Favorites | May 2018

I know this is late compared to normal but I am trying to stay committed to posting as much as I can without affecting my academics.  Nevertheless, I have been diving into some new products to share that are quickly becoming a staple!

1. Stripped Brown L'oreal Matte Lip paint + Infallible Lipliner Duo - £4.66 on Amazon for the lip paint and £5.99 for the Lipliner

Mascara and lipstick are my go-to products for a quick put-together look.  This is one of my favorite duos that I've tried in a pure brown tone which I normally do not venture towards.  Those who know me will know that my preference always leaned on purple lipsticks so even red was only reserved for dance performances.  I did an in-dept review of this duo here and highly recommend checking it out if you wish to widen your horizons in color.  

2. The Body Shop Fiji Water Lotus Perfume

This scent is light and refreshing.  It sports a tropical vibe which corresponds with it's name.  The main accords are: marine (sea air), citrus (mandarines), floral (from damascus rose), aromatic, and aquatic. The length and degree of which this perfume lingers (sillage) is softer with a stronger longevity that is comparable to higher end perfumes.  

**I couldn't find the perfume version on 'The Body Shop' website but they are selling the Fragrance mist which would generally be lighter and not as lasting in comparison but the scent would be the same.  In the past, I always went for The Body Shop fragrance mists, especially Indian Night Jasmine as they did linger throughout the day in my experience.  Here is a link here for the Fijian Water Lotus Fragrance Mist for £8.50 and 100ml.  

3. Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore - £14.00 for 60mL

Although I still have a committed relationship with my Nivea Soft Cream, this facial mist has been one that reinforces a dewy makeup look.  Therefore, prior to applying my makeup, I will spray a bit of this beautiful and lightly scented product on a bare face.  The scent is not overpowering and is easily masked by foundation or powders so it is very subtle. It may not make a significant before and after difference but it is moisturising, refreshing, and does help reduce extensive caking on the face overtime.  It improves the canvas and base for application of, but not limited to, foundation, bb creams, and powders.

4. L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash - £3.99 for 150mL 

Charcoal has always been a fundamental ingredient in clarifying face products.  It acts to reduce the appearance of pores by pulling out bacteria, oil, dirt, etc. from the day to fight acne.  Hence, arguably it is a form of a disinfectant which can aid in achieving that flawless complexion.  On the other hand, the 3 different clays act to absorb excess sebum which tends to further clog pores and cause acne. This is a face wash that I gravitated towards because, not only was it on sale, but it comes with a decent amount of face wash (150 mL).  This is an old product that hasn't received enough well-deserved hype so hopefully I can shed light on this if you're looking to switch up your skincare!

5. Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Voluminous Mascara - £22.00 

Marc Jacobs have been slaying the makeup game with such high-quality and luxurious products.  One of them, is their Velvet Noir Mascara.  .  Marc Jacobs has come out with an outstanding and gel-based mascara which finished off the whole entire look by adding 1800% more volume.  The brush enables the roots of the lashes to be coated evenly with the mascara.  Not only is it volumising, but it adds curvature, length and isn't weighed down as the day goes.  The lashes do not look spidery rather it is fluffy and remains appearing soft.  

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