Favorites | January 2018

I was worried I would not have a favourites post this month but luckily I have been trying out a few things I love and now can’t stop reaching for!

1. Chella Eyebrow Gel - $18.00 

As I need to make a trip to the threaders soon, my eyebrows are getting quite lengthy and tend to fall downwards.  I have to keep running my fingers through them to prevent drooping.  I came across this product in one of my Ipsy Bags and found that it works wonders in keeping the eyebrows in place.  It is a clear gel and doesn’t add color so you can fill in your brows and set them with this gel or you can simply use it on its own.  It retains the shape of your brow throughout the whole day.  I also use it on my hairline to keep baby hairs from going astray and found it to work wonders.  Nothing is better than multi-use products.

2. Burts Bees Lip Balm - £3.99

No matter how much water I drink my lips tend to always look chapped.  I need to invest in some lip scrubs but for the moment I wanted to try the infamous Burt's Bees lip balm.  I’ve seen many people and their pets try this product out so I’m evidently very late to join this band wagon.  I wanted to purchase some painkillers in the middle of class, but having only my phone on me, there was a £5 limit.  So of course I decided to make a mindless, non economic based decision to also try out this lip balm which costs nearly as much as a KFC zinger meal.  One thing I do adore about this lip balm is that it is not sticky or slippery, but smooths out my lips without feeling heavy or present.  It’s still thick without being noticeable to the wearer and observers.  The scent is peppermint which was a safe option for me but I did notice a mango flavour I may reach for next time!

3. Peach Vineyard The Body Shop

I am personally amazed at the longevity of this body wash.  I loved the fresh peachy sent even though it doesn’t match the cold winter months.  The scent does linger on your skin for a few hours but is easily overpowered by a perfume.  As it lathers with just drops of body wash, I managed to use it for nearly two months which, though not as high as conventional washes, appears to be worth the price (especially if there are discounts).  Therefore, do not shy away from the price because it is a long term investment with beautiful smelling outcomes.

**I couldn't find this on The Body Shop website!  

4. Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You - £32.00

I am yet to post a detailed review on this product, so I’m terribly sorry for slacking.  I absolutely adore this when I want my face to be extremely radiant or just want heavy spot highlighting. You can build up the intensity and all you need is half a drop.  It’s extremely pigmented, extremely easy to blend with a more liquid formula, and flying off shelves because as it is in such high demand.  The packaging is sleek and feels expensive at the touch.  The undertones appear warmer, making it extremely suitable for deeper skin tones and all inclusive.  The scent is a subtle sweet tropical considering it is indeed part of the coconut line.

5. Crushed Walnut Mono eyeshadow by Natural Collection- £1.99

This eyeshadow is multi-purpose.  It is the perfect contour for deeper skin tones as it mimics a matte cool shadow, making it appear natural as opposed to other mainstream bronzers which may be orange based or have as much glitter as the highlighter up there.  In addition, when I want a simple makeup look with brightened eyes, I tend to go heavy handed with the mascara and work this shade into my crease and nothing else.  It provides subtle sultry without seeming too done up but ties in the look.  I will take the color onto my lower lash line for consistency.  At £2 this is a no brainier purchase.  The packaging has changed as you can see on the Boots website but the shade is still the same.

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