This is Your Wake Up Call

This post may come off blunt, harsh, and even cruel.  If you make it all the way to the end, good job.

Your dreams are calling.  Of course you want to click answer, but how?  Humans have this phenomenal skill of rationalising laziness, procrastination, or fear.  It doesn't matter what obstacles you have to face or your present situation.  None of that is a valid reason for not waking up everyday empowered.  If you have the ability to access the internet by whatever means and read this post then you're blessed enough to have an advantage to attain success.  Look in the mirror and question why you haven't reached your goals yet.  Really look at yourself.  Are you cursed with chronic unwillingness to work? Easily distracted?  Lacking motivation?  Scared of failure?  

Whatever it is, sounds like an excuse.  Yes, this is a call out post because flowery and sweet words do not work.  If you want inspirational quotes go to Tumblr or Instagram because ring ring - it's reality on the line. 

If you are still looking in the mirror, ask yourself a few questions:

1. What have you done today to get closer to your goals?

2. How many hours were you awake, and of that time, how much was dedicated to your dreams? 

3. How is your soul and heart?  Are they in the right place?  

Write down these answers on paper or say them out loud to yourself.  Hear or see the truth.  How does it make you feel? If you are proud then give yourself a pat on the back: you deserve it, well done, and keep it up.  If you're not too impressed with the answer and feel uncomfortable then I'm sorry to say it but something needs to change.  And that's you.  

A little background.  When I was doing my A levels my motivation for life plummeted.  My desire was to become a choreographer and a fashion designer.  I would spend hours fantasising about dance and textile courses and gave up on my education.  Having been forced to pursue Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths at A level, one can only imagine the festering bitterness.  I never knew how to channel that frustration to get fruitful outcomes.  As a result, my grades were pretty mediocre and I was disappointed.  Despite eventually putting in the work, by the time exams rolled around, it was too late.  The opportunity was gone.  I thank God for my unconditional offer at University which gave me leeway to study Molecular Medicine as BSc. It wasn't something I was passionate about but I tried to convinced myself otherwise.  The course was extremely fascinating but I never found myself thoroughly mind-blown or captivated by the subject.  Sure it was better than my A levels, but emptiness remained.  

One thing my Bachelors did teach me was hard work and its importance.  If you work hard, you do get results.  And now? I am learning what I love - Global Health.  And if it weren't for my bachelors I would've never ended up at my dream university that rejected me as a potential undergrad but has taken me on as a Masters student.  I wake up looking forward to school.  I actually hate having days off because I do want to learn more and I'm eager for knowledge. 

Fashion and beauty remain a huge passion of mine.  That is what this blog is for. I worked hours on end to pay for my Fashion Styling certificate so that the advice I give is credible and the material I produce is of good quality.  I want to be authentic but I am fully aware that there is a lot of room for growth. However, I put so much effort into this realm behind the scenes which you may not see.  I am here because I want to do this.  I am here because it is parallel with my ambitions and I absolutely love my blog.  It's like my baby.  I've had blogs before this one and even an active youtube channel but out of embarrassment and laziness I discontinued them.  Academics and emotions got in the way and I hadn't learnt how to manage time efficiently to have both feet in a different boat.   

Now back to you.  

Write down your goals.  You are not too big-man to visualise your goals in front of you.  Write them down in a notebook, on your laptop, or create a vision board.  Have everything in one place so you can refer back to it whenever in a slump.  Paste it on your ceiling or as the background on your phone screen so the moment you wake up you recognise your purpose.  Constantly refer back to it. It doesn't make you seem weird, nerdy, or uncool. It makes you a hustler and that's what this world needs more of.  Your goals are your purpose.  

Stop making excuses.  If you're not trying then you don't want it and if you don't want it then you don't deserve it.  End of.  There is someone out there who is working 100 times harder than you in worser conditions with greater obstacles.  So what's your excuse? You haven't got one.  If you're going to reason with yourself as to why you are slacking, don't expect sympathy.  Stop playing the pity card.  Pick yourself back up and work. More times than not the source of these justifications is fear, laziness, or both.  It's all about mental strength which is an unlimited resource.  Anyone can rise from the ashes. 

Tackle fear and laziness.  Aforementioned earlier, I've landed at procrastination station multiple times in my life.  I had no drive or motivation to carry on.  I did the bare minimum to assist in survival and never ventured forward.  Do I regret it? 100% yes.  And I will live with that but having turned myself around, I am now exactly where I wanted to be all those years ago but in a more favourable position.  You need failure for success.  It is inevitable.  You are going to fall.  My blog was nominated for the UK Blogger Awards but failed to get through to the finalist stage.  But I forgot the big picture- within the first few months of my initiating this blog I managed to get nominated for such an elite award from thousands of other entrees.  That is an achievement embedded in failure.  That is success.

But perhaps you don't have fear.  You may just lack motivation due to slaving away in idleness.  It's like a pandemic, disabling individuals from being triumphant.  This is where the phrase temporary pain for long term gain comes into play.  In the moment you may prefer watching your favourite TV show, playing games, or ending up in the dark depts of youtube.  The way you manage two-thirds of your day will depict how the rest of your life will turn out.  Short-term pleasure is a trap.  It may feel great in the moment but not once you snap back to existence.  Be on the path of long term success.  This isn't me saying to eliminate relaxation from your day.  If you read my 'day in the life' posts you know that I do indeed slack off for a few hours here and there.  If two-thirds of your time involves entertainment and one-third is work then we have a problem.  You have 24 hours to make your dreams come true everyday.  There is no reason to not expedite productivity.  

No company is always better than bad company.  Don't expect heaven when you play with the devil.  Don't expect success if you're peers have little aspiration.  Keep your circle with good vibes and positive energy.  Your close knit is a representation of who you are.  It's a thousand times better to choose no company over bad company.  If you don't find your friends attributing to inner growth, strength, positivity, or success then get out. 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This is the only way you can grow.  Push the envelope.  Don't settle for a particular lifestyle which doesn't have you waking up excited but instead wanting to go back to sleep, a sweet escape.  Anyone can have their dreams as reality except quitters.  Do whatever you have to do to get there, no matter how challenging. For example:

Dream body? Push yourself when working out.  Drop the chocolate bars and pick up carrot sticks. 

Dream job? Work for it.  If that means having a different 9-5 and hustling into the late hours at night until that hobby is a sustainable career, so be it.  

Dream university? Study.  However hard you have to.  Eliminate distractions.  It's okay to choose your ambitions over a social life as harsh of a reality it is.  Those who truly support you won't bring baggage.  

If it was easy, everyone would do it.  You have to be willing to put in solid hours, blood, sweat, and tears to reach great heights.  You'll be exhausted, may lose people in the process, and even question your self worth.  In all of this, you may be beaten to a pulp by life but the real success comes in getting back up.  Once you reach your goals, the journey will be completely worth every second.  

Consistency. One thing individuals fall for, in all aspects of life, is the theory of compensation.  If you worked out for one hour then having KFC for dinner is justified.  If you slaved over the weekend then you can relax for the evenings of the week.  Life doesn't work that way.  Hard work one day will not compensate for laziness the next.  None of your breaks are 'well deserved'.  If you want to see results, you need to hustle harder than you did the day before.  Everyday is a new day to improve, challenge, stretch, and grow.  If you're not doing any of these things you're wasting your time.  Consistency is key.  If you only work when you're feeling good, you're never going to get enough done.  This is very different from relaxing and rewinding.  Whatever your preferred method of treating yourself, it shouldn't break your cycle of consistency and hard work.  That is when it isn't a reward but a hazard.  Success is a lifestyle.  

In essence, you have every resource, ability, and power within you to attain magnificence.  You can break the barriers of your mind.  If you were looking for a sign to change or get your head in gear, this is your sign.  I repeat, this is your sign.  Put all your efforts into your accomplishments.  Make sure that your desires are yours only and not the expectations of others on you.  Otherwise you are sure to fall short.  After all, this was your wake up call.

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