Dear Amma | A letter to my Mother

Dear Amma,

This letter is the credit you deserve.  I love you.  I couldn't say thank you enough to display the amount of gratitude I have.  Despite each sacrifice and silent battle, you put my wellbeing and dreams before your own.  When the world was against us, you still stood beside me; holding my hand without clipping my wings.  It is from you that I learnt the value of compassion, empathy, and courage.  From a young age, I was constantly reminded by you to 'kill them with kindness': a life mantra I actively and consciously stress today.  When people ask me where my 'bubbly' personality, intelligence, and child-like faith stems from, it is, without a doubt, the seeds you planted within me.  I wouldn't have grown or blossomed into a girl with a deep desire to give, capacity to do good at great lengths, and achieve all that I have without your morals and values.  You never undermined my abilities and worth when everyone else did.  I don't know where I'd be without you.  Behind each success, is my loving mother.

Of course, I am far from perfect and have derailed but you consistently remind me of my purpose and send me back on track.  You never used my weakness as a weapon.  To only you and God can I attribute my successes and blessings.  I reflect your positivity and morale in my daily endeavours.  You are my driving force. Your prayers, guidance, and blissful company provides me with internal peace and resilience.  Whenever my mood has fallen, you do not fail to listen regardless of the size of the problem.

You are the most amazing woman I know you to the fullest: the woman that everyone knows and loves.  You are the embodiment of a pure-natured person with emotional intelligence others do not have a patch on.  In defiance of being a punching bag, taken for granted, and shamelessly hurt by others, you never seek revenge or speak ill of people.  You love the evil out of them instead.  That is the definition of resilience and selflessness.  When no one was there for you, you remain a rock for them.  This makes you the strongest person I know in my eyes.  The strength you behold is awe-inspiring.  The least you deserve is to be surrounded by those that lift your spirits and soul instead of dimming your light.

In essence, not a moment spent with you is without laughter and joy.  Every good quality about me is because of how you raised me.  I promise to that every step I take will be for you to receive limitless happiness and peace.  Thank you for bringing me into this world, the least I can do is show you the universe.  I pray to become half the women that you are.

With eternal love, 
Your Daughter.  

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