Spring Summer 2019 | Fashion Trends

It's that time of year where I share my findings on what's in this Spring and Summer.  A lot of trends are inspired by 2018 Spring and Summer, alongside new and exciting styles that I have not seen be represented by designers in the past.  Hope you enjoy this read and decide to integrate or take inspiration from the trends.

Neon and Color Blocking.  I find that each year, neon and colour blocking find their way into Spring and Summer 2019.  It is a quintessential spring/summer trend for these warmer months and never fails to turn heads.  I am trying to bring more colour into my wardrobe and now is the best time! As aforementioned in previous trend posts, use a color-wheel to work out the best color blocking pairs if you're unsure on how to apply this trend.

Brands: Versace, Escada, Marc Jacobs

Yellow, Red, and Orange. We have been very inspired by the sun this fashion season.  The colors yellow, red and orange were flooding the brands and are beginning to fill the shelves of the high street.  I am a lover of orange and red, but tend to shy away from yellow as it sometimes seems too overwhelming. Nonetheless, looking at the range of looks encompassing yellow made me realise how elegant and classy this shade is.  

Brands: Oscar De la Renta, Balenciaga, J. JS Lee, Versace, 

Tie Dye. The last time I remember wearing tie dye was back in elementary school on field days.  Making tie-dye shirts in my backyard was an iconic summer memory of mine so to see it on the runway takes me back.  Tie dye is a youthful and fun pattern that is perfect for the streets.  It's eye-catching, bright, and sometimes even tropical.  I've seen the print used in blazers and skirts which is the perfect pop of pattern for an otherwise simple outfit. 

Brands: Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana

Fringing.  I love ultra-fine fringe detailing on coats and bags to add texture to an outfit.  Fringe detailing allows me to channel my inner Chanel, especially on tweed and boucle fabric such as skirts or blazers.  On the other hand, you can assimilate fringes to give off a cowboy-country vibe which was an avid Spring 2018 trend.  Nonetheless, this detail can be classy and chic, or fun and country depending on how you choose to style it.  

Brands: Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel,

Animal Print.  This print  has been making a come back in the last few years.  Animal print, previously seen as 'cheap' and 'tacky' is now represented by many designers.  When done well, it can look fun, expensive, and even subtle if blended into the material.  I will be incorporating animal print through my skirts as I currently own a snake-skin patterned skirt which works beautifully with basic high neck tops.  It is a classy way to demonstrate a loud print.

Brands: Tom Ford, Rochas, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci

Beige.  Beige is one of my favourite color palettes in my wardrobe.  Not only is it versatile, but it is a universal staple for a classic wardrobe.   It is a personal staple of mine which never fails to look chic.  Beige with pink, camel, or oatmeal undertones works best with the pieces I already known.  You can wear this shade as a boiler suit or through investing in a Mac coat or Trench Coat wherein, you have a garment that will never go out of style.  

Brands: Alessandra Rich, Emilia Wickstead, Max Mara, Givenchy

Victorian Dresses.  These dresses consist of ruching, florals, broderie anglaise, long sleeves, and are traditionally floor length. This may not be the easiest dress to pull out for everyday but there are various silhouettes available from romantic to classy, fitted to loose.  I am most excited about balloon sleeves as they are extremely Audrey Hepburn-esque and exude elegance and sophistication. 

Brands: Calvin Klein, Coach

Beach wear. cycling shorts, surfing, and skaters. This is quite a fun trend. Although not something I have previously explored, I love the tropical and beach-vibes these styles emit.  The easiest way to adapt this trend is through the use of cycling shorts when going to the gym.  

Brand: Fendi, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Prada

Boiler Suits/Utility Jumpsuits.  Who can say no to an easy one-piece? Jumpsuits can sometimes look shapeless so I suggest investing one with a ruched waist line to provide some definition or a simple belt.  If that isn't up your alley, try a pinafore-inspired jumpsuit which will enable you to wear a stunning sweater underneath without being too harsh.  I think boiler suits can transition into the work place, let alone runway to the streets. 

Brands: Celine, Balmain, Alexa Chung, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Fendi, Givenchy, and Zimmermann. 

Green.  Many individuals would shy away from the colour green.  A popular shade of green includes mint or seafoam green which has a pastel undertone that is perfect for the warmer seasons.  Green can be introduced subtly through bags, shoes, or simple accessories.  Nonetheless, there is no harm in purchasing a full blazer-suit coordinate in this gorgeous shade.  A personal favourite shade of mine is emerald green which is gorgeous as a dress.  On the other hand, emerald green smokey eyes can be a different take on this trend.

Brands: Molly Goddard, Jil Sander

Bows. We had to end on a high.  I've been waiting for the day that bows became a fashion trend.  They were seen all over the runway in various forms.  Commonly, it was used as a hair clip but many brands had bow detailing on dresses, as ties, and even necklaces.  This traditionally 'child-like' accessory is now seen by big named brands as a fashion-forward staple and I am all for it. 

Brands: Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Altuzarra, Valentino, Erdem

Those are all the trends I could spot this season.  I am very excited to see what will hit the shelves in the high streets this year because there are so many fun prints and patterns to try.  I will personally require a bit more confidence but nothing beats stepping out of your comfort zone!

Happy shopping. 

The Wardrobe Challenge | #SustainableMe

A very big fashion trend that is hitting the news is 'sustainable fashion'. The BBC recently launched a sustainable fashion project which reached the runways of London Fashion Week.  The BBC are working in collaboration with the British Fashion Council and Mother of Pearl in hopes to create a better #SustainableMe. 

As much as I want to quickly jump onto this trend, it isn't feasible for me to completely eradicate and swap out my wardrobe for sustainable pieces instead.  I understand that many others may be in this position.  Nonetheless, I couldn't agree more with the need to acknowledge and use sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly clothes.  I am someone that is, quite frankly, addicted to fashion, but I wanted to make a twist on the '#SustainableMe' project which is more appropriate for my context.  Here are my aims of this 90 day challenge:

1. Wear everything I own in my wardrobe and donate or gift pieces which I do not use/wear.  

2. Not purchase any new clothing pieces.  

3. Do a round up at the end of each week of my outfits (bar my lazy in-house pajamas) and share it every Sunday!

I want to note that I am fully aware that the clothes I will be wearing will not, necessarily, be eco-friendly but my wardrobe is an accumulation of pieces I have had for years and sustainable fashion was not something that was brought to my attention until it made headlines.  If you want to buy new clothes, maybe try the charity shops!  At least that way you are aware that the money is going towards a positive cause, and the pieces have a new home.  However, as I aforementioned, being a full time university student makes it difficult for me to completely declutter my wardrobe and buy new pieces. The change doesn't have to happen overnight! This is just the first step towards environmental fashion.  On top of this, I feel this challenge will improve my awareness of what garments I actually own, alongside appreciating old treasures I forgot I had! 

Insanity Work Out | Month One Review

I have finally completed month one of Insanity!  It was a tough month and I am looking forward to my one week recovery period of stretching and balance which I will cover in my next Insanity post alongside a fit test. 

I thought it would be worth doing a summary of this journey, alongside any physical and mental changes I have experienced, and final thoughts. 

If you have not read my other two posts about Insanity please do so here: 

Week 1 Review

Week 2 Review

General Observations

1. The work outs seem to get harder.  For me, it did not get any easier throughout the weeks, rather, it got more difficult.  I believe it is because you use so many major muscle groups in each work out that one day is not enough for it to completely restore and repair prior to the next session. 

2. Never get lazy with the warm up and stretches.  They play a central part in 'getting fit' and reducing the muscle aches you feel afterwards. 

3. You can adjust the workouts to an extent. It's okay to change around when you do the 'cardio recovery' and 'rest day' in accordance to your schedule, but try to stick to the order of the other sessions.  My 'rest days' were days I had dance class as I didn't want to do two work outs in one day. 

4. Try to push yourself to go a little further after each circuit in one session.  If you did 10 Ski Abs in 30 seconds the first time, try to do 11 the next.  This way, you know you are getting the most out of the workout.  In addition, if you normally do push ups on your knee, try to do slowly take the weight off your knees and onto your shoulders and core.  You'll be surprised at how much strength you gain in 4 weeks!

Physical Changes

1. The most obvious one is the derrière.  In my eyes, it has gotten a lot more perky, firm, and prominent compared to the flat pancake it once was.  I still have very far to go, but I am a lot further away from where I started. 

2. The calves are more toned.  A lot of these work outs are plyometric, and therefore use large muscle groups in the lower thigh and calves.  Thus, it explains why my calves are a lot firmer and toned than they once were.  

3. Inches around the abdomen.  I definitely experience less bloating and have lost a couple inches around my waist and abdomen/stomach region. No abs yet though! Nonetheless, a lot of my high waisted jeans no longer fit which is a promising (and frustrating) state of affairs.  

4. Less fatigue, more energy.  In general, I find that I have a lot more energy than the beginning of this regime.  This is most noticeable when I go to dance lessons or practice.  I would usually run out of breathe early into the routine whereas now, it is a lot less strenuous.  Nonetheless, the bethke is still a struggle but less so (if you know, you know). 

5. You feel sore all the time.  This is a major downside, but you are constantly sore in random parts of your body and it is very annoying!  I think it may be because, in my case, I was pretty sedentary before taking on this regime so my body was not as well equipped compared to those that exercise more regularly prior to Insanity. 

6. Improved flexibility.  Stretching for 6-10 minutes a day may not seem like much, but the effects it can have is tremendous!  I whole heartedly believe I can successfully do the splits at the end of the second month at this rate.  It has furthered my body control which I notice when dancing because I am able to make fine movements with improved elegance.

Mental Changes

1. Confidence.  I have gained a bit more confidence compared to before.  Not just because I've become slightly more toned than before, but I feel a lot happier with my body.  I've pushed it to the limits and it stuck by me through thick and thin.  It made me realise my strength.  On top of this, we begin to learn how a positive and determined mindset can allow you to reach great lengths. 

2. Better stress management.  The niggling butterflies and stomach knots are much less frequent.   I am human and some situations can tickle my pickle but in terms of worrying about work or general life issues, working out has really helped release that excess tension so I do not project it in a negative way elsewhere.  

3. Peaceful sleep.  My sleeps have drastically improved.  Previously, it would take nearly hours for me to drift and I would have a disturbed sleep.  Now, I can have a good shut-eye up until my alarm. 

4. Reduced eczema flare ups.  If you have struggled with eczema or any condition that results in itchy skin, I can honestly say that exercising significantly reduced that itching sensation alongside general flare ups.  During the winter, eczema tends to worsen naturally but exercising has helped keep things under better control. 

Final thoughts

All in all, the Insanity work out regime definitely illustrates results which we wouldn't expect to see in such a short amount of time.  My diet has not changed during these four weeks but I do not eat any fast food ( I have my fair share of fried goods, donuts, and cookies, however).  Therefore, if you were to drastically improve your diet in this process, I imagine the results will be 10 fold more dramatic. 

I will be doing a post next Monday on the recovery week and my fitness test results from the start of the regime to to the end of the first month so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. 

First Semester of Med School | A Reflection

Medical school is a lot about reflection and building upon existing skills.  Therefore, I thought it would be more than appropriate to review my first semester and discuss my experiences alongside any lessons I've learnt! 

1. Adapt your study skills.  No matter how many degrees you've done, you may still need to adapt your learning skills and methods, and that is okay! In fact, I whole-heartedly encourage people to change up their learning tools because you never know what might fit like a glove.

2. Change it up depending on the topic! You don't need the same study skills for each module.  For every subject, I had a different way of learning or taking notes and that worked wonders for me.

3. Deciles don't matter - passing does.  Remember, it is the patients, not peers, which will feel the effects of your hard work.  You cannot afford to 'forget' all that you learnt because medical school is just long-winded training for a job that requires a holistic approach for optimal management of a patient's condition.  Your first exam may feel intimidating and time may scary.  However, the first exam is only to test the waters and allow you to dip a toe in to get a flavour for what exam style questions would be like.  You may come out thinking you failed and end up pleasantly surprised at the outcome like myself! 

4. Extra curricular activities are possible, and sometimes needed!  No matter what you are doing in your life, we all need hobbies or passions to submerge ourselves in to bring our mind to something else.  No one likes to be saturated in only one thing.  Therefore, I recommend you pursue your favourite hobbies or even try to build new ones!  

5. You will make friends.  I was very nervous starting medical school, especially as a graduate.  I was convinced I wouldn't have any friends and need to be happy with being alone.  However, I have been blessed with the sweetest friends that are hard working and motivating souls. 

6. Your mental health is important - make sure you are observant of it.  Whether it be a case of Imposters' Syndrome, stress, anxiety, or even depression, remain mindful of your state and ensure you have people to talk to when feeling overwhelmed.  Things do get a lot more manageable, easier, and interesting! I highly recommend making appointments with your university's pastoral/mental health facilities or even a local GP surgery.

7. Time management is key.  Lack of sleep is often glamorised and sacrificing a good night fo rest has been seen as 'goals' by many motivational speakers and individuals.  Personally, I believe you should never let go of sleep but manage your time more effectively to do all you wish without feeling tired. 

8. Don't buy all the textbooks! Most medical schools have access to an online resource of textbooks.  The BMA have a free library service for medical students if they cannot get the necessary textbooks from their university one.  The only textbooks I recommend are the BIOS Instant Notes for various medical science topics (purchase whichever you find difficult - I own all of them as they helped tremendously during my undergraduate degree), and Grays Anatomy for Students because it is perfect throughout your pre-clinical and even clinical years. 

9. Don't let competition get to you.  If you thrive on competition, then try to keep it to yourself.  Some people find it overwhelming and it could negatively impact others.  On top of this, keep your successes to yourself - wear your success like a T shirt not a tuxedo.  No one likes a bragging Bill! Humbleness will go far.  Everyone is in the same boat.  The moment you start to compete, you may find your grades falter.  Work towards helping patients and doing your best for them not yourself and not to get top decile.  

10. A daily dose of self-care.  This is important.  We all need to relax and unwind from a long day and one form of self care that has really stuck with me is actually exercising! I am going to be posting my 'Month 1 Insanity Review' on Monday which will be very exciting!  Other forms of self care include skin care treatments, a hot shower/bath, putting a little extra time into your favourite meal, or reading a lovely novel.  On that note, something else I do when doing house chores or just wanting a fresh mindset is watch Disney and/or Pixar movies.  This may seem very childish but honestly, nothing is more wholesome and humbling than a classic kid's film. 

Where have I been?

I think this is what most people want an explanation for.  I did struggle since my thesis for my masters in terms of time management and the transition to a new university, lifestyle, and location.  It was a difficult time just because there were many unexpected speed bumps along the way.  I was struggling to think of blog posts and was suffering with, what felt like, chronic writers' block.  I was trying different things terms of my social media (like adhering to a 'pink' theme on my instagram which fell through quick- I just like colour too much!),  and was figuring out my 'niche'.  

Nonetheless, things are starting to come into fruition by looking brighter and greener.  In addition, I am trying to grow more comfortable in my own interests, desires, and skin which includes a long process of healing insecurities.  It can be a tough battle.  Thus, I stress the importance of number 10 on this journey of becoming a better you.  

Tag | Medical School

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all keeping warm in this polar vortex.  I found the 'Medical School' tag and for those of you who aren't aware, I recently got into med school!  These questions were very fun to answer so I hope you enjoy the easy read.  My next post will be more informative and include an explanation of my absence (due to personal reasons) and a summary of my experiences of Term 1, lessons I learnt, and mistakes I made.  Let's begin the tag.

Who are you and where do you study?

I am Chandhini!  And I currently study in the UK. 

When did you start studying medicine or premed courses?

I started studying medicine 2018 September, however, I began prepping for my applications during my Masters in 2017.

What made you choose the medical field?

I have previously done work experience in accounting, business, and law firms.  Nonetheless, despite my interest in the likes of politics, law, and economics, I didn't enjoy the context in which I was learning and applying these subjects.  Thus, I decided to move towards the sciences.  I thoroughly enjoy explaining and discussing science with individuals.  Therefore, I felt medicine involved the perfect combination of teaching patients about their condition or symptoms, alongside problem solving. 

How did you come up with your blog name/username?

Random question!  I really liked the play on words 'trendy' and '-able' and, as I identify as female, 'miss' seemed fitting!

How do you describe your blog?

My blog is where beauty means science and education.  There is a stigma people who enjoy fashion and makeup, tend not to pursue academics.  This cannot be further from the truth.  As a result, I wanted to discuss the science which underpins makeup or beauty regarding certain topics. For example, breaking down Creme de la Mer, biotin, and discussing how sunscreen works. In doing so, I continue to review lipsticks, do favourites, and fashion posts!  There are no limits to my interests, nor should there ever be for anyone.  Hence, there are no limits to what this blog can be about or contain.

What's your favourite quote?

I am a quote junky.  There are many that I adore and attract inspiration from.

"Love all. Serve all. Help ever. Hurt never." - Sathya Sai Baba

This is one I carry with me at all times.  Sometimes people may be hard to love or treat well especially if they did you wrong- and it does take strength for us to put our own opinions behind us in order to be a positive influence on people's lives.  Our purpose on this earth isn't to be rude or to teach people a listen, rather, it is to ensure we be better than who we were yesterday and leave more love in the world. 

"Never water down your roots" - Me (shameless plug)

For a huge portion of my life, I have been shy about my roots and beliefs.  This caused me to feel uncertainty and lost .  It came from a lack of understanding and appreciation of the beauty and richness in my culture.  I was constantly trying to fight my inner desires, wishes, and ambitions to fit in but regardless I would stick out like a sore thumb.  No reason to fight a losing battle - love yourself, love your roots, love your history.  Don't water down your true self. 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain.

Over the last couple years I have grown to be quite shy.  It is highly unlike me if you met me in my late teens.  I was confident, outgoing, and a massive extrovert.  Lately, I've become more calm and self-aware in my thoughts.  My shyness is coming from a place of fear, lack of confidence, and insecurities.  Nonetheless, as I grow and achieve more of what I love, I slowly begin to find my purpose.  The bond between my inner child is slowly strengthening; leading me to do exactly that: explore, dream, and discover.

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." - Roald Dahl

Classic! Can never have too many reasons to be kind hearted. 

"People will forget what you said and what you did.  But they will never forget how you made them feel." - Unknown

Similar to the first and second to last quote.  Although our actions and words may go amiss, the impact we have on others will stay for durations longer than we believe. 

Best memory in medical school?

Easy peasy - dissecting the heart was a pretty surreal moment for me and I absolutely loved it.  My friends even said my mouth was wide-open in amazement throughout the experience. 

What's one course you struggle/struggled with?

Currently, it is MSK or musculoskeletal.  It is parallel to learning a new language: dermatomes, phalanges, crepitus, stenosis?! It is very hard to wrap your head around and can be significantly time consuming.  However, the jump is normal and natural.  All it takes is some getting use to.

What's your favourite book?

This is a toughey.  A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is number one, Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult, and anything by Jane Austen.  

What do you do in your free time?

Dancing is a huge passion of mine - I am hoping to do more with dance when the weather is better.  On top of that,  I love drawing, creating mini arts and crafts, and writing poetry.

What do you want to specialise in?

At the moment, cardiology is a firm first.  I also love Infection and Immunology because I studied those topics extensively during my undergrad. 

Who do you look up to?

My grandfather, who was an accountant, was a hard worker.  He had nothing but still made a lasting impact on the people around him.  Although he was not a doctor, he provided mental peace to his loved ones by offering a helping hand and shoulder to lean on despite his own struggles. 

My other grandfather was a chemist and was equally as hard working and got the highest marks in his degree overall in all of South India which is admirable given the familial circumstances being anything but in his favour.

How do you study?

This is a big question! I am now trying to spend less time on note-taking/making and more time understanding the material as I go along.  This ensures that it sticks for the long term and reduces the need to cram. 

How do you stay motivated in medical school?

As cheesy as this may sound, I whole-heartedly look forward to each day.  It feels like a blessing to be one step closer to my dreams after every sleep.  I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.  I am aware that people are not blessed with education and it is inaccessible to many in the world.  This furthers my desire to treat every day with upmost reverence.

What is your best tips for future medical students?

God puts dreams in your heart for a reason.  Every decision you make is for yourself. No one else can take those away from you.  If you are doing medicine with pure intentions, then success is yours for the taking.  Try to gain as much experience as you can in your premed years and work hard.  Understand that you will be fighting that itch to just work once you enter medical school with friends and course mates earning thousands whilst you sit in debt.  But everyone is going to be 30 in the end - might as well be a doctor! It is a privilege to study medicine and treat individuals holistically as a career.  Remember you are studying because a person's life is in your hands: not the deciles, not the marks, not to beat your mates, but to save lives.

Thank you for reading!

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