Favorites | September 2018

Ever since I started this new chapter in my life, I've been taking more time out in the morning to ready myself.  Instead of going into university looking like a slob in sweats (nothing wrong with sweats, I rock them everyday), I decided to look sweet in sweats instead.  During my morning tea, I like to do my makeup and these are the products I've been using everyday:

1. L'oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose

This is a staple makeup product.  It was released a few years ago around the same time as the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3.   It acts to simulate those similar pink/rose-based shades for a fraction of the price!  This eyeshadow palette is my ride-or-die.  No matter what my makeup look is for the day or night, I find myself at least using a couple of shades for transition, if not, the whole entire look.  I highly encourage investing in this palette if you're in love with pink-based nudes and looks.

2. L'oreal le Chocolat Lip Matte in 866 Truffa Mania 

I've aforementioned previously that my lipstick choices tend to lean towards purple.  However, I've widened my horizons to gorgeous browns which tend to perfect my pink eyeshadow looks.  On a 'simple' day, I go heavy on mascara and add a bright brown lip.  I look awake and ready to tackle the day ahead.  It's incredibly long lasting- I do not need to reapply after lunch which most lip products fail.  And the best part? It smells like fresh chocolate brownies from the oven.  In-dept review coming soon. 

3. Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo £1.48 for 200mL

I bought this thinking it would give my hair a rose gold tint.  I was heavily disappointed.  Nevertheless, the actual dry shampoo works like a charm for my lazy days which are more often than not.  As my hair has grown thicker and longer over the last year, it's difficult to wash regularly without having achy arms.  Therefore, having a dry shampoo that is not only an accessible price, but eradicates that greasy and limp appearance of old hair is a staple.  It adds enough texture for me to style it and leaves it smelling like musky vanilla.

4. Spray. Set. Go.  Project Beauty for $19.00 

Despite the chilly crisp mornings, the weather tends to heat up by the evening where the sun basks and beats down without fail.  Hence, a setting spray is a must.  This setting spray ensures no makeup budges or creases until you physically take it off with face wash and/or makeup remover.  It forms a tough guard to withstand sweat, dirt, and weathering.  On top of this, it gives your skin a hydrated glow.  It adds dimension back into the face after the addition of products such as powder.  It's the perfect setting spray by Project Beauty!


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