount of time.  My diet has not changed during these four weeks but I do not eat any fast food ( I have my fair share of fried goods, donuts, and cookies, however).  Therefore, if you were to drastically improve your diet in this process, I imagine the results will be 10 fold more dramatic. 

I will be doing a post next Monday on the recovery week and my fitness test results from the start of the regime to to the end of the first month so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. 

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