This Moment Matters

This moment matters.  And it could be snatched away any second. Hate is prevailing.  The news illustrates an increasing death toll.  Behind each number, there is a river of tears, a mountain of regret, and lost moments.   Reasoning behind each funeral comprises of ignorance and loathing.  People are quick to judge.  Individuals are categorized within seconds and they’re suppressed based on religion, race, financial status, etc.  It is heart breaking that being good natured cannot gain respect in a narrow minded society.  Although this wall can easily be broken, there is refusal to acquiescent what one fails to understand. 

What is done behind closed doors is evaluated.  Who are you praying to?  Who is your partner?  Can you pay your bills? What are you cooking – is it oriental, Indian, or British?  Why it should be of any one else’s concern what my beliefs or roots are is beyond me.  I do not ask for one to approve of an alternative lifestyle.  On the contrary, going out of your way to cause distress to another is ignoble.  Here, tolerance draws its line.  Innocent lives are stolen due to greed and ego: gluttony for power and the desire to be right is a dangerous mix.  Evidence has been exemplified through mass shootings, wars, and abuse.  Justice is far from reach.  It baffles me that the word ‘freedom’ can be used so loosely in a realm where no one can be unrestricted.  Shackles tie everyone to labels and stereotypes.  

Underneath these tags, conversely, are souls.  They are reflections of ourselves- characters with aspirations, families, and moments.  Moments they’ve had and moments they yearn for.  They can be as simple as dinner or a loved one’s birthday, being a wedding guest or being a bride.  These breath taking memories are being robbed from individuals since their surface is seen as scathing.  Lives are being lost for such petty causes.  Whether it be negation to change or rebuttal to believe, mankind is the most threatening race for said reason.  We were blessed with thoughts; giving us the ability to make decisions and deal the cards in our favor.  Nevertheless, the most frightening fact is that us humans consciously choose to harm and conduct evil.  With power of thought comes morality.  Yet still they purposely wish to dispose the happiness of others.  It is assumed that bliss is reached via the degradation of individuals whose beliefs do not align with our own.  Despite how tremendously false, it is not uncommon to see revulsion towards variances.     

Little do people know the answer is love.  It can travel through the narrow minds of many and create an openness that is desirable.  This magic chemical will counteract the hatred of mankind.  It enables us to see eye to eye. Human to human.  Our resolution is the same.  We, as beings, wish to obtain contentment.  But thieving joy will not aid in fulfilment. Likewise, larceny of a life doesn’t give yours purpose.  This simply suggests that you belittle the value of your own by way of being able to rid of someone else’s with ease.  The new generation must change this world.  Abolish a monochrome viewpoint.  Forget the labels.  Coexist.  Teach our children to love, accept, and respect.  Because this moment matters… and this moment may be our last. 

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