Review | ELF BB Cream in Beige

ELF has been known to be a brand of high quality with a low-end price tag.  They came out with a BB cream which costs £7.50; reaching common drugstore brand prices such as Maybelline, Rimmel London, and Revlon for the same type of product.  Therefore, I was very quick to test it out because it is quite a steep charge for the brand.  


ELF is very simple when it comes to their packaging.  There isn't much more information provided bar 'BB Cream SPF 20' on the front which can make it appear cheaper and lesser quality.  Nevertheless, unlike their other products, this has a pump making it hygienic and a lot less messy with a plastic and transparent lid.   However, it is a bit flimsy and the pump got stuck in the transparent plastic lid so I have no choice but to pour it out onto the back of my hand now.  


The BB cream does indeed feel very light on the skin.  It blends out easily without any dry patches, tugging, or pulling.  It is not completely opaque, allowing your own skin to shine through to appear natural and prevents cakiness.  It doesn't accentuate dry patches or regions on the face.  Therefore, although it is creamy, it is also sheer.  It dries onto the skin with more of a satin finish, rather than matte or glowy.  It does brighten up the skin slightly and works to enhance the natural appearance of the face rather than cover or change it. 


I got the second to darkest shade available.  The shade range isn't great if you are darker than an NC45/NW45 with Mac Cosmetics.  Which is surprising as their foundation and other bb creams demonstrate a more gradual increment from the lightest to darkest color available.  

How it wore throughout the day 

12:30pm:  It's spring break and my sleeping pattern has completely changed.  I tend to sleep late into the AMs and wake up late.  Today my mom and I decided to go on a walk through Hyde Park and visit the Natural Science Museum as it's free entry and we didn't have anything else to do.  Before heading out, I figured this would be a great opportunity to test the ELF BB cream.  I didn't wear any primer, concealer, or powder.  I found the application process extremely easy and it felt light; as though I had nothing on.  It looked like my naked skin and super natural.  

2:00pm:  I didn't get a chance to check out the wear of the BB cream as we were walking through a park with no available mirrors.  Furthermore, I completely forgot that I could use my phone to check but I was too engaged in conversation with my mom.   In the museum, I managed to catch my reflection in one of the mirrors of the exhibition.  It didn't look caked or faded and still appeared fresh and awake which is a plus.

3:00pm: Another mirror encountered.  I am beginning to notice slight fading around my mouth area but nothing dramatic or noticeable.  The bb cream still feels very light and hasn't appeared to transfer on napkins I used or my clothes.  It did start to get slightly hot in the museum and I could feel myself sweating (attractive), nevertheless, the bb cream is going strong. 

5:30pm: We're home!  I went to the mirror to check how it's worn and I can tell that there is slight darkness under my eyes from tiredness and fading around my mouth area but luckily it doesn't appear ashy which is my biggest pet peeve.  By this point I would recommend using a powder such as the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Powder or even Bare Minerals Mattifying Powder for some extra coverage.  

6:30pm: At this point, it doesn't look like the bb cream is doing what it's meant to.  My discoloration on the face is starting to show and I look like I just woke up: still fresh faced, but not done up.  I would classify the wear of this product about 5-6 hours.  This is pretty impressive considering I didn't support it with any powders to set it in place or concealer which tends to stay put without fail.  As a result, I will be using this when I want some more coverage.  

Overall, for the price that it's at, it is good quality and when assisted with powder and concealer it can work for everyday purposes such as work or school.  Nevertheless, I do still believe it is quite steep and for £7.50 you can invest in lighter foundations which are chalk-full of minerals, vitamins, and even fight acne.  

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