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Given my inactivity, I decided it be right to put up a post just discussing how I am adjusting to living in a new city as I did when  I first moved to London, and a brand new course. 

I've moved out of the hustle and bustle of London to a quieter and more quaint area.  I find myself occasionally reminiscing about walks through Hyde Park, taking the tube, blogging opportunities, and simply about life in the capital.  I do miss it very much and feel I truly reaped the benefits of living there.  

Nevertheless, where I now reside is truly lovely.  It's near the centre of the city and is rich in culture and diversity.  Prior, I always found it difficult to source out very specific things to fulfil my needs but I no longer have this problem.  It's also a further relief to have a lower cost of living compared to the Big Smoke.  However,  I could easily visit KFC, McDonalds, and other chains when living in London as I mentioned when I first moved there.  Unfortunately, it is about a 15-20 minute walk to get access to huge malls, popular fast food chains, and even high street stores.  However, everything is truly within walking distance which is a blessing in itself.   I don't believe my pace of life has significantly changed since moving out of London except that I hardly use public transport and am saving a lot more money.  I can see myself wanting to settle down here but that could change in a few years.  

Life in medical school is a dream.  I wake up everyday filled with gratitude and disbelief that this indeed is a result of my hard-work and persistence.  My younger self would've never thought this day would come.  My university is a lot smaller than Imperial but it makes for attending lectures, seminars, and talks easier.  I do not have to plan my journey in advance.  Before, I use to walk 30-40 minutes to my lectures in South Kensington from Paddington but I have the luxury of sleeping in a little more now. 

My medical school is very big on self-study and group work.  Therefore, we have fewer lectures compared to other universities that administer a 9-4 but we apply our knowledge and are left to our own devices to find solutions to worksheets.  Somedays, the worksheets aren't very strenuous and other days it can be overwhelming.  Having group work on a daily basis can seem daunting and almost exhausting to some people; it takes getting use-to.  Ensure that you read over the answers afterwards in your own time and ensure you have grasped hold of the key concepts.  I did this prior to a formative/mock exam I had this week which further explains my absence.  I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the question style, difficulty, and level of detail they would require in medical school.  Therefore, going over group work questions alongside lectures really boosted my grade.  If you're lacking past papers, I recommend downloading the worksheets again and answering them from memory to test your understanding.  

Having done a bachelors and a masters really set me up in a positive way for my medical degree.  It has strengthened my comprehension of concepts I've previously learnt, provided me with a deeper understanding of critical themes and theories, and has enabled me efficiently take notes and produce work to a standard that I am proud of.  I've built a strong work-ethic over the years that will hopefully enable me to do well.   On the other hand, it also made me realised how leaky our brains are.  It's surprising to think about how much I once knew and have now forgotten! That is reality. You are not going to remember everything and that doesn't mean you aren't smart, rather, it means you're human.  There are going to be students who can absorb, understand, and apply information taught at the flick of a switch.  But the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.  It is not a competition and everyone has different ambitions within the degree itself: some want to be consultants, others want to be surgeons, some GPs, or even a public health doctor!  I will be doing further posts next week on how I take notes in medical school, more science of beauty posts, and a fashion look book in the coming week.  

As a result, I have decided to begin an exciting mini project I am planning on trialling.  Hopefully it will help many students like myself and I will be announcing it next week so watch this space!  

Thank you for reading.  

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