Channeling Chanel

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The brand Chanel is a huge face for tweed and modern vintage. Even this Spring Summer 2019, the Chanel Spring Ready-to-Wear show featured tweed blazers, dresses, and coordinates which one wouldn't suspect is spring/summer appropriate. Nonetheless, Chanel never fails to make it tweed and boucle appropriate year round.  Unfortunately, Chanel is a well known luxury brand with the price tag to match so I could not justify splurging hundreds to thousands of pounds on their garments.  To my pleasant surprise, SheIn carries many tweed and boucle pieces at a far more affordable price.  I was gifted this two-piece which is a beautiful coordinate.

  • The price tag does enable most individuals to channel their inner Chanel with this glamorous two-piece.  It does not appear cheap when worn and the fabric is lined to prevent snagging or lint on the inside.  
  • This two piece set does not have to be worn together.  Thus, it is like two birds with one stone! I am more than happy to pair the skirt with an alternative top or the blazer with jeans for a casual and relaxed appearance. 
  • You will stand out.  Given that tweed is a very marmite fabric,  you either love it or hate it, a lot of people on the streets will stare.  It is a very niche outfit that certainly demonstrates a classic and elegant vibe.  


  • There are many loose threads.  As a result, you may find yourself constantly picking them off or cutting them after just one use.  The metallic trimming on the blazer will get caught in your skirt and cause more loose ends.  Hence, I believe this product can only be dry cleaned in hopes to be long-lasting.  
  • The zippers on the skirt are not sturdy (or I just eat a lot) as I found them slowly unzipping whilst eating lunch.  No one wants to be self-conscious when enjoying a meal! This is something to bear in mind as you cannot select a separate skirt and blazer size.  

Overall, if you want to venture out into new fabrics and styles, I recommend checking out SheIn as they have a huge variety of tweed co-ords.  On top of this, despite the quality not being on par, I do believe other boutiques or high street stores price Tweed or Boucle fabric at far higher costs.  But with proper care, I am sure this two piece can last many wears. 


If Only

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Regret.  A type of sorrow that devours each living cell.  Breathing is effortful, emptiness takes the cake, and one will rue relentlessly.  The greatest pain is felt when one says: If only. 

Whether a minor or major situation, the ache will be of the same level regardless.  Although duration differs, the intensity remains uniform.  The power of this sensation is unconquerable.  It is as though every inch of your skin is being torn away; amassing to slow and supreme throbbing.  Someone is consistently kicking your stomach.  The wind is knocked out of you and you’re gasping for air, relief and freedom.  One’s mind is in shackles- unable to escape this whirlwind of emotions.  Your heart crumbles into fine powder.  Whole of nerves are swamped by numbness.  The brightest of headlights cannot overcome the fogginess crowding your mind.  Contemplation ricochets back to repentance without exception. 

If only.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.  The delicacy of bliss is evident as remorse causes optimism to be forgotten.  Like a light bulb to a mouse trap, it’s shattered in seconds.  Opportunities disappear instantaneously.  Joy quickly becomes hurt; pulling at each individual heartstring.  Worst of all, this can happen knowingly or unknowingly.  Before the flood of distress, one may mindlessly believe everything will fall into place.  However, the feeling changes.  All belief is crushed. This will kill like a knife through your being. One may even begin to question their purpose as two words keep ringing through the wavelength of thoughts.        

If only.

When do we feel regret?  It can be due to a variety of reasons: not studying for exams, giving up on a dream, or letting go of a loved one.  Amongst these circumstances, one supposes that the solution provides the best consequence.  We are preached to live in the moment but the message to follow one’s heart has vanished.  Sometimes we must think of the future.  Logic, rationality and judgment won’t ease a bleeding soul.  A minute of peace cannot substitute lifelong craving for what is now lost.  It could’ve been in your reach.

If only.

Don’t be blindsided.  Don’t be rash.  Don’t put yourself in a situation where grieving is inevitable.  The possibility of harmony can slip through cracks far too easily.  Regret can break any ounce of delight.  For said reason, live freely.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and allow life to trample you.  It is far less excruciating in the long run.  Be accepting.  Permit enlightenment through whatever mechanism.  Go to bed, laughing to yourself, thinking, ‘I shouldn’t have,’ rather than ‘if only’. 

Monthly Memories | March 2019

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March was a busy month academically as it involved formative examinations, presentations, and extra curricular work which explains the lack of blogposts.  However, there were many highs such as the Ball and one of my good friend's birthday.  On top of that, we can finally welcome Spring with open arms!

Favourite Memory.  One of my favourite memories is going to a Ball that was hosted at my university.  I made a whole post about my outfit here which you can check out if you are looking for online boutiques that sell traditional South Asian wear.  A prime reason I am classifying that as my favourite memory this month is because I was going on my own accord.  I wasn't going to know many individuals there so it definitely took some courage and confidence.  Never have I attended an event without knowing anyone but I must say it was a liberating experience and I gained three beautiful new friends and got closer to acquittances.  On top of that, I got to see a magician live and that was phenomenal.

What I used. My favourite product this month is actually a set of false eyelashes by Pur in the style 'Flirt'.  This was the first time I've ever attempted falsies as I feared getting glue in my eye or losing all my lashes in the process. Nonetheless, despite it taking 20-30 minutes, these lashes looked amazing and completes a glam look without fail.  Pur is a vegan eyelash brand that produces their eyelashes through the use of silk.  Thus, the quality is hard to beat and each one can be re-used up to 30 times. 

What I watched.  Recently, I watched the movie Kesari starring Akshay Kumar which depicts the historical Battle of Saragarhi which involved 21 Sikh Soldiers of the 36th Sikhs who were under attack by 6,000-10,000 Afghans.  Akshay Kumar portrays Havildar Ishar Singh in an impressive manner.  The first half of the movie is light hearted with comedic relief, but after the intermission you will be gripping your chair and wiping tears.  I highly recommend reading about the history of the battle prior to watching the movie to truly appreciate the tale. 

Who I loved. One of my favourite YouTubers has always been, without fail, Kristin Johns.  Not only do I love her aesthetic and adoration for plants, but her gentle nudges to God and pious personality leaves every video very wholesome. 

YouTube: Kristin Johns
Twitter: @KristinJohns

What I wore.  There are two new pieces to my wardrobe that I have worn every week without fail (don't worry - they're clean!).  First includes my TopShop Boucle Skirt which screams elegance and fun. 

Secondly, my TopShop Pinafore dress has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  I can pair it with anything to achieve a sweet, fun, and beautiful look.  It has been great at baring colder weather by acting as a layering piece. 

What I ate.  Unfortunately, I do not have a visual aid but turmeric flapjacks.  I am not sure of a recipe but my university sells delicious vegan and gluten free turmeric flapjacks that my friends and I were hesitant to try until the last few weeks of term.  Nevertheless, it is divine and I couldn't recommend it enough.  Another delicious delicacy is sweet potato burgers which I would've scoffed about before but it is quite delicious with spicy or burger sauce. 

What I drank.  I have fallen back in love with Peach Ice Tea by Lipton.  I know peach is not everyone's cup of tea (haha) but it certainly is my favourite.  Pret a Manger do a lovely peach green tea which is refreshing and delightful.   

Where I went. This month involved a fun adventure around my own city.  We tend to forget that there is acres to explore in our own neighbourhood.  I took time out this month and went for a walk with a friend to a gorgeous canal.  She kindly offered to film a mini dance routine of mine and I got to explore a side of the town I never seen before. 

What I heard.  This month two of my favourite tracks are tabla trap beats.  They are called 'Tabla Swag by Jomy George'.   Here are the links:

All in all, those are my favourite memories this month.  As I am currently not excessively buying new beauty products, it is difficult for me to do monthly favourites at this time.  Nevertheless, I hope these posts do give you an insight to my life, interests, and potential things for you to explore. 

Thank you for reading! 

Defining 'Beauty'

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 "'re the beautiful one, it's society that's ugly" - Marilyn Monroe

A camera cannot give justice to the beauty of a sunset- so how can it do the same for you?

In this day and age, we are exposed to many methods of having our self esteem shattered.  The era of the ‘selfie’ has done nothing but destruct confidence.  We find ourselves seeking for approval in the depts of social media; learning about how to look prettier with makeup, how to lose weight fast, and which filter will flatter our image.   Whilst Facebook stalking and scrolling on Instagram, individuals get lost in a sea of pictures which induces one to constantly compare themselves. 

And I am guilty as charged. 

The persona portrayed about a specific person is determined by looks.  The number of likes received on a profile picture directly correlates to how much of a socialite they are.  My insecurities soar through the roof when I see someone with over 100 likes.  It’s a silent competition amongst each other: who’s prettier and who’s more popular.  I’ve always feel I’m in the shadows of someone who is exceedingly better looking.  This could be a stranger, my best friend or even my sister.  Whether it be human nature or not, my mind goes astray and automatically asks, ‘Why them and not me?’. 

This is where we, as individuals, have flawed the system.  We are taught from a young age to believe everyone is special; even ourselves.  The uniqueness between two people is what makes each of them striking in alternative ways.  How this message got lost over time baffles me. Looking in the mirror is a challenge in itself.  Knowing that this is how you look, this who you are, is scary.  You cannot change your features.  And it is this concept that is hard to grasp.  This fact can feel so disheartening because one has concluded that this is as good as it gets.  It’s almost as though the concept of inner beauty has gone adrift.  Personality is nothing if incased in what isn’t seen as picturesque to society. 

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered people who remind me of my ‘flaws’- using this knowledge as a weapon.  I’ve been too short, my smile too hideous, my complexion too dark, my eyes too ominous, and my nose too crooked.  Left right and center, I’ve had insults thrown in my direction. Family and friends constantly tell me to do this or that to transform; making me feel inadequate in my own body.  One feels like a prisoner in their own skin but unable to escape its wrath.  Staring at my reflection is a punishment.

Nevertheless, inner beauty is all that matters.  We’ve all met characters that do not match their mask.  The words uttered are like daggers and venom and actions illustrate immoral intentions.  All of the sudden, their charm vanishes.  It slips away like sand through open fingers within seconds.  Every glance in their direction is filled with repulse rather than envy. One no longer tries to equate themselves to that individual.  Similarly, a being with a pure heart and an angelic soul will be the one that steals your heart.  Even if the beauty one sees is a gradual escalation, the strength of it is incomparable.  There is no empty judgment like that seen when the average person compares themselves to models in a magazine. 

Looks fade and shift.  Appearances aren’t forever.  That’s not to say that it’s a sin to put in the effort.  It’s simply temporary adjustments that will help boost your confidence in particular situations.  However, you cannot take it to the grave.  It’s an individual’s good nature and wholesomeness that lasts.  Their personality defines their appeal. 

Thus, eye-candy is not going to give you fulfillment.  Whether you’re seeking for it in a person or trying to appear more beautiful yourself, one’s intentions is not in the right place.  It’s how you make people feel that will increase your attractiveness. Your aura is what’s alluring.  No other factors should be involved.  Linking back to my previous post on love, it’s not looks that define true love.  There is a fine line separating lust and love.  The number of laughs shared, support given, and happy memories made is what signifies a beautiful individual.  The ease at which one can be spoken to, the security and comfort provided, and openness is what demonstrates exquisiteness.

Hence, it’s time to let go.  Time to face the mirror and think to yourself, ‘I’m beautiful’.  Time to amend your thinking that physical beauty is defining.  You are more than your body. Focus on creating a magnificent soul for your own well-being.  Chasing something superficial will lead to disappointment in the long run if the heart cannot live up to the standards.  The right company will stay.  The best companion will make you feel adoration in all its glory.  One will go to sleep feeling beautiful and loved beyond words.  That’s a promise.  After all, God is the most amazing artist and He painted your picture. 


Review | Insanity Work Out COMPLETED

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The day has come where I finally completed 60 days of the Insanity Work out.  Here are my fit-test results from before the regime to after.   

Fit Test Results 

Switch Kicks: 135  +20  

Power Jacks: 64  +2 

Power Knee: 105  -5 

Power Jumps: 70  +15 

Globe Jumps: 14  +2 

Suicide Jumps/Burpees: 15  -7 

Push up Jacks: 22  +4

Low Plank Obliques: 70  +15

One of the main reasons I believe my values for suicide jumps and power knee went down is because I improved my form when doing the exercises to ensure I am using the appropriate muscles and movements to get the most from the work out.  On top of that, the work outs before the power knee and burpees required large muscle groups so I most certainly did not pace myself appropriately. 

There is a plethora of reviews available alongside before/after pictures depicting the affects of completing Insanity.  Thus, I wanted to keep this post sweet and simple with bullet points under each of the headings below.   

Differences in Physical Appearance

  • Arms. The most noticeable difference is in my arms.  I feel that they have become more muscular and firm, however, there is still loose skin/fat that hangs shamelessly.  
  • Butt. The derrière is certainly more prominent and toned than it once was.  I find that I don't fit in some of my jeans properly at top as they tend to be too tight yet too loose around the calves and thighs. 
  • Abdomen. In the abdomen area, I experience less bloating and my waist is slimmer and defined.  When I suck in my stomach, an outline of abs can be seen or when I first wake up in the morning.
  • Legs. There is still some work left to do on my legs but nonetheless, they have increased in definition alongside strength.  My legs are one of my greatest insecurities, especially my thighs.  Though progress was slow, the little differences are signs of accomplishments. 
  • Face. Individuals have informed me that I have lost weight in my face.  Sometimes I see it, and sometimes not given that our face can bloat just like our stomach usually due to fluid retention or sinusitis which  I unfortunately suffer with.    

Differences I felt

  • Increased endurance.  After completing the first month of insanity, there was an obvious shift in my energy.  I am able to run for a longer stretch of time and that has only increased since finishing the regime.  This is particularly highlighted when attending dance lessons as I am less exhausted and able to hold my energy and focus throughout the lesson. On top of this, it has become evident that I have better control of my body.  
  • Decreased resting heart rate.  My resting heart rate before doing Insanity was between 80-90 beats per minute.  Although not tachycardic, that is on the higher end of the spectrum.  Nonetheless, now my resting heart rate is between 55-65 beats per minute which demonstrates an increase in cardio-respiratory fitness.  I have had this checked with my GP which I suggest everyone does to ensure this physiological change is normal.
  • Constantly sore muscles.  Given that you are working out 6 times a week for 60 days, your muscles have little time to recover and heal.  Thus, you are constantly sore which is not ideal.  However, this is how you know your body is constantly moulding in front of your eyes and your muscles grow to become more prominent and tight.

What I should've done differently

  • Diet.  I did not change my diet significantly.  For health reasons I have been trying to avoid diary as I have been tested positive for having a milk allergy.  Otherwise, I still indulged.  I believe that my body would show accelerated signs of improvement if I put more effort into eating clean. 
  • Improved Consistency on the Recovery Exercises.  Although I would do them, on days where I had other dance lessons I would sometimes skip the stretching or pilate-style work outs because, in all honesty, I would be too tired.  Therefore, I would most likely have less soreness if I did the stretches more thoroughly.   
The Next Step

Repeat.  I am now going to repeat the entire Insanity programme a second time through, this time taking into account diet and consistency with stretches.  This is the first time I found an exercise regime that met my immediate needs of equipment free, body weight exercises, that improve cardiorespiratory fitness and show results.  I couldn't recommend a programme more.  As a result, I will be doing an update in a months' time! Thank you for sticking around this long and I am sorry it took me 9 months to finally complete it. However, now that I have seen amazing results, I am convinced that Insanity was made for people who want their hard work to show. 

Thank you for reading.


Review | Andaaz Fashion UK

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The Motherland never fails to bring out gorgeous Anarkalis, Sarees, Lehengas, etc. for a cheap-as-chips price for breathtaking designs.  However, once we relocate, the prices tend to surge and accessibility to gorgeous pieces can be a car drive away.  Hence, in the day and age of 'fast-fashion' and next day delivery, it comes to no surprise that we turn to online boutiques for our dream dress.  

I made an impulsive decision to attend a Ball hosted by my University but had no asian dress to wear! A majority of my garments were left in America and I couldn't be more heart broken.  Nonetheless, I looked to the internet for potential gowns and stumbled upon Andaaz Fashion.  

Delivery Time 

First thing first was delivery time.  It was March 11th, 2019 and I had nothing to wear for the Ball that was on the 19th of March.  Luckily, Andaaz Fashion have a Customer Service Chat where I can talk to one of the staff members to ensure my dress would arrive in time.  I sent them links to the dresses I was interested in purchasing and they assured me that it would arrive by the 18th of March fully tailored.  They email you a series of measurements you are to take so make sure that you have a tape measure available to be as accurate as possible.  Without fail, my dress was dispatched and delivered by the 18th of March in the afternoon from India to the UK.  Thus, if you are tight for time, discuss your options with the Customer Service Chat who tend to reply within minutes.  They will confirm when the delivery date for your chosen suit is. 

The Dress + How I styled it

Andaaz Fashion has gorgeous gowns for various prices available.  They have many styles but my personal favourite are Anarkalis, especially full-sleeve ones with a high neck.  I knew I wouldn't have time to find the perfect jewellery pieces to match the dress so wanted to avoid the need for a necklace with an embroidered high neck line.  Hence, one of my favourite features of Andaaz Fashion is the fact that the vast variety and choice available to the customer.  

I chose this dress because the colour is universally flattering and the embellishments in gold added a rich, regal, and royal appearance.  I appreciate when a suit ensures there is pattern at the hem of the dress, alongside down the arms and neck as it portrays effort and time.   I wouldn't require any intense jewellery as the dress is loud enough to compensate.   I truly felt like the Belle of the Ball. 

The image on the website gives off the impression that it would be very light and transparent but this is not the case.  In fact, it is quite heavy which dictates high quality and the fabric is opaque.  This suit will last a long time and is one that can be stored for safe-keeping.  

To style it, I wore rose-gold glitter heels from New Look, alongside a Tikka and Earring set from Glimour Jewellery which was gold to match the embellishments.  The Heels were perfect for dancing in as they were wide block and their height is enough to add length to the legs without taking away comfort.  On top of that, I used eyelash glue to stick my Tikka to my head and it bared the dance floor and sweat without fail. 

The Price

The prices of Andaaz Fashion gowns do not reflect the quality, fast delivery service, and perfect tailoring.  In my opinion, they can easily charge more for their pieces.  I have a dress that I cost far more than this Anarkli and does not quite flatter my form or depict the same air of elegance as Andaaz Fashion does.  There is no extra cost for tailoring when I ordered but this could be dress-specific.   I will definitely be ordering from there again in a month's time for my birthday and Graduation.  The dress comes with a pair of trousers and a dupetta/chuni.  The dress looked as it did in the pictures in terms of pattern and design.  I apologise for the skinny pictures but I cut out other individuals for privacy reasons.  

The Tailoring 

The dress fit me like a glove.  It hugged at all the right places to appear flattering. Most asian wear that I own gives the impression of wider hips or loose at the arms and chest.  I don't feel confident.  Nonetheless, Andaaz Fashion tailor their suits to a T to exude confidence alongside ease of getting in and out.  We've all had that sense of panic when they're stuck in their Asian dress with no means of getting out on their own.  I recommend getting someone to help you with the measurements and any old flexible measuring tape will do.  Be sure to give the measurements on the day of the order and save them for your next order! 

In essence, I will be ordering from Andaaz Fashion again in the near future for occasions that are coming up.  This is the perfect way for me to 'stock up' on my fancier Indian dresses.  They have something for everyone, no matter how high your standards.  The perfect tailoring paired with quick delivery for stunning garments makes it a win-win! 


A Week as a Medical Student

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Hello everyone!  During my graduate degree, many readers appreciated my day-by-day posts regarding my course and weekly roundups as it offered them better insight about public health and time management.  Last week was pretty eventful so I decided to recount what a busy week in medical school could look like.  I also wanted to highlight the value of extracurriculars and emphasise that there is a life outside medicine that is waiting to lived! 

Monday - Cardiovascular System

9:00am-1:00pm: Our days are fairly short, consisting of two lectures and then a group work session that involves answering questions in small groups about last week's material.  Today was rather interesting as we learnt about the clinical presentations of chest pain, ECGs, and various causes of cardiac chest pain (stable angina, unstable angina, STEMI, Non-STEMI), and non-cardiac causes such as inflammation of pleural sacs or respiratory infections for example.  As an aspiring cardiologist, this is my favourite module.

1:00pm-4:30pm: As I am now home, I decided to read through the lectures we had today and clean up any notes I had taken in class.  On top of this, I read through tomorrow's lectures to familiarise myself with the material in preparation for both dissection and group work. In this time, I make myself enough lunch for today and tomorrow as I will be finishing class later than usual.  Of course, I relax and unwind, usually by watching one of my favourite medical shows or reading a book. After 4:30pm, I start to make my way down to a meeting. 

5:00pm-7:00pm: Today, I have a meeting regarding a public health intervention/programme that aims to increase exercise accessibility and frequency amongst the general population.  I absolutely adore this programme and all it stands for. Being a part of it permits me to apply the skills I learnt during my masters.  After 7:00pm, I begin to make my way home. 

7:30pm-10:30pm: During this time, I make it a point to exercise.  As you would know, I am on the verge of completing my Insanity work out (just one more week left!) and have felt significant differences in my body.  Before doing the formal work out, I practice some Kathak to brush up.  Afterwards, I shower, eat dinner, and catch up on any uncompleted work or admin that needs to be taken care of before heading off to bed. 

Tuesday - Musculoskeletal System and Diagnostic Reasoning

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Musculoskeletal System and Diagnostic Reasoning. 

9:00am-12:00pm: The usual two lectures and group work session transpires.  This week we learnt about the anatomy of the shoulder and clinical conditions that can occur as a result of trauma, injury, or disease.  

12:00-1:30pm: Dissection! In all honesty, I find it a bit difficult to learn through dissection because picturing the nerves, arteries, and veins can be quite frustrating as it all tends to look a bit like spaghetti.  As a result, I recommend the Colour Atlas of Anatomy which uses cadavers to demonstrate where certain landmarks are present rather than a 2D cartoon picture.  Once we have finished, it is lunch time! 

2:00-3:30pm: Today we had an actor come in to play the role of a patient to practice our clinical consultation skills and diagnostic reasoning.  I enjoyed this session as it exhibits the significance in communication, precise wording, and ensuring the patient is at ease during the consultation.  Furthermore, I realised how vital it is to pay attention to detail, for example, patient body-language. 

My evening routine is no different to what I do on Monday and the following days!

Wednesday - Infection

Wednesdays are dedicated to learning about Infection and Immunity. 

8:30am-12:30pm: Wednesdays routinely involve an earlier start to the day.  Same old, same old - two lectures and one group work.  Today we explored HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and discussed their prevention mechanisms, prevalence and pathophysiology, and available treatments. Given that I studied immunology and microbiology/infection extensively during my undergraduate degree, I have a natural affinity for this module. 

1:30pm-3:00pm: Today I had an optional anatomy revision session that was carried out by second year medical students.  It went through all of the structures we covered in MSK and the heart.  Personally, I feel that this session is especially beneficial if you have previously revised a tremendous amount so that it is treated as revision rather than a learning experience.  It has given me an idea of what to expect when it comes to our Anatomy exam which involves identifying structures in the leg, arm, torso, thoracic cavity, or the heart.  

Thursday - Endocrinology

Thursdays are dedicated to Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Haematology. 

9:00am-1:00pm: Todays session (two lectures and group work) explored the adrenal gland and the pathophysiology of clinical conditions and adrenal disorders that can arise in patients.  A lot of the information was brand new to me which made it that much more fascinating.  My group managed to finish ahead of time to leave early which was ideal as I have dance later tonight and appreciated the extra time for my evening routine.  

5:30pm-7:30pm: I am blessed to be able to take private Kathak lessons.  This week, my lesson was longer as my Guruji (teacher) asked me to sit in an extra class which was a brilliant experience that motivated me to continue practicing in hopes to finish my grades.  Kathak is a classical Indian dance form that means 'story'.  It originated from Uttar Pradesh and is rich in grace and elegance.   

Friday - Pathology 

Fridays are dedicated to pathological processes of the cell and disease. 

9:00am-1:00pm: This week we learnt about cellular adaptations and neoplasm.  Our group work structure is slightly different - we are expected to complete the questions beforehand and discuss our answers as a group with a clinical pathologist.  Pathology is another subject I studied greatly during my undergraduate degree and is, thus, another favourite due to its familiarity. 

4:00pm-6:30pm:  Fast forwarding my normal after-school routine, I make my way down to the hospital where I am carrying out research on cancer.  This is my first meeting regarding this project and so far, I absolutely love it.  Not only do I get to practice my public health and epidemiology skills, it is patient-centric research. In the past, I have done code and lab-based dissertations, hence, this is a new experience and chance to expand my toolbox.  


7:30am-9:00am: This morning I woke up early to carry out some work in preparation for the exercise programme that will take place later this morning.  

10:45-11:30pm: The programme was shorter than normal this week, nonetheless, it still reached out to a significant amount of individuals in the general public.  Any exercise is better than none!

5:00-8:00pm: The Hindu Society of my university carry out a weekly 'homeless feed' where, at the weekends, they provide food and self-care items to the homeless.  As this programme has been put in place for over 4 years,  many individuals are aware of the whereabouts and timings of this feed.  This is excellent as it makes it possible for us to reach a huge amount of people in a short amount of time.  This week was a one-off as the event was longer and I was able to help out in the kitchen.   Doing any form of charity work during the week cleanses the soul and is humbling.  We are quick to find fault in our lives via comparison and negativity, but can change someone's perspective like aiding those less fortunate.


Sundays, on the whole, are days where I have nothing planned bar a feed that takes place 4:30-6:00pm.  I utilise this day to continue studying and preparing for the coming week.  On top of that, this is an opportunity to finish up 'life admin' (emails, cleaning my room, food-prepping/groceries, etc.).  I always ensure that my Sundays include a significant amount self-care as a way to unwind and practice self love and gratitude.

I will be doing a detailed post on my evening routine after school when I do not have any meetings and my Sunday-self care routine in future posts. In essence, I hope this demonstrated the importance of time management and taking part in activities you thoroughly love participating in.  This ensures that the work isn't a chore or just an activity for your CV and future applications.  That is my source of motivation - passion for the project.

Thank you for reading!

First Semester of Medical School

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During my Masters, I documented my journey from start to finish in hopes to inspire or shed light on what Public Health was.  I plan to do an overview of the course and my experience studying in London for a year in a coming blogpost.  It is humbling to look back and see how far I've come since my first post about my postgrad studies and now.  Thus, I was inspired to do the same for Medical School as I am sure the memories I make are ones I would like to reflect back on later in life. 

What classes did I take during my first term? 

In my first term, we covered the molecular basis of cell biology, structure and function of various body parts, pharmacology, and physiology.  On top of this, we were introduced to the basics of Public Health and Social Science.  Overall, we had four subjects: Public Health, Physiology and Pharmacology, Structure and Function of the Body, and Molecular Cell Biology.  

My undergraduate degree was 'Cellular and Molecular Medicine' so luckily, a lot of the terminology was not new or overwhelming to me.  On top of this, my masters was in Public Health but the 'Social Science' portion of the module was new material that I had not encountered before.  Finally, I only encountered basic pharmacology in the past so I found this to be very interesting and brand new information.  Even though many individuals would find first term on the dry side, it forms the foundation for the upcoming subjects and beyond given that all pathology begins at a cellular level.  As a result, we are unable to 'choose' which modules you wish to take during your pre-clinical years at most UK universities. 

Did I do any clinical work/experience? 

Many UK universities will offer clinical experience prior to beginning lectures for insight on the health system and provide patient contact.  Traditionally, time is spent at a GP surgery and on hospital wards. The difference between work experience and 'early clinical experience' is that you learn how to manage a Cardiac Arrest, First Aid, and are able to talk to patients.  A lot of students even saw minor procedures/surgeries!  However, bar this, there is no more clinical experience until next year.  

What is my schedule like? 

Surprisingly, we are not given intensive contact hours but that is at the expense of having heavy workloads.  An abundance of content is squeezed into a one hour lecture and it is easy to fall behind if you do not catch up on the day.  Each day, like my masters, is dedicated to one subject.  In addition, we are given 'group work' each day on information either covered on the day or from the previous week.  It is a great way of solidifying what you learnt and filling in gaps through discussion with your peers and Clinical Teaching Fellows.  Something which helped me is doing the questions a head of time and still carrying out the discussion during group work because it allows me to get a better understanding of the information prior.  I generally take a while to absorb new facts so this method really helped me to learn effectively.  

What is the work load like? 

During my first term, we were not given many assignments.  There were a couple group presentations, but other than that, time is designated to self-study.  However, there is a lot of content explored in a short amount of time so it is vital to catch up on the lectures on the day to a) solidify your understanding b) ensure you do not fall behind later on c) to understand upcoming lectures d) have notes ready when it comes to exam time.  I highly recommend learning as you go along - though this may be improbable for some.  Hence, a majority of my time goes to listening back to lectures, refining notes, or reading extra material.  Alongside this, we are advised to read any 'pre reading' we are given in preparation for group work. More often than not, the information is covered in the lecture or group work and can be tested.  Nonetheless, I believe prioritising your lecture material over pre-reading is a more efficient approach.  

Do I have time for extracurriculars? 

Yes! I take part in two different student-lead programmes which bring me a lot of joy as it utilises the skills I acquired during my masters.  As someone with a passion for public health, these programmes ensure I do not lose those vital skills and are programmes I thoroughly enjoy.  

My other passion is dance.  I am a part of three different dance groups which, is not only amazing exercise, but is something I look forward to each week.  I highly recommend joining groups, societies, or hobbies that you thoroughly are passionate about as it will be a wonderful and healthy break from medicine.  It offers the opportunity to get to know students from other courses as it is easy to be trapped in the 'medic bubble'.  I whole-heartedly look forward to dance practice and lessons -  I have two a week that do not last more than one hour.  However, if there is an upcoming performance, then the hours do increase.  My student-lead programmes involves work that can be completed from home with occasional meetings so this offers flexibility.  

Do you have time for yourself? 

Self-care is very important.  To me, dancing is a form of self-care as it brings me the upmost happiness and is very freeing.  On the other hand, I have been carrying out the 'Insanity' Work Out and currently finished week 6.  Exercise is tough to allocate time for so I recommend opting for at-home work outs as it saves time (and money!).  The Insanity work out is a great way to improve your fitness and will undoubtedly improve your endurance when it comes to sporty extracurriculars.  Similarly, I love the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Work Out and Fit Girls work out guide - both work wonders and can be done sans equipment.   

In addition, pampering yourself is important.  Every Sunday I treat myself to refresh and reset for the week ahead.  This includes a sleeping in, a face mask, using my favourite body washes and body butter, and eating delicious meals.  It's important to practice self love and 'reward' yourself for the week gone and the week to come.  However, a self-care Sunday does not have to lack productivity! I will study and carry out work for the next week and ensure I caught up on all the material from the last but I do so in comfort.  

Is it weird being a graduate on an undergraduate course? 

I am blessed to have a group of friends who are all graduates, thus, in an identical boat to myself.  We have been trying to make it a point to do something outside of university at least once a month.  My course is made up of 1/3 graduates which is a plus. Nonetheless, there are moments where it can be a negative experience being a graduate on an undergraduate course. 

Regardless, no matter how many degrees you have done, medicine is a different ball-game.  Everyone is on the same page and adapting their learning techniques accordingly.  Saying that, it is awkward being older than some of your peers and occasionally, I wish I had gotten onto a graduate-only course.  However, remember the end goal - to be a doctor.  It is not difficult to feel intimidated by those younger than you and at times, there is a gap in experiences or growth but it is vital to try to detach.  This is an attribute I am yet to achieve.

Overall, I love the university and place I have settled down in as all that I want is close to my home.  Hence, it is not difficult for me to pursue my interests.  If ever you are feeling down about being a graduate on a 5 year course, take a moment to count your blessings and seek good in the bad.  Furthermore, having graduate friends of a similar mindset is the best rock that one can have in this situation.  

How did you find exams in comparison to undergraduate, masters, and a levels? 

During my school years, undergrad, and masters, our exams were sectioned out and 'modular'.  At my university, and most UK medical schools, all the information is tested in one paper.  Therefore, there are no breaks between subjects to revise - you have to study everything for one exam.  Terrifying, right?  This was scary at first but highlights the importance of time management during the term as well as the revision period.  To add, our exams are cumulative.  Anything taught in term one is fair game for term two up until our finals in year five.  You have to keep revisiting old material as you learn new information but it will soon be second nature.  

Anything you would do differently? 

In first term, I dedicated a lot of time to making notes but that is not efficient.  Now, I spend more time in learning and understanding the material as it comes and revising as I go along so the run up to exams is not overwhelming.  

Second, show your friends and loved ones that you care.  It isn't hard to get stuck into work and end up in your own world but either a text, phone call, or a hug here and there is more than enough to let those around you know that you're there and love them deeply.  

Third, look forward to every day.  We are in a blessed position to learn and there are individuals, especially females, fighting for this right.  Thus, seek the good in the bad and do not be shy to ask your tutors or lectures for advice or help when required.  They want to see you succeed as much as you do. 

Thank you for reading!

My 5 Spring Fashion Essentials

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Hello Spring! I am so excited to break out my spring and summer dresses this season. Many outfits have sat at the back of my closet, collecting dust, and now I can justify wearing them as we welcome Mr Sun. 

1. Pinafore Dresses

In England, the weather can be quite temperamental.  Thus, pinafore dresses are a life saver.  Not only are they an excuse to wear a dress, they act as an extra layer for added warmth.  Paired with some tights or leggings - you're good to go! I prefer to wear pinafore dresses over sweaters or jumpers; preferably pink.  Furthermore, if you have any cropped tops sitting in your wardrobe, now is the chance to start wearing them.  Personally, I do not feel comfortable wearing cropped clothing or showing skin around my abdomen so a pinafore dress allows me to choose those adorable tops by adding a modest touch.  My go-to pinafore dress is by TopShop and is plain back with a silver zipper down the middle which helps break up the monochrome outfit.  I prefer a V-neck as opposite to square/box neck line as it enables my jumpers to peak through more and find it more flattering and feminine on me. 

2. Embroidery

Embroidered dresses are made with elegance and sophistication in mind.  Without compromising on appearing playful, they have a glorious vintage and feminine vibe.  I absolutely adore embroidered dresses for the spring and summer because it is a fun way to explore print if one traditionally gravitates monochrome pieces.  However, if this isn't something you enjoy, you can to embroidered jeans or handbags.  Floral embroidery patterns on accessories or clothes are beautiful staples to have in your wardrobe - it is perfect for spring! 

ASOS Design Petite Mini Dress With Pretty Floral and Bird Embroidery £22.50
Currently out of stock but keep the tab open and refresh! 

3. Bows

I love bows! That goes without saying.  Not only is it flooding the runway, it is a year-round essential of mine.  Ted Baker and Kate Spade are prime examples of using bows in their everyday garments alongside occasion wear.  Bows can be used with simplicity such as jewellery or as hair clips.  Thus, they can dress up or down an outfit via adding a girly and youthful flare to any look.  

Shameless plug! I am now selling my handmade bows on Etsy which you can check out here.  Be sure to check them out as its cheaper than most stores but similar quality and fun prints!  I will be adding more styles in the coming weeks. 

4. Tweed

Tweed is a marmite fabric: you either love it or hate it.  Having been a long-term Chanel fan, tweed is the ideal way to emulate the class and grace we see during Fashion Week.  As we all know, Chanel is a brand that is known for their quilted handbags, tweed co-ordinates, and pearls.  It is vintage decor that is chic from head to toe.  SheIn is an amazing site that does countless tweed-based garments but be warned, some pieces can be quite itchy if not lined with a different material! So, unless you can afford to get it lined by a tailor; I would stick with blazers or skirts which can be worn over softer fabric.  On top of this, tweed blazers are a great layering piece to bare the chilly spring days and are versatile pieces that work with both jeans and skirts.  Here are a few of my favourite tweed blazers and skirts: 

Note: This blazer comes pre-lined and the skirt is fine so not itchy in the slightest.

5. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a beautiful invention.  Not only can you pair that with jeans to embrace the Canadian tuxedo, these are also made for floral spring dresses to dress-down and warm up an outfit.  Lately, I have worn my denim jacket with a yellow T-shirt and jeans, with a blue floral head scarf.  My denim jacket is two-toned which is a lovely twist on the quintessential denim jacket.  Mine is by Noisy May from Dorothy Perkins and is not too stiff but still holds structure without fail. 

Those are my top five spring essentials! I hope that this inspired your wardrobe or enabled you to introduce a few new pieces.  In addition, all of the items are linked and currently in stock so I recommend grabbing your favourite pieces! 

Happy shopping.

Monthly Memories | February 2019

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Another wonderful month has passed and we are quickly entering into Spring.  I cannot wait to break out my beautiful spring outfits for the gorgeous weather!  Nonetheless, February was a great time with milestones reached, challenges overcome, and lessons learnt.  Here are a few of my favourite monthly memories!

Favourite Memory.  This is easy: passing my first set of medical school exams.  This was a day I never felt I could experience but it solidified the importance of perseverance, discipline, and time management.  It provided insight into my revision techniques and what can be adjusted, changed, or remain the same.  I am more confident now to write a post about how I revise for my exams in the near future, so stay tuned!

What I used.  Given the warmer weather, I've brought out my staple loafers from Dorothy Perkins.  These loafers fit like a glove and are a gorgeous black with gold hardware.  Loafers are, most certainly, vintage shabby chic but they blend with modern outfits without fail or discomfort.  

What I watched.  I watched a series of Nicholas Spark movies given that I use to read his books religiously when I was younger.  A personal favourite is A Walk to Remember, despite the evident sappy scenarios. The movie stars Mandy Moore and Shane West.  I couldn't pick a better couple myself.  It is a beautiful story which unfolds in a gorgeous manner, depicting character growth and the beauty in suffering. This is one of the rare situations where I prefer the movie over the book.  In the novel, Jamie Sullivan is a push-over that accepts poor treatment from everyone, whereas she has a strong backbone in the movie but remains giving, humble, and loving.  

Who I loved.  CocoBeauTea (a.k.a Hannah Desai) is a fashion-based YouTuber that I followed and admired for years. She has recently began posting videos more consistently on her channel.  Her style screams class, elegance, and simplicity. She ventures into colour occasionally but her monochromic taste mixed with staple pieces makes her a must-watch for anyone trying to curate their dream wardrobe.  

Instagram: @CocoBeauTea
YouTube: CocoBeauTea

What I wore.  One of my new out-of-the-box outfits consisted of a snake-print pleated skirt from MissGuided which is not something I would reach for usually.  Prior to welcoming this new-find, I feared animal print like the plague.  Nonetheless, paired with a black turtle neck makes for a chic outfit.  I am excited to introduce more prints into my wardrobe this Spring given that Animal print is trending!

What I ate.  This month I had a delicious palak dosa which is my staple dish at South Indian restaurants.  I could eat it for every meal and as a snack- spinach is constitutes as one of your five-a-day right?  I forever will judge the quality of a restaurant based on their palak dosa.  A palak dosa is similar to a crepe with spiced spinach puree usually dipped into a lentil soup-like side (Sambhar) and/or chutneys (tomato, mint, or coconut traditionally).  

What I drank.  At the same restaurant, I had a strawberry lemonade for the first time.  It was delightful.  My pink lemonade is usually made with raspberries instead which give it a tangy and sore kick but the strawberry made my lemonade deliciously sweet without overwhelming the taste buds. I am not one to venture into fancy drinks or juices ('just plain tap water please') but life is about stepping out of your comfort zone.  You will never know what you might discover! 

Where I went.  Although this term did not consist of any major travelling, I think a beautiful memory and place I had visited regularly is the temple.  My mother and I spent New Years at the temple and did Pooja at the strike of midnight which brought me a lot of joy.  This was my first experience of New Years at a mandhir.  I was blessed to have such a pious start to 2019; it is a memory that has brought me a lot of faith, happiness, and hope. 

What I heard. Something I have not shared on my blog is my love for Bhangra-trap remixes.  Most individuals are surprised by this music interest of mine but I absolutely love trap and hip-hop; especially on my morning walk to University.  Coincidently, I am not in love with slow songs. On the other hand, bhangra remixes never fails to add a spring to my step.  Here is the link to my SoundCloud to check out my recent likes. 

Thank you everyone for reading! Have a beautiful March. 
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