Sort Out Your Wardrobe in Three Easy Steps

I love to hoard my clothes.  It's an unhealthy habit that causes me to hold onto pieces that I swear I will wear when x, y, or z happens.  But that day never comes.  Over the past couple of years, I've been living in student accommodation which means very little storage space.  I do not have a house or home where I can store any excess clothes so I have to carry my entire wardrobe wherever I relocate.  Therefore, I've been forced to be very strict with what I can keep or donate.

With each piece, it is vital to consider three important questions.  If you answer 'no' to any of the following questions, donate it.  Try not to think twice unless there is serious sentimental values attached to the clothing.  Let go of the old to welcome the new!

If you randomly picked a piece in your wardrobe- would you wear it?

Before, if I picked a clothing piece from my wardrobe at random, it would be nearly impossible for me to integrate it into an outfit that I would feel confident in.  Having cleaned out my wardrobe, it is significantly easier to work around any piece in my closet (granted it is weather and occasion appropriate) to conjure up a look. If you are more than likely to put the piece back and pick something else, it may be time to donate it.  It's like the concept with flipping coins to make decisions: there is always something we like more than the other.

Does it fit?

We all like to lie to ourselves.  I am a prime example.  'Of course I will fit into those jeans when I'm skinnier or gain more muscle in the derriere', but until then, it takes up useless space.  For sure we should allocate some of our clothes for when we attain those fitness goals but it if more than 25% of your closet is made up by pieces that you cannot physically wear, it may be time to donate them.  A better scenario is to air-tight pack them to store elsewhere so you can maintain your closet/wardrobe space.  It gives you a better idea of what is readily available to wear.

Do you have anything to go with it?

Black leggings are a staple for me.  Thus, I try to make sure my dresses and skirts will match black leggings or tights.  Given that I do not feel comfortable bearing my legs, it is important to ensure that my tops can compliment black leggings in a flattering way.  You don't need to compromise on style or warmth!

Hence, try to ensure that the pieces in your closet can easily form an outfit that ensures you are dressed appropriately for the weather and oozes confidence.  There is no point in buying a lone top that you believe has no complimentary bottoms.  If you cannot bring yourself to get rid of it, then send yourself on a shopping spree!  Make a pile of all the clothing items you own that currently cannot be made into an outfit.  Try to find pieces that work with, not only these products, but also easily fit into your everyday style and wardrobe.

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