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Happy Holidays! It is a brand new year which calls for a round up of my favorite things of 2017. This was an extremely eventful year with many ups and downs. I am always welcoming a new year with open arms, however, and am truly exciting to see what 2018 has to bring!

1. Face product: Marc Jacobs 'Dew You' Coconut Gel Highlighter £32.00

I have always been one to adore a glowy face. Although I was united with this product for a short amount of time, all credit is due to Marc Jacobs 'Dew You' Coconut Illuminiser. It is, hands down, the best liquid highlighter I have ever been blessed to try. If you're in John Lewis or anywhere else that stock Marc Jacobs Beauty, be sure to swatch this and fall in love. Detailed review: here.

2. Cheek product: ELF Cool Bronzer £5.00

I am going to throw it back to the ELF Cool Bronzer who has been by my side through thick and thin. I can mix all the colors to get the perfect flush of brown-based pink on my cheeks or contour my little heart out. For the prize, it would be silly not to get this matte bronzer palette which is perfect for travel and everyday use. I bought mine quite a few years ago and it is STILL going strong and I haven't hit pan on it.

3. Eye product: Tarte Rainforest in the Sea Volume II Eyeshadow palette

The Tarte 'Rainforest in the Sea Volume II' eyeshadow palette has the most stunning neutrals for everyday and smokey glam. I haven't built up the courage (or money) to splurge on an Urban Decay Naked Palette but received this with a BoxyCharm Beauty box. Whenever I want to wear an eyeshadow look, I will reach for this palette without hesitation.

**This product is limited edition but I highly recommend checking out Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Volume I and III which can be bought from the Tarte website.

4. Lip Product: Arrow Lipbalm

This was the year of matte lipsticks. I want to compile my top favorite ones I've encountered but for now I am going to have to say the Arrow Lip balm was my most used lip product of 2017. I got quite late into the game of matte lipsticks but lip balms are a necessity. This color-changing lip balm that creates a stunning shade suitable for your skin is a must buy. Plus, it smells like gulab-jamun so who can fault this.

5. Skincare Product: Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa £28.00

The Vanity Planet Skincare Spa is the best investment in skincare one can make. With the numerous discount codes floating around, I would be surprised if you paid full price for this product. I prefer to use the silicon brush to work in my face wash; leaving me feeling refreshing. On days where I need a more thorough exfoliation I will pick up one of the brushes but they require more scrubbing-effort afterwards to get out any residue.

6. Nail Polish: Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel

Inglot nail polishes take the cake. They are long lasting and allow penetration of oxygen and water, meaning there is minimal if any damage on your nails. My nails do still grow at an alarmingly fast rate and do not break easily and are not brittle. I highly recommend investing in this brand's nail polishes if you want something that is long-lasting (5-7 days before first chipping) and healthy.

7. Hair product:
Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil £26.00

This product is an absolute dream come true. Not only is the scent perfect for someone who loves a floral walk in the park, but the oil is a miracle. I use to be very insecure of my natural fresh-out-the-shower bed head, but this has made embracing my true hair easier. It smooths out my curls and waves whilst providing nourishment to endorse shine. It appears healthier and stronger.

8. Body product/Perfume: The Body Shop Body Butters £2.00 - £15.00

Though this is a bit of a pricier product, I am a sucker for the body shop body butters. I have so many that I am truly in love with but here are my top 4: Strawberry, Almond Honey (YES), Papaya, and Coconut. Who can resist the feeling of luxury without coughing up too much money?


9. Clothing piece:
Hanji Hello by Rootsgear.

Not only am I a die-hard fan of Raxstar, but the quality of his clothing line is amazing resulting me to invest in three of his T-shirts and two of his hoodies (yes a lot of spending went into this but its a lifestyle investment). Check out an in dept look of the outfits here.

10. Accessory: Pandora Tiara Ring £60.00

11. Pair of shoes: Navy Blue Gazelles by Adidas. £45.00

Worn and torn. I can't help but wear these with any outfit, even dresses. They're comfortable and my style, and let me feel put-together. 2018 calls for breaking into my Burgundy ones though I can't bring myself to do it since they're too beautiful.


12. Favorite TV Show/Movie: Pretty little Liars, Planet Earth II, and Zootropolis.

I am not someone who is hooked onto TV or movies. I am much more of a youtube binge watcher because my attention span is shorter than I am. However, I have been watching Pretty Little Liars since the pilot religiously so of course it had to have a mention because the finale was in 2017. Since I do want to be 100000% honest on my blog, I must say this. I was thoroughly, fully, 100% completely disappointed in the finale and feel it was the biggest cop out ever; leaving many questions unanswered. Just had to get it out there. On the other hand, when one door closes, another one opens. I fell in love with Planet Earth II and didn't realise how much I was missing.

13. Favorite book: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult is a must read for anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of negativity has taken light in 2017 in the realms of racism and phobias of all sorts. As a result, this novel emphasises the importance of equality and how, at the end of the day, we are all interconnected in society benefitting one another in some form. We are all the same on the inside. I cried rivers reading this book and feel like its received very little credit compared to the paramount messages it holds. It is a heavy-on-the-heart kind of read, which will make individuals feel uncomfortable which is the obvious aim of Picoult. She wanted you to feel uncomfortable to realise this is reality and this is the world we live in.

14. Food: Burrito Bowls

I had a lot of different food genres this year and I am truly grateful for it. I think one of my favorites has to be a small pizza place in Bristol that does Indian style pizzas (oh yes, come thru with that madras sauce) and also burrito bowls are a (semi) healthy addiction of mine.

15. Beverage: Nescafe Altra Rica

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Always classic coffee made by my mom on the stove desi style. I love the Nescafe Alta Rica coffee powder which is rich and delicious.

16. Favorite song:
Raxstar- Cold World

This song speaks volumes to me and unravels every string around my wounded heart. Listening to this song makes me feel vulnerable and it's a love/hate sensation.

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