Spoken Word | Need is not a Compliment

When a loved one utters the words
‘I need you’ 
My heart sinks in dismay
I pray that what was said wasn’t true
but that phrase is stuck on replay

I don’t want to be a crutch 
because soon the broken will heal
I don’t want to be essential
because it’s not the love l feel

‘Need’  is not a compliment
as it is not everlasting 
Even if it is said in sentiment
the word is quite contrasting

Dependence is temporary
as life will force us to grow
out of the ‘love’ that was once shared
making it easier to let go

What about 'want'?
Want never fades
Needing isn’t eternal
but wanting always stays

Want is a choice
it is more genuine and true
Coming straight from the soul
they will always choose you

One may never stop wanting
despite the change they’ve undergone
There is nothing more prevailing
no stronger love to act upon 

So wait for that special person
that will make your heart soar
Where both of you will feel that passion
you’ve been dying to explore.

Love is want.  These two words are not conjoined enough to demonstrate the true definition.  One should never need anyone.  Dependence on an individual will be temporary.  Life will teach us lessons that cause us to grow surplus amounts.  During this period, you grow out of the ‘love’ you had.  Needing doesn’t last.  Wanting does.  No matter how much stronger one may get, or how much more independent, one would still choose to spend their happiness with someone else; sharing their memories and experiences.  One may never stop wanting, despite how much change they’ve undergone.  With that being said, there is nothing more prevailing.  

P.S I am sorry for being gone as I had three assignments due this week.  I hope that this different type of project makes up for my hiatus as it is a message I've been wanting (not needing!) to share for a while.

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