Dealing with Rejection

Rejection- no one's favourite word.  It's hard to see the positives when receiving news or encountering such a situation.  Today, I have been rejected from doing something I was extremely excited and passionate about pursuing.  Despite being upset initially, I began to see the bright side and wanted to discuss this revelation in hopes to bring light to someone in a similar predicament. 

A huge source of rejection is timing.  We may not be ready, but doesn't mean we aren't suitable.  It's easy to convince ourselves that we aren't good enough when facing rejection, regardless of the specific circumstance.  However, the gift of time to prepare and ready yourself for a similar opportunity or chance in the future is just that, a gift.  In my case, I will not be on the competing dance team which I prayed God for on the daily.  Was I crushed to learn that I didn't get past the second stage of try outs? Of course!  Nevertheless, I can attempt to compete next year and have been granted one year clean up my technique and gain the required skills.  I'll be more confident, stronger, and better when it comes to auditions second time around. 

This was a similar case when it came to applying for medicine as a graduate.  Looking back, I realise that being a graduate on my course rather than coming straight out of high school is a better path for myself because I have achieved multiple transferable skills to enable me to optimally utilise this degree and experience. 

Along the same lines, I now have more time for self development to seek other interests.  I can take dance classes, focus on my studies with more intensity, and spend more time with loved ones.  One day I may wish I had more gaps in my planner, so it's better to express that gratitude now.  Furthermore, I can place more effort into my blog (and actually stick to a posting schedule) and perhaps begin vlogging like I've stated in previous posts.  It's an opportunity to try something new!

Lastly, rejection is humbling.  For me, it has certainly resulted in self-realisation.  Sometimes, it is scary to be a small fish in a big pond but that is what will facilitate growth.  This experience, although not that 'deep' with regards to other contexts of rejection, will motivate and drive me to be and do better.  After all, we should always aim to be better than who we were yesterday. 

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