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I thought it would nice to do a life update blog post, focussing particularly on adapting to London life.  As you may know, I am currently doing a Masters in Public Health in London which has taken up my spare time but I've enjoyed every second of it.  It's sad to think that my London journey may be coming to an end soon.  

Of all the counties I've resided in England, London has for sure felt the most like home and resonated with me.  Having always lived in cities in America, I've been accustomed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Therefore, when I first moved to this country back in 2009, I was living in a very small and quiet town which was a huge culture shock.  I was in a very negative headspace and I felt so secluded.

Moving to Bristol was more of the city-life that I desired.  I remember loving going to the City Centre and Cabot Circus but never had that rush of excitement that occurred when going to London.  Even though London is underwhelming compared to the pictures or videos, it is the closest to what I desire for in the future.  Despite the rise in crime and extortionate costs of living, I can happily settle down here and live off of KFC (they do salads, it's fine).   

This past month has been spring break which I utilised to keep up with blogposts, binge-watch medical dramas (how does anyone watch The Good Doctor without crying in every episode?!), and spending a lot of time with my mom.  Oh, and studying of course.  I took my mom on a tour of my university campuses, walked through Hyde Park, shopped at Oxford Circus, and saw the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Duke of Cambridge Prince William, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, and the new royal baby Prince.  I was surprised to see that Prince William drives a Range Rover. 

You are never bored in London, unless you allow yourself to be.  There is always something to do and places to go.  My personal favourites are South Kensington, High Street Kensington, and Wembley.  Who can pass up Saravana Bhavan? 

Oddly enough, I don't enjoy shopping at Oxford Circus as much as I had hoped.  Perhaps its because this seasons' clothes and trends are not up my alley.  Furthermore, bar Primark, Selfridges, and Debenhams, most of the stores are very small which limits options. I opted to just going on Romwe to order a birthday dress for cheap as all the styles in brick and mortars were either too revealing, with crazy cuts, or dull patterns.  If you know me, my style is very simple.  I don't like wearing too many layers which means an outfit or piece should aim to cover a majority of me or else I won't buy it.  Wearing cardigans, long sleeve tops, etc. under or over a dress or top tends to ruin the whole look.  In addition, black leggings do not match all dresses so I need to be mindful of what I buy.  

In terms of academics, I have two exams coming up in Health Economics and Health Policy.  Luckily, Health Economics is multiple choice but Health Policy is short answer questions which is harder.  Despite my growing fear for it, I didn't want to use it as an excuse to miss any blogposts this month as I've been on a role.  The one thing I dislike about university in London is that your exams will be located anywhere.  I need to travel quite far for Health Economics and I am openly bitter about it.   

After my exams finish, I will officially be starting my dissertation on May 3rd which is nerve wrecking and exciting.  I've had to learn a whole new statistical software, R, and concepts such as Time Series and Forecasting.  It makes it seem like my dissertation topic is about the weather but no, it's on vaccine coverage and vaccine-preventable diseases. However, this is the kind of thing I can imagine doing as a career so keep your eye out for blogposts about how I manage my time when working from home full time.  It's bitter sweet to think I am in the final term of my university career.  Furthermore, a majority of my course mates will be working from home or even travelling to third world countries so the likelihood of seeing them is very little.  I'll be having meetings via Skype or in person perhaps once a forth-night which limits my human contact a lot.  Although I am someone that prefers to be alone, it can get monotonous very quickly.   On the plus side, it means I can dedicate more time to my blog, my mom, and my health and wellbeing.  

Here is a little lesson I wanted to share that I learnt this past month.  Chase after your dreams and make your dreams a plan, not a goal.  Ever since I was little, I was constantly told that I'm average, dumb, no common-sense, and not smart enough.  Never ever sacrifice your dreams or ambitions anyone or anything because that regret will stick with you forever.  It's not too late to accomplish anything.  Your dreams are the most fulfilling and is the only thing that can complete you.  There is no expiry date on your passions.  If I could go back in time and tell my 17 year old self this, I am 100% positive they will be so proud of who they've become.  They suffered failure and felt it for years but it's not until this point in my life that I am more than grateful for the path I've taken.  Just because your journey is different from others doesn't make your journey wrong.  It makes it yours.  

P.S if you want more personal development blogposts, I write for Anay Patel on his blog here: https://anaypatel.com/blog/ 

I post on there every Monday so if you want some more insightful content I highly recommend checking out that page.  It's been a great way for me to diversify my writing style and ability.  As I have very little prior knowledge on personal development, and my emotional intelligence is very innate, a majority of the posts required intensive research and reading so any support would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you all for reading this very extensive and long post.  

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