Drinking 2 Litres of Water Every Day for a Week

If you know me personally, then it comes to no surprise to learn that I am horrible at drinking water.  I don't even get thirsty or have cravings to drink water.  I can literally go weeks without having a glass of water unless I work out. Nevertheless, I will ensure that I successfully consume at least 2 litres of coffee every day.

It's that bad.

So I took to Amazon and purchased a pink 2.2 litre jug of water because I had no clue how to motivate myself.  All the water apps have lost their novelty (R.I.P my plants on plant nanny; they've all died) and my only incentive was visually seeing what 2 litres looked like.  It has worked like a dream.  I have not missed a single day this week and plan to do another check in at 4 weeks in hopes to keep up this habit.  Here's a break down of each day:

D A Y  O N E

The over-the-top pink jug arrived in the post today.  It was meant to arrive yesterday but apparently got damaged in transportation so I had to re-order it.  Looking at the jug, I was very underwhelmed because 2 litres does not appear to be a lot.  It's size has made the challenge seem much easier.

I keep the jug in front of me at all times as an active reminder to drink water.  I never realised how dehydrated my body was.  I had to urinate literally every 10-20 minutes which is such a nuisance.  Surprisingly enough, my urine was never crystal clear and had a yellow tint to it throughout the day so I must have a lot of waste that has built up (oops).  I'm lucky to be stuck indoors with exams around the corner; meaning it's easy to head to the bathroom at my will.  However, during class, work, or simply hanging about outside, I can imagine this being quite a pain if there are no restrooms close by.

I took some 'before' pictures of my skin and face today at 8:30pm just so we can track my progress properly.

D A Y  T W O 

Guys.  I have a new pimple near the bottom of my lip.  Is this suppose to happen?  It's not as though I wore makeup before I went to bed or the day prior.  In addition, I've been having some bumps on my forehead and a huge zit between my eyebrows (so attractive) but they've not improved granted it's only been a day.  On a positive note, it was a lot easier to get out of bed today and my chronic lethargy seems to have decreased.  I feel less fatigue and usually I get headaches quite frequently throughout the day from staring at my laptop or a book.  However, I didn't have this problem today or yesterday which made working less demanding and effort.  Peeing frequently as per usual.

D A Y  T H R E E 

Alongside ease of waking up, falling asleep is a lot easier.  I sleep deeper without as much disturbance.  Perhaps that, in turn, has helped made me feel more energetic and active throughout the day.  The pimple that appeared near the bottom of my lip has gone which is great.  My forehead seems to have improved and the one in the middle of my eyebrows is gone.  My pee is a lot clearer now which is a promising sign and my bowel movements are fantastic.  I couldn't be dishonest, I'm sorry.  My stomach is less bloated than before but that may be due to the fact that I snack on a lot less junk food.  Don't get me wrong, my over all diet has not changed but I am naturally less inclined to crave salty and sweet snacks due to suppressed hunger.

D A Y  F O U R 

My forehead isn't showing much, if any, signs of improvement.  Therefore, I either got a bad case of nazr or I need to wait about 4 weeks which is the general length of time it takes for skin cells to turn over.  Nevertheless, I find that my body is a lot better at telling me when it is thirsty compared to before.  It's as though I am slowly developing a craving or addiction for water which is great because I am more inclined to ensure I drink throughout the day.  I could never read that signal before but it's feeling more like second nature now.  I believe I use to mistake thirst as hunger.

D A Y  F I V E 

Oddly enough, drinking 2 litres isn't enough for me in a day.  After I finish my jug of water by around 10/11pm, I feel thirsty afterwards.  I'm trying to read and understand my body but for the sake of this challenge I didn't want to mess up the results by increasing my intake.

D A Y  S I X

Today is a bit of an anomaly.  I woke up in the morning to news that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton went into labour at my University's hospital.  My mom was incredibly excited (as was I) so we went down and waited outside the Lindo Wing where a number of my course mates also were.  It was a very fun experience which I've never thought I could take pleasure in before.  However, it significantly impacted my water intake.  We left the house around 1pm and found a place in line but stayed until 6pm when the Royal Family decided to make their appearance.  I didn't drink any water or food except for a cup of coffee when I woke up.  Therefore, I came home and chugged 2 litres between 6pm and 11pm which isn't as effective as sips throughout the day.  I urinated only about 3-4 times but it was crystal clear (which sometimes indicates over hydration) so I am most likely losing water, which is considered 'excess', because I consumed it in a short amount of time.

D A Y  S E V E N

I woke up with a bit of a headache, probably the equivalent to a water-hangover.  My forehead has remained a problem area so I do feel that I need to keep up this habit for any noticeable difference in my face.  There has been very slight improvement in discolouration of my skin, especially under the eyes, but my skin feels a lot softer to touch.  I don't feel nearly as tired as before and sleeping has become better.  I fall asleep and wake up with more ease than before taking on this challenge.  I most definitely plan to keep this up for a 4 week update and so on.

O V E R A L L  V E R D I C T

  • My hunger was suppressed.  I don't crave snack as much but do finish my main meals which are smaller than what I ate before (I am still getting my daily recommended amount, don't get me wrong, I just snack on junk food less). 
  • My skin improved in terms of dark under eye circles and discoloration but my imperfections and blemishes are going strong which is frustrating but in time that should soon go.  
  • Significantly less, almost no, headaches and feelings of fatigue.  I am a lot less lethargic which could be due to my sleeping quality and decreased consumption of salt and sweet foods.  
  • I spend a lot more time in the bathroom.  I honestly urinate around 15 times a day (I've counted). 
  • Having a pink 2.2 litre jug/water bottle is a personal incentive and motivation.  
I hope this was useful and motivates you guys to do reach for water a lot more throughout the day.  In three weeks I will do an overview again and see how my lifestyle and well being improves.  This should soon become my brand new healthy habit! 

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