Review | Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

Marc Jacobs' beauty line is killing the game.  Their products are phenomenal quality and I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to review the Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Eye Crayon (talk about a mouthful).  The two colors I was given to review were: Pink of Me and (Earth)quake.  You can check them out at John Lewis here:

Pink of Me is a true baby pink that almost appears white with a slight pink undertone.  It is a very soft shade which works to highlight the inner corner of the eye as well as the centre of the lids to add dimension.  I was apprehensive about the shade initially, unsure of how I would use it but I actually feel that it blends in easily to neutral eye looks.  Furthermore, it is the perfect matte highlight down the bridge of my nose when I wish to contour.  

Earthquake is much more my color that I can use on a daily basis.  It is a chocolate brown which works to tightline, waterline, and line your lids considering it is easy to control and the tip is fine upon first use.  Additionally, the brown can act as a base for a smokey eye look with it's blend-ability.  Therefore, there are multiple uses for both shades of the highliner.  Chocolate brown is a lovely color to lean towards when it comes to lining the eyes as it is less harsh than black and perfect for everyday.  This can be used for contouring the nose because it is the perfect matte chocolate brown shades.

Both the colors are extremely pigmented, opaque, and absolutely smudge proof.  I asked my mom to rub the swatch on my hand as hard as she could and there was no trace of smudging at all and it looked just like the pic above (they are before and after pictures but you just can't tell because it's THAT good).

Formula and Application: The Gel Eye Crayons are creamy; allowing ease of application.  They glide on without tug or pull.  I found that light swipes go a long way so I can be gentle in the eye area where our skin is thinnest and requires the most care. They are very easy to blend.  One downside of this is that with creamy products comes delicacy.  The tips could indeed break or squish so care is needed to make sure the highliners are properly stored and maintained.   Nevertheless, the fine tip ensures high precision.

Price: As there is a sharpener at the end of the pencil, there is less product present in order to occupy this apparatus.  I am grateful as I constantly lose my eyeliner sharpeners or have ones that are unsuitable for the thickness of the eyeliner or crayon I wish to use.  However, this does mean that the length of the pencil does not depict how much product you are going to receive.

How they wore throughout the day

8:00am:  I have a fresh, clean, and moisturised face.  Earthquake was applied to tightline, waterline, and line the lids but I chose not to go for a wing since I find that look never quite suits me.  I blended the shade out on the outer corner of my eye for a smokey effect.  The color Pink of Me was used in the middle slightly to add dimension and the tear duct. I chose not to use primer or setting spray for a true test with no confounders.  

10:00am: There is no trace of creasing on the lids or smudging of the product.  Obviously, it is early times, but it looks the same as it was applied.  

12:30pm: As I have mentioned before, it can be quite polluted in London.  I recently have been suffering with very watery eyes out of no where.  Despite this, I don't find that it has affected my makeup in any way, shape, or form which I am grateful for.  

2:00pm: So far, the highliner appears to be weather-proof without fading.  The color remains opaque and has not budged.    

6:00pm: There was no major change until now as I noticed the slight chance of creasing which does not appear to be unfixable with a primer base.   

8:00pm: The highliners both appear prominent and opaque with no signs of fading except in the inner corner of my eye where I applied Pink of Me.  Otherwise, there is only the slightest sign of creasing on the lid by Earthquake.  Overall, primer can easily fix the lids but the inner corner is inevitable as that is where the tear duct is present.  I do believe the longevity of the product is at least 10 hours which is highly impressive.  Most eye products do tend to last considering there is few chances of smudging, smearing, and fading compared to lip or face makeup.  There was no signs of bleeding of the color which makes it the perfect eyeliner for events and everyday as you do not need to worry about reapplication!  

Overall, I would most certainly want to purchase highliners in the future to branch out with my eye looks and play with more color.  I do believe they are worth the money with their longevity throughout the day and their multiple uses.  However, that doesn't demean the fact that it is very pricey to cough up £20 for an eyeliner which I find many drugstores can dupe for a lot cheaper. All in all, if you are just getting into makeup or absolutely love having variety, this is surely amazing addition for your collection.  

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