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There could never be enough girl love in the world.  With current movements advocating for more unison amongst humanity, I was tempted to dedicate a blogpost to one of my role models in, not only the beauty industry, but beyond.  
I cannot rave enough about Deepica Mutyala.  Granted, some may assume I am biased as she is indeed of Telugu decent like myself which is a highly under-represented culture in the media.  There are countless articles and interviews with Mutyala available on the net to read but I wanted to explain why she is personally my woman crush Wednesday and role model for a lifetime.  

First off, her new campaign Live Tinted is advocating all shades of skin.  As an individual who has been told their whole life and even now that being dark is equivalent to being ugly, this is something that I will stand for till my death bed.  It is extremely vital that we raise our children and the next generation, from a young age, to not discriminate and look at all shades of skin as beautiful. It breaks my heart whenever I remember the rude comments said to me, even if in jest.  Those words scar, burn, and kill.  Her international platform is one that will connect individuals on an deeper level because this skin is seen as inferior.  However, Mutyala is making moves in ensuring that changes.   

Secondly, Mutyala is not ashamed of her roots.  She proudly represents the Telugu and Indian culture on all her social media platforms without fail. From performing bollywood dance at her sister’s wedding and doing a telugu makeup tutorial, these are small events that contribute to the wider evidence base which demonstrate the pride Mutyala has.  She embraces her upbringing in all forms: the good, bad, and ugly.  A lot of my inspiration for this blog, it’s realism and authenticity, is undoubtedly inspired by her.  This only emphasises on the fact that she is one of the realest individuals out there that does not sugar coat or hide behind any facades.  How many youtubers teach you how to make chai and dosa with their mother in a night gown? 

Lastly, she is an entrepreneur and a hustler.  Mutyala is living proof that hard work will bring results.  Breaking from the norm is the biggest blessing one can endure.  After a little slip up on TV during the early stages of her career, she didn't hesitate to actively learn from her mistakes. Leaving her comfort zone enabled her to land massive deals and contracts like starring in adverts for well-renowned brands (#represent) such as Samsung and L’oreal. Despite this, Mutyala remains humble and constantly reminds us of the uphill battle she faced to make a dent in this industry.  Nothing was handed to her on a silver platter with a family made up of predominantly doctors.  Therefore, she carved her own path and demonstrated that any of us can achieve our dreams.  We do not need to satisfy society’s expectations: we build them.  Mutyala never fails to make me realise that an ordinary girl with passion can become extraordinary.  And for that, I will always remain grateful to her.  

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