Monthly Memories | April 2018

Another month has gone by in a flash!  I just wanted to note that I am very proud I kept up with my three posts a week rota this month for the first time ever despite having exams and hope to keep this up.  I had an exam today by the way, and another one coming this week just to express my dedication to you guys. 

I don't have favourites for makeup because, as I mentioned before, I haven't been purchasing any beauty products but nearer my birthday I hope to acquire some to try and test out for you all!  Let's get on with the monthly memories.  This whole month I had spring break which, during your Masters in England, is not uncommon but it's been riddled with courseworks, group projects, and obviously studying for exams.  Nevertheless, I did relax (a bit too much probably) and here's all the cool things I did:

What I Watched I've been binge-watching medical dramas and, embarrassingly, got all caught up on The Good Doctor, The Resident, and Critical.

The Good Doctor is centred around an Autistic doctor and surgeon with Savonts Syndrome meaning he is extremely gifted in visualisation, memorisation, and keen attention to detail.  Without revealing too much, he faces prejudice, bullying, taken advantage of, and each episode breaks your heart in some way or another.  Arguably, he is the best surgical resident at the hospital.  It's a little less about the actual medicine and more his life-story but I do really love it.  It's on a season break now which is upsetting but I cannot wait given the cliff hanger it ended on.  

The Resident is an intense medical drama that discusses the politics behind a fictional hospital institution.  From what I gathered, a running theme in the show is how nurses have little power in comparison to doctors which is unjust and if you have built a very positive reputation, you have more flexibility in terms of bending the rules and getting away with malpractice.  This show will make you angry and frustrated.

Lastly, Critical is the first British medical drama I've ever seen that was recommended to me by my best friend.  This one is more about the medicine in a Major Trauma Centre that dabbles in politics but not to the extent of The Resident.  Hence, if you are keen about medical science and nail-biting cases from start to finish I highly suggest watching it but take note, when they are operating, the body's do look very fake in comparison to The Resident and The Good Doctor.

Favorite memory  For this month, it has to be seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  It felt very surreal.  I've not met many famous people in my life at all, the only other person was Jeya Raveendran.  Just seeing the way they interacted with each other and their children was very humbling and they appeared to be a regular family.  Also, Prince William drives a Range Rover which is a fun fact.  Overall, I really used this month to spend time with my mom as I had time to give.  It made me realise how much I missed and enjoyed her company and if you're blessed to have a loving mom, remember to always let them know this everyday because we underestimate how much they yearn for our company, time, and the sacrifices they make for us behind closed doors.  

Who I loved  I have fallen in love with America Revere, her vlogs, and instagram.  I've actively been keeping up with her stories about preparing for the USMLE.  She keeps it very real in her videos where she discusses her highs and lows and the difficulties in studying.  Revere makes it apparent that it is hard work to work hard which I love considering many other vloggers in academics make it seem like it is very easy to do and every mark they get is stellar.  If you need motivation and a realistic outlook on what graduate school is like, I really suggest checking her out.

Her links:
Youtube: America
Instagram: AmericaRevere
Twitter: America_Revere

What I wore I've been branching out in terms of my style and recently purchased an adorable pair of boots from Dorothy Perkins which are black with a bow on the side for only £13!  I am a huge fan of bows and regret deeply throwing out all of them as I felt they were too 'childish' but thinking back now, only a fool would do that.  There are so many available on Etsy but I cannot bring myself to pay for shipping that is equivalent to the actual product price.  

You can find the boots here! The discount has gone up, however, so now they cost £20.  

What I ate As you may have gathered, I live with my mom and she has been making me this delicious salad with carrots, tomatoes, and spinach with mango dressing.  It's been a great way of forcing me to be a bit more healthy.  Which I am not. At all.  Otherwise, I've been indoors for a majority of this spring break.  

What I drank I went to a Lebanese place with a couple of friends after a revision session for some coffee.  I wanted to try something different and went for a Spiced Lebanese Hot Chocolate.  I thought it would be similar to Chai with the cinnamon and cardamom which it was but the flavour was a lot more subtle in comparison. However, it was a nice change to my normal lattes.

Where I went My mom and I had taken a stroll through Hyde Park and ended up visiting the Science Museum in South Kensington.  Because it's free, it was a must.  Although a lot of it was more catered towards children, I found it really enjoyable as I am such a kid at heart to the dismay of many.  My favorite exhibit was one which demonstrated the play on materials to make clothes.  For example, dresses out of Coke Bottles or shoes made of flowers.

What I heard For sure it has to be Illegal Weapon by Jasmine Sandlas ft. Garry Sandhu.  It's a really simple beat but it's epic for dancing.  It's a fun mix of house, trap, and atypical bhangra.

What I used One of my friends had gifted me with an Almond Milk and Honey Soothing and Restoring Body Butter by The Body Shop.  The scent of this is miraculous - it's not overpowering but it's enough if you wish to skip out on perfume.  

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