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I've been lucky enough to stumble upon the up and coming JaiMedicine channel and felt like his videos were filled with information and subtle comedy which makes his content interesting and entertaining whilst remaining extremely useful.  I couldn't resist DMing him and asking for his advice and insight on doing Pre-Med in America, especially as I do have a lot of aspiring medics in USA who read my blog.  Without a doubt, he will be someone that blow up on social media as he is already gaining subscribers by the hundreds for his efforts.  Be sure to follow him on all his social media platforms linked at the end of this interview!  

What was your major during undergrad and why did you pick it?
My major in undergrad was Biology and I minored in psychology. I picked biology because it fulfilled all the pre-med requirements but I also have a deep interest in psychology so I wanted to make sure I studied that as well. Honestly, I'm a bigger fan of chemistry than biology and was asked many times by professors to switch majors but I didn't see a need for it as my main goal was to make it to medical school. 

Is there anything you wish you knew or would do differently during premed?
Yes, a few things. I actually made a video about this on my YouTube page; the page is called JaiMedicine (shameless plug). I think the biggest thing that I wish I did differently was change my mentality. Pre-med is a time when the ones who make it to med school get separated from the pack, and this happens much earlier than you think. As early as my first semester in undergrad, there were many times in which I felt alienated and almost like I was losing touch with certain people and it took somewhat of a toll on me. What people don’t realize is that in order to become someone that others can’t be, you have to do things that others won’t do. I wish I could go back and tell myself that it’s okay to overachieve and it’s okay to feel alienated, because that’s what pre-med is all about. It’s about going above and beyond the norm. Once you step into medical school and you see that everyone that made it went through the same thing, you won’t feel as alienated anymore. In a lot of ways, pre-med can be even more emotionally stressful than medical school solely due to the fact that, unlike medical school, not everyone is on the same page and most people won’t make it.

How many classes do you take in one semester on average? 
I usually take about 4 classes; most of my semesters consisted of 2 science class with a lab for each alongside a psychology class and an elective. During the last couple of semesters, I have been taking more psychology classes because I got most of my science classes out of the way before my MCAT. 

What was your favourite class?
Everyone that knows me knows I love chemistry. I love all kinds of chemistry. Raw, sautéed, well-done, medium-rate, you name it. Organic chemistry and biochemistry were my favorites because they had a lot of real-life implications, but I don’t discriminate. I’m also a big fan of abnormal psychology because there are some extremely interesting cases out there (I.E. Genie the feral child). I love reading about these cases and seeing how much of an impact our brain has on our bodies and our lives. Our whole livelihood exists in our brain; that’s everything we know, everything we’ve experienced, all the emotions we’ve ever felt. That just blows my mind. 

What was your least favourite class?
My least favorite class was calculus. Some people fear spiders, I’m scared of derivatives. 

Favorite memory during premed? 
My favorite memory in pre-med doesn’t really have anything to do with pre-med; it involves my work in the ER as a medical scribe. I did scribing during my junior/senior year and there was a day when certain patient who shall not be named (HIPAA is always watching) presented to the ER and did not speak a word of English. She only knew Farsi and luckily, that’s one of the languages I know as well. As soon as I started translating for her, she went bananas. I would come to her room every 5 minutes to check up on her and she would smile every time. We literally became best friends. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was one of those experiences that make you go “wow, this is really what I want to do”.

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