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When Trisha Patel had released a video (link here) discussing her launch of 'MVP Watches' I knew that I really wanted to lay my hands on one.  However, I hesitated in fear of the watch being slightly bulky on my wrists which are abnormally small compared to the rest of me.  Nevertheless, to my pleasant surprise, this watch fits like Cinderella's glass slipper and glimmers with so much elegance and sophistication.

**NOTE: All pictures were taken in natural lighting without any filter**


The MVP Watch selection is diverse and offers something for everyone's taste: elegant and sophisticated, or youthful and mysterious.  Rose Gold has always been my favourite color for accessories so I couldn't help but gravitate towards it.  The face of the watch has a gorgeous silver reflex; aiding that chrome and luxurious appeal.  The detailing at each number is a subtle touch to break up the chromatic pattern.  As for the strap, it is a textured mesh rose gold that matches the outer casing of the face which is a different shade to the rest of the watch.  The rose gold of the face has a pink undertone whereas the strap is more yellow which demonstrates the effort placed in the design.  Lastly, I do believe the watch design is one that is timeless and compliments various outfits: casual to occasion wear.  It will suit all generations of fashion and individuals.  It is evidently a staple piece that can work in any situation.


The watch feels very well made but isn't too heavy to hold or uncomfortable to wear.  As mentioned before, the fit of it is perfect and the size of the face does not overpower smaller wrists.  Hence, I believe it is a very flattering accessory.  


One thing I love about this watch is the Mesh/Milanese watch band which is adjustable.  It saves you the hassle of visiting your local jeweller to remove or put in any excess links.  It's quick and easy to do at home.  I adjusted my watch in seconds without struggle and the band does not move or budge.   It's perfect for lazy people like myself that puts off chores like no tomorrow.  In addition, if you want to share your watches with loved ones then it's easy peasy.


Unsurprisingly, many watches are three figures which is a lot of money for an accessory.  Nevertheless, MVP Watches are a brand built upon being affordable and luxurious.  This Rose Gold watch costs £55.00 which is a steal compared to prices on the high street.  I know some may claim this is still expensive, but for the quality, durability, and manufacturing of the piece it is a great investment.


The watch had come packed safely in a beautiful gold-embossed box with cushioning that enables it to be fitted appropriately; protecting the face from scratches.  This makes it the perfect present to loved ones or yourself!

Overall,  I 100% recommend checking out MVP Watches because not only do I believe in the owners of this brand who hold great sentiments, but the foundation and aims of MVP Watches, to provide affordable fashion, is an unmet gap in the market.

Check out MVP Watches here:

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Twitter: @MVPWatches

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