The Power of Your Circle

Your inner circle will dictate the level of positive influence you attain.  Tim Ferriss reiterates that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Subconsciously, our lifestyle and mentality is a reflection of the those we surround ourselves with.  This is based off of the ‘Law of Averages’.  If you have a strong head on your shoulders, which limits the ability for individuals to change your thinking, mannerisms, mindset, and character, then you will be less impacted by your circle.  However, more often than not, human beings are easily swayed.  Such effects build up over extended periods of time; usually going unnoticed.  Sometimes, it is beneficial to take a step back and look at your circle from a bird’s eye view.  This is critical in personal development as we cannot expect heaven if we play with the devil.  Similarly, do not expect success if you do not surround yourself with success-minded peers. 

Success does not have to be monetary but rather the sustaining effort to keep positive energy and good vibes between each other. It is critical that your friends contribute to your inner growth, strength, and mental wellbeing to build the foundation for achievement.  This does not advise leaving individuals who are not obtaining their goals because they keep failing, but to stick with peers that learn from their failures and get back up. 

Such positive company will aim to motivate and help one another.  Remember that there is an unlimited abundance of success available to everyone.  There is room for all at the top but you need to be willing to take the stairs, not the lift.  Ensure that your circle does not act as an obstacle towards your achievements.  They do not need to help you at every hurdle but support your ambitions without being afraid or intimidated by your growth. Likewise, if you are in the wrong, they will raise awareness about it.  Real friends won’t watch their loved ones fall unnecessarily.  Hence, this is why no company is better than bad company. 

Happiness is a choice, so choose wisely. 

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