Medical School Interviews | Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Medical School interviews can be daunting.  It's the unknown which tends to catch people off guard. Note, I hope to guide candidates about where they can find appropriate resources and how to prepare for potential sections or questions.  Be sure to check out my general interview tips here!  All of those tips apply to a medical interviews.  

1. Be personal. Link everything to personal experience.  The experience can have no correlation to medicine at all as long as you learnt or developed a skill that a doctor will require.  For example, practicing meditation to improve concentration and better manage your emotions, or being in a sports team where, during matches, you need to be a quick thinker under pressure which doctors must be.  Even if you have very minimal work experience- that doesn't matter.  It is not quantity but quality.  You can broadcast that quality by analysing your experience and the lessons you learnt.  There is no point having weeks worth of experience and stating observations like 'doctors have so much free time!', 'doctors earn so much!'.  I've heard those statements before, and they did not go down well.  Don't be that person!

2. Be punchy.  Make sure you don't ramble prior to stating the point. More often than not, stating the point before diving deeper can save time.  Time is precious in an interview- you do not have much of it to demonstrate why you are deserving to study medicine! However, this does not mean you should sum up open-ended questions in seconds, but take into consideration how much time is required to explain and deliver your answer.  Each word is priceless!

3. Practice makes perfect. This ties in with the second point.  Without risking sounding rehearsed in an interview, practicing beforehand can significantly improve your confidence and quicken your thinking.  Practice with friends, family, or and some schools offer mock interviews you can get involved in.  Try to ask your practice interviewer to be as strict as possible so you experience the worst before the real thing.  Nonetheless, as I aforementioned, do not rehearse answers verbatim because you will lose authenticity.  Everything you say should come from you, not pre-prepared answers.

4. You don't have to know.  Just demonstrate how you would find out.  Such questions measure how you handle pressure.  Try not to get overwhelmed or look frightened.  Instead, be honest and humble.  A doctor has to have humility,  or else the patient's life is at risk.  Thus, be informative and state 'I am not sure' or 'I haven't considered that before, but I would do this.'  Point '11' really helps here where thinking out loud and verbalising your problem-solving skills can help relax you and impress the interviewer.  

Stay calm! One bad question does not equate to a bad interview.  Try to forget about it after instead of dwelling on better potential answers.  On top of this, interviewers want to know you are willing to learn. Hence, illustrating how you would learn and go about independent work/study is a crucial trait of a medical student and doctor.  Ultimately, a candidate that can remain calm and explain how they would work out an answer will be equally as impressive, if not more, than someone who can verbatim recite a pre-prepared answer.  

5. Have questions ready.  When interviewers ask you, 'do you have any questions?', have some ready! This will make you look more interested in the course and university.  Make sure you cannot find more information on their website or online for these questions or else you may appear lazy.  Examples questions include, 'do you have any research opportunities outside of SSCs', 'I noticed that the curriculum has changed, and I didn't know what [module title] entailed. Do you mind telling me more?', 'How much emphasis is there on [topic/module] as it is something I am interested in'?, 'Can I go to a different university for my intercalation degree if I am not interested in the ones offer here?'

Interviewees that have no questions are usually at risk of being quick to leave, and we don't want to seem in a hurry.  Asking questions demonstrates that you are keen to learn more about the university and the course, and you've done research into many aspects of it.  Furthermore, it implies that you are reaping all of the benefits of the opportunity. I am aware that many MMIs do not offer this chance, therefore, ask the tour guide if you end up taking a tour.  

6. Pick a few current news topics or scientific findings.  I picked two particularly interesting scientific research papers that were fascinating to me.  Frankly, I tend to look at science news headlines everyday (and read the ones I like!) which is a good habit to grasp ahead of time.  It does not have to be complex! Just make sure you fully understand the paper's context, findings, and importance.  Ask yourself a few questions like: 

  • What gap does it fill in the evidence-base?/Why was the study conducted?
  • What were the findings? 
  • Who does it impact? 
  • Who will benefit? 
  • What are the cons or potential risks? 
  • How was the study conducted/what was the methodology? 

7. Have a few end goals in sight. Common questions include, 'where do you see yourself in 10/20 years'? And it is vital that you can show that you understand the training regime and length to become a doctor, alongside any personal goals.  Whether this be voluntary work, starting your own charity, or the speciality you have in mind.  If you mention a specific speciality (for me, it is cardiology), it is key that you back that statement up with the fact that you are aware that one can can easily switch gears once they begin to learn concepts in a clinical context.  Be open-minded!  Indicate that you can assimilate to situations but you still have long-term goals in mind.  It is good to be ambitious and consider all the opportunities available during medical school, foundation year, and once you are a doctor. 

8. Be pleasant and memorable.   Smile as often as possible, unless asked a question which deems that smiling is inappropriate such as 'how would you deliver bad news'. Nonetheless, the more pleasing to the eye you are (look presentable with a professional and formal attire), with welcoming body language, then the better the interview.  You wouldn't want a moody doctor that looked unimpressed, right? Try to emulate your future career.  Additionally, try to look excited to be there! I've seen so many interviewees look miserable on their interview; mainly due to nerves.  But regardless of the outcome, it is a learning experience you should utilise to the best of your degree. 

9. Go on the tour.  Look as keen as possible and don't hesitate to ask questions to the tour guide.  It is an opportunity to talk to other candidates as well.  I was blessed to get acquainted to one person at my interview who got into the same medical school! It made the entire move a lot less nerve-wrecking. Obviously, this isn't possible for everyone because there are interviewees who commute great distances for their interview and even fly in.  Thus, there is no pressure to do this.

10. Autonomy, non-maleficence, justice, and beneficence.  The answer to all ethical questions is that there is no answer.  Regardless of the ethical scenario, always consider these four factors to ensure you are capturing both sides of the coin.  Be vary in including your own personal opinion but emphasise the importance in taking every aspect of the situation into account to have an objective action-plan to solve the scenario.

11. Think out loud.  It's like a math exam- show your working and bag a few extra points.  Sometimes, the interviewer will show promising facial reactions or even redirect you to a better answer.  Even so, we tend to make more sense of information when verbalising and explaining our thought process.  Thus, we are more likely to land into the right or appropriate answer.  

12. Interviewers are trained to be neutral.  Contrasting point 11, it is important to realise that most interviewers are trained to be as neutral or unamused as possible.  That is not an indication of your performance, though it is off putting.  Don't let it get to you if they appear unresponsive to your answers.  Try to brush it off and keep reminding yourself of the fact that you earned that interview.  They won't encourage you, so encourage yourself!

13. Get a sense of public health.  This may seem very biased but getting a basic grasp over medical ethics, health economics, social determinants of health, and health systems can really help improve your understanding about current affairs in the NHS.  This includes junior doctor contracts, Brexit and its impact on the NHS and scientific research, and the future of healthcare (introduction of artificial intelligence, for example).  Remember: You cannot run the NHS without public health!

14. It's okay to buy time.  Simply stating, 'I will need a moment to think about that' or 'Oh that is a very interesting/good question...' will enable you to control your breathing or any tension you may feel when facing a hard or troublesome question.  This certainly helped me and interviewers are likely to respond with, 'of course, take your time' but if they say nothing, that is okay.  Make sure you aren't buying minutes of time, however, as that can lead to the interviewer needing to speed you along.  Make sure it doesn't take longer than a few seconds to get your thoughts together.

15. Practice quantitative analysis.  In case you end up having to do some math, go over whatever was done in the UKCAT or BMAT, alongside simple drug calculations and concentration questions.  This ensured I wasn't overwhelmed should such questions come up. 

16. Read over your personal statement.  Most of us do not know our personal statement like the back of our hand.  Look at what you mentioned and prepare yourself for questions on experiences of topics you may be asked to elaborate on. This highlights the importance in ensuring you remain honest in your personal statement.  On top of this, have a list of activities you did not mention due to the word limit.  It's okay to say, 'I didn't put this on my personal statement because of space, but I also did this [insert thing] which is relevant because [insert reasons]'.  


Being honest, I personally did not purchase anything in preparation for my interviews.  The resources I did use however were the following:

For interview questions: 

  1. (**Also great for calculations!)

 Science/Medicine News: 


And of course, the university website of the place you are interviewed at!

All the best to everyone interviewing this year and in coming years.  Even if all goes upside-down, do not worry.  This is not the end, just the beginning! 

Favorites | Best of 2018

This year was beautiful.  I reached many personal milestones and obtained opportunities that seemed out of reach.  Don't be mistaken - with good comes bad or intense grafting.  Nonetheless, I feel blessed.  I sincerely pray that the coming year enables all your dreams to come into fruition, with happiness and health to you and your loved ones.  Last year, I did the same tag for a round-up of my favourites in 2017 and it's quite exciting to see how much (or how little!) things have changed and where I was in life at that point.  Those favourites are still products or entertainment I would reach for now and you can read about them here!


1. Face product - Revlon PhotoReady Powder - £10.15

I am very surprised I didn't pick this product in 2017 as I've been using this powder for nearly 5 years. I am in the color 030 medium/deep but the picture below depicts the powder to be a lot darker than it truly is. It is the perfect setting powder which adds coverage on top of light-medium coverage foundations, bb creams, or serums. I personally prefer a light foundation in comparison to full coverage looks and a majority of my foundations or creams promote a dewy appearance. Hence, this is perfect for mattifying the face without taking too much of the glow. More often than not, I pair this powder with concealer or simply use this on its own as it brightens the face without looking cakey. I recommend purchasing from as it provides free shipping and stocks the product for a few pennies cheaper than mainstream Boots or Superdrug.

2. Cheek product- ELF Baked Highlighter in Apricot Glow - £5.00

I can't seem to run away from ELF even if I tried. My go-to highlighter is my Marc Jacobs 'Dew You?' coconut gel highlighter because nothing can top it. However, I am cheap. Therefore, I do not want to exhaust my favourite staple so for day-to-day I prefer the ELF highlighter in apricot glow. The reason I love this item is because you can build up the intensity with ease. On top of this, the warm and peachy undertones compliment deeper skintones beautifully. I love to top up my Marc Jacobs' highlighter with the ELF one to exaggerate a warmer and peachier glow.

3. Eye product- L'oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude - £14.99

Whenever I reach for eyeshadow, I only use this palette. Granted I have detoxed my makeup collection extensively, but it is still these sets of eyeshadows that I love and adore. It is a steep price for eyeshadows but the colour range is phenomenal if you want to venture in rose-based tones without seeming 'overdone'. Furthermore, the pigmentation can easily compete with the likes of Morphe and Mac in my personal experience and opinion. Therefore, you can stay classy and colourful!

4. Lip Product - Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm - £11.00

Although I dwelled into many new lip products this year, my favourite is a lip balm! The Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm by Birchbox is a beautiful product that gives the appearance of naturally hydrated and moisturised lips with a gorgeous wash of color. Of everything, this is the product I used on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it seems this product may no longer be available in the UK but perhaps they will be bringing this back soon!

5. Skincare Product - Suncream

After learning that we are born with a fixed amount of elastin for our life, sunscreen quickly became my best friend. You do not have to spend double figures on a suitable suncream. Do note that new studies have come out that informs us to re-apply all sunscreen at least every two hours due to loss of protection through sweating and other natural biological processes. Nonetheless, do head over to my post here which discusses the truth about SPF. Hopefully this comprehensive guide will enable you to pick the perfect suncream for you! On top of that, always ask a GP or pharmacist for what is right for you.
6. Nail Polish - L'oreal Color Riche Les Vernis A L'Huile - 221 26 in Rue Cremieux - £4.99

As someone with a deeper skin tone, I've always shied away from nude nail polish in fear of looking washed out. Nevertheless, I was determined to venture out and fell in love with the L'oreal Color Riche Les Vernis A L'Huile line of nailpolishes. Admittedly, I hadn't bought a nailpolish in over 3 years when I purchased this. This varnish applies like a dream: easy and done in 2 coats. For increased longevity, I recommend trying the Maybelline Gel Effects Top Coat in conjunction to have a salon-finished appearance that does not chip away in over a week!

7. Hair product - L'oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo - £2.47

I am in love with the L'oreal Elvive haircare line. It has been one that I've hyped for a while on my blog so it would be a sin if I didn't give it a final applause for serving me well in 2018. As you may know, I've been limiting the use of heat on my hair to aid its growth and allow it to appear healthier and bouncier. I am starting to grow in love with the natural texture of my hair and I can attribute the Dream Lengths line for that. Pairing this shampoo with a conditioner, my hair not only smells delightful, but the frizz has improved tremendously. For the price, you really can't go wrong! I have done another thorough review of the product here.

8. Body product/Perfume - The Body Shop Eau de Toilet in Fijian Water Lotus - £15.00 for 50ml

Given that lotuses are one of my favourite flowers, after roses and jasmines, I was beyond excited to try out this scent. It is so light and refreshing.  After just two sprays, my mom could smell it as it filled up the living room.  The main accords are: marine (sea air), citrus (mandarines), floral (from damascus rose), aromatic, and aquatic.  I have always enjoyed aquatic tones in perfumes as it never fails to be revitalising and tropical.  However, to say it has a 'citrus' note is quite surprising as I did not find it very citrusy.  The sillage (the length and degree to which a perfume lingers) is most certainly softer with a stronger longevity, which is comparable to my higher end perfumes. FASHION

9. Clothing piece - Boucle fabric

If you have read my post on professional styles that emulate a classy and feminine vibe (link here), then you would know that boucle has become a newfound love of mine in 2018. This fabric initially screamed vintage and old to me, however, I have grown very fond of the textile. When used correctly, it can appear luxurious and elegant, much like tweed. It embraces a majority of Chanel's infamous pieces as most of them are made of tweed and boucle which are similar fabrics. If you're unsure if this is an appropriate choice for you, I recommend Dorothy Perkins as, not only are their products of high quality but they are cheaper in comparison to other high street and high end brands. They have a huge variety of boucle dresses, blazers, and skirts which will enable you to dip a toe in a new design.
10. Accessory - Berets

I was yearning to project a Parisian style this year and failed miserably. Nevertheless, I fell in love with berets. Not only are they stylish and sweet, but they are one of the few hats that are acceptable to wear in doors! Hence, on terrible bad-hair days, berets come to rescue. It is usually the top of my head which appears chaotic and out of control. Therefore, either slapping on a beret and leaving the rest of my hair down, or braiding my hair for a cleaner vibe are life savers on those lazy bad hair days. I attribute a lot of my 'no heat for weeks' challenge to cute hats like this.

11. Pair of shoes - Adidas Gazelles in Burgundy - £39.00

For shoes, it had to be my burgundy adidas Gazelles without a doubt. Not only were they a wonderful gift, but they are my go-to shoes. I generally have a very laid-back and comfortable style, especially when going to university. On top of that, I have been walking and taking more dance classes on lately so these shoes have been perfect in meeting all of my needs. They're comfortable from the get-go so no need to break them in, and they can pull a look together even if you weren't going for anything. For example, any sweatshirt, jeans, and gazelles will look sporty regardless.

12. Favorite TV Show/Movie

As for TV shows, it has to be The Good Doctor, The Resident, and Chicago MD (see a theme?) and movie is the Winnie the Pooh Movie and Moana. I think both are wholesome and happy films that are perfect for families and just never fail to bring a smile to my face!

13. Favourite book

I cannot remember the title of the book for the life of me but I will discuss the plot in hopes that someone else can remember.


It is a thriller that involves a wife who had committed a murder and ended up in hospital with memory-loss. She doesn't remember committing the crime and her husband is in shock as they have a very happy marriage and she is a very law-abiding citizen. Then, it turns out the neighbour is in love with the husband of the wife that committed this crime she doesn't remember and the story goes on from there. Basically, I've been into psychological thrillers that are parallel to Gone Girl.

I believe the title is something to do with 'someone is in our house' or 'someone broke it in' maybe? Sorry to be of no help whatsoever.

UPDATE: It is called A Stranger in the House by Shari LaPena!
14. Food - KFC Zinger Burgers

KFC Zinger Burgers are a winner. I haven't eaten fast food in a long time, therefore, my appreciation for just two pieces of bread with spicy chicken in the middle is very high. I miss eating out and having such food chains at my doorstep. Where I live, we have access to such fast-food places but I am chicken (haha) when it comes to trying out a new shop in fear that it may not taste very good. Finally, always order the KFC zinger burger with super charger sauce if you like a kick (it's more flavoursome than it is spicy).

15. Beverage - Lemonade

My mom's home made lemonade is a sincere favourite. I normally drink coffee (and the powder I purchase hasn't changed from last year - Alta Rica by Nescafe) or water (rarely). However, my mom has been making me mint lemonade which tastes delightful. I'll put up a recipe in due course. On top of that, my mom recently purchased a squash/syrup of Rose and Raspberry lemonade which is my all time favourite drink.

16. Favorite song - Raxstar's Rewind.

According to iTunes, my most played song is Raxstar's Rewind. Surprise surprise. Last year, I had a Raxstar favourite for this question as well. Guess we all know who my favourite artist is.

My New Years Resolutions

It's the time of the year where the desire for self-development makes a steep incline.  I am a firm believer that you do not need a new year in order to make drastic changes.  On top of that, baby steps to a better self is more than enough.  Nevertheless, I do have a list of qualities that I want to improve upon and decided to hold myself accountable by posting it here.  All of these resolutions I am starting today so when the new year rolls by, it won't feel like a 360 degree change in my lifestyle. 

Drink more water.  Classic.  I don't really need to expand on this one, but my pure water intake is quite low most days which could explain a lot of my lethargy and dry skin patches.  Instead of diving into drinking over 2 litres a day, I hope to drink around 1.5 litres to 2 litres a day using the pink 2.2 litre I bought so it gains more use than dust in the cupboard.  

Finish Insanity Month 1.  I am currently in the process of completing week 1 for the second time for which I will do an updated blogpost about.  I am trying to exercise first thing in the morning instead of late at night so I start my day on a positive and productive note.  After finishing Insanity Month 1 I will move on to Month 2 and then perhaps redo month 1. 

Gossip and judge less.  I am guilty of venting about individuals that have upset me or frustrate me for whatever reason.  This creates a lot of negative energy for me and lets face it - gossiping looks ugly on everyone.  It is a nasty habit but it is a part and parcel of human nature.  Nonetheless, it is something I hope to improve.  The way I plan to go about it is to journal out my negativity instead.  

Blog regularly. I wholeheartedly apologise for not keeping up with my 3-a-week post schedule.  Moving from my masters to medical school was a strange yet exciting transition.  It has not only required an adjustment with time management but I am suffering with writers block.  I do not want to just post about school and academia despite it being a huge part of my life.  However, I have been struggling to think of new beauty and fashion related posts.   My priority is studies and extracurriculars but I aim to pay more importance to my blog as it has blessed me with many opportunities.  

Dance videos.  Choreography brings me so much joy.  My style is not distinctive to one form, so I would love to share my choreography on instagram or even do mini tutorials on youtube as dance is everything to me. 

Practice the violin more.  As many may or may not know, I have played the violin since I was about 12 years old.  Yet, my skill has not improved significantly given that my passion for the instrument faced many crests and troughs.   Hence, I want to try to incorporate 30 minutes to an hour worth of practice a week so it is not an overwhelming amount but it is not impossible to achieve alongside my other hobbies and studying.  

Be more humble.  I have been conscious of seeming like a 'know-it-all' or that I am bragging about my achievements.  No one has pointed anything out but I want to remain more grounded and down-to-earth because my head may end up in the clouds more than it should.  

Practice more gratitude and eliminate selfishness.  Although I believe that we should all be selfish to a degree for protection and ensuring that you do not compromise your own desires, we should not manipulate or hurt others in the process.  On top of that, it is vital we always reflect and appreciate what we have as many individuals are praying for the life we live.  

Thank you so much for reading! Happy holidays to you all. 

How to Become a Better Dancer

As many of you may or may not know, dancing is a huge part of my life.  Over the years, I have grown a lot in terms of performance and picking up moves.  This involved watching over cringe dance routines where I look stiffer than a stick, my form was non-existent, and had two left feet. Nevertheless, in my experience, I found out ways to improve my dancing skills so I am a lot more confident in my routines.

Muscle memory.  To become a better dancer, you have to memorise routines.  It is blatantly obvious when someone is thinking about their next move during the performance.  Continuous practice will improve muscle memory and therefore make the piece flow and appear effortless. The best routines seem natural.  This can only be achieved with practice which, although a predictable tip, will forever remain the most important.  It is crucial that you ensure you rehearse the moves with the correct form and posture because it is very difficult to unlearn formations!  I still pull out moves from old routines subconsciously when learning a new one.  

Lessons.  Try to attend some form of dance class at least once a week to refine your motor memory.  This will build a relationship between you and your body.  It is important to be aware of where and what every part of your body is doing whilst you dance.  It is common to have a dangling stray arm or a leg that is sticking out when it shouldn't or if our focus is elsewhere.  Lessons will increase your consciousness and thus, slowly raise your subconscious awareness as a result.  If you cannot afford to attend lessons, which can be very pricey, Youtube has a plethora of dance routines that you can learn!  On top of that, you can slow down the video to help self-teach dance routines that you particularly like.  

Strength.  Building strength will provide better control when dancing.  The moves will look slick and more powerful.  This can be done through practicing slower movements, routines which require increased concentration, and strength-training exercises.  You don't even have to invest in weights! Just follow body-weight circuits that are readily available on Youtube, practice yoga, or do HIIT regimes such as Kayla Itsines or Insanity.  

Learn different styles.  This may appear counter-intuitive but every dance form holds elements of other styles.  There is no one dance that will only utilise a specific set of moves.  Hence, it is extremely useful to practice other styles.  For example, many street/hip hop dancers will occasionally learn ballet in order to strengthen their agility, flexibility, and control.  

Stretch.  Similar to the first tip, stretching to enhance flexibility will improve your moves and emphasise on that 'flowy and effortless' vibe we want to portray.  I recommend the Blogilates 'do the splits in a month' schedule.  Furthermore, the Insanity workouts not only helps build strength and cardiorespiratory fitness, but each workout involves around 10-13 minutes worth of stretching which will considerably improve ones flexibility.  Thus, your routine is going to look more polished.  

Watch yourself.  I hate doing this too.  Whenever I re-watch a performance or me simply grooving in my bedroom, I cringe.  Whether it be my crazy facial expressions or mistakes I make, there is always something worth criticising.  Unfortunately, the prime method of boosting your dancing skills is by reflection.  Try to dance in front of a mirror or record yourself on a phone or laptop before a performance for your own self-development.  More often than not, we are convinced the moves are being done correctly unless we see it for ourselves. Form is everything in dance so it is vital to watch yourself to tweak the routine.  

Those are my top tips!  I hope this helped anyone out and be sure to check out my instagram @misstrendable (alongside my main account which is @misschandhini) because I plan to post mini dance videos on there to share some of my choreography.  

Happy dancing! 

Luxury Beauty Gifts Under £75!

Christmas is right around the corner!  With that in mind, I wanted to make a round up of some very lovely beauty finds for presents that were under £75 yet remain luxurious and high-quality.  Christmas can be a very happy time for most but riddled with stress and tight budgets.  The holidays can feel overwhelming with the financial burden of ensuring everyone feels important and like a million bucks.  However, you do not need to spend six figures to make your loved ones feel like royalty!

Morphe - The Bling Fling 8-Piece Brush Collection
Am I the only one that feels you can never have enough brushes? It saves you from having to continuously wash them out between uses!  I fell in love with this set just by admiring the glamorous packaging and makeup bag that comes with it.  Morphe brushes have a positive track record of high-quality and flawless application.  Being a staple luxury brush-brand, I believe this is one to make the beauty-lover in your life absolutely thrilled.  


Caroline Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum 50ml Christmas Gift Set
I think the perfume bottle is enough to sell anyone.  After witnessing the launch party and review by Victoria Magrath, I had to get my hands on this set to at least smell the perfume.  I was immediately drawn to it for its jasmine heart notes and the warmth of almond and cocoa to create a beautiful soft, and subtle-sweet scent.  Plus, who wouldn't want that bottle sitting on their vanity?  I do! 
50ml for £72.50

Clinque The Chubbettes Layerable Lip Balm Set
Clinque are known for their modern packaging: bright, fun, and festive! This set exclusively includes 20 of Clinique's chubby stick mini's which can be layered to create an ideal lip color that will hydrate and moisturise.  Opening the colourful tin to be greeted with a beautiful range of colors for all skin tones is sure to bring a huge smile to anyone's face.  

Dior J'adore in Joy 50mL Gift Set - Exclusive to Boots
Dior will forever be my favorite perfume brand, with Dior Cherie being my number one.  Nevertheless, J'adore is a close second of mine but a first for many.  They Parisian inspired packaging and elegance, with the deluxe packaging and golden imprinted box screams rich and classy.  Unlike the 'Good Girl' perfume, J'adore also has notes of Jasmine with top notes of peach, ocean-salt, and gorgeous florals to produce a light and musky scent.    

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum 50mL - Exclusive to Boots
Paco Rabanne are known for creating irresistible scents basks in a femme fatale by mixing warm base notes of honey, heart notes of jasmine, and a fruity top note of orange and raspberry.  Every trip to boots involves admiring this perfume without fail.   

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Must Have Gift Set
The Touche Eclat sweeped the beauty industry; resulting in all brands to step up their concealer game.  Not only it is flawless application, hiding any evidence of dark circles, the twist up applicator ensures you use just enough to meet your needs; ensuring the product is long lasting.  Pair this epic concealer with lipstick, mascara, and some makeup remover to take it all off with ease when the night is over. 
Selfridges Beauty Lover Selection Box
When something is worth £245 and is available for £50, how can I not include it in this post?  There are more details on the website which describe the specifics of each product, however I wanted to say that beauty boxes are a great way of letting your loved-one explore new brands and products they may never reach for on their own accord.  Many of these products are long-lasting such as the eyeshadow palette, lip products, and Eyelure eyelashes.  

Too Faced Under the Christmas Three Set
Too Faced create beautiful products with gorgeous packaging.  This sweet and simple pink Christmas tree eyeshadow palette was far too good to pass up!  Not only does it open up in a manner that feels regal, it includes two eyeshadow palettes and one highlighter palettes of gorgeous neutrals which means it is applicable to anyone.  The mascara is world-renowned (also attributable to its name); making this the perfect present to achieve any eye look from day, night, and anything in between. 


Stila with Flying Colours Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick Set
I have done a detailed blogpost here which depicts how the Stila Liquid Lipsticks last during the day.  These 6 beautiful colors can easily be worn on their own or mixed with other lip glosses or lipsticks for the ideal lip look.  The range of shades does imply that some skin tones or undertones may miss out but everything can be adjusted with other lipsticks or between the Stila liquid lipsticks itself. 
Benefit Gimme Some Sugar Holiday Gift Set
Not only is this the most adorable packaging I have seen, the products are their most-sought after and bought pieces.  Noting the cake tower packaging, it mimics vintage shoe and hat boxes which can sit beautifully on your vanity or used as decor on a side table.  On top of that, the porefesional is an everyday primer for most individuals which ensures a flawless foundation application.  On top of that the highlighter and mascara is enough to bring light and brightness to your face.  

Estee Lauder Decadent Dreams Lip Gift Set
Estee Lauder is the brand of elegance.  Although £35 may seem very steep for only three products, this is cheap considering the ready packaging (which will exciting to open) and the full size Lipstick in Insolent Plum and  Liquid Lip color in Wine Shot.  These beautiful purple and burgundy undertone shades are perfect for the holiday season and New Years Eve which is the next party around the corner!  Lastly, one can never go wrong with a lipliner.  This travel size is more than pocket-size for everyday or for special occasions. 
Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 30mL
This is what classy in a bottle smells like.  The gorgeous musky base notes from white wood and Patchoulie paired with heart notes of rose, jasmine, and peach, embraces the gorgeous top notes of granny apple, blackcurrent sorbet, clover, and florals.  Therefore, the fragrance is festive from the warm fruity scents, but sophisticated with the floral heart notes to make the perfect winter scent.  
30ml for £34.66

I hope this gift guide has provided some inspiration and hope to those that were struggling to figure out what to get those special people in your life! I feel these gifts do target the young adults up to mature individuals but the more colourful and fun presents from Benefit and Clinique may be appropriate for those that are slightly younger in high school for example, and just starting out in makeup. 

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you happy holiday shopping! 

Classy and Feminine Fashion for Professionals

Be sure to check out the links below as all items are currently on sale!

When in a working or professional environment, it is easy to resort to a white blouse, black pencil skirt with matching tights or trousers, and a simple blazer.  However, appropriate professional wear does not have to be confined to these boundaries.  Personally, it can feel uncomfortable or even restricting to be in office clothes all day but we are allowed to play up our wardrobe for work whilst remaining elegant, classy, and feminine.  Here are pieces from my personal wardrobe that I reach for when wanting to look sleek without losing individuality. I understand that my aesthetic or style may not suit everyone, nor be appropriate for some offices but these are simply ideas that can be modified to fit your context. 

Prints. We may shy away from prints or patterns but if done right, it can tie a look together in a very tasteful manner.  Otherwise, it can be the staple or centrepiece of an outfit that draws in attention.  To maintain professionalism, the print shouldn't look faded or worn, but bright and purposeful. The colour shouldn't be too boisterous nor the design be inappropriate. An example of classic prints include checkered, plaid, paisley, or even colour-blocking (using a colour wheel).  Prints are also an excellent way of transitioning from the day to night if you plan on going out for dinner or have other events organised for that evening and do not wish to bring a spare set of clothes. 

£22.50 at Dorothy Perkins

£17.50 at Dorothy Perkins
Texture.  I was never one to appreciate the aesthetics of tweed or boucle dresses until recently.  This fabric is everywhere on the high street and runways, given that it is a fashion trend making headway this winter.  I have had the presumption that such a textile would be rough and uncomfortable unless you spent hundreds at Chanel.  Nevertheless, I've been proven wrong.  Tweed and boucle dresses or blazer sets have such a thick air of sophistication or regality when worn, without losing that 'city girl' feminine vibe which remains my go-to.  When styled appropriately with black suede ankle boots or heels, a long cardigan meeting or passing the hemline, or a fur coat, you won't feel less than a million dollars if this style is for you.  

£26.25 at Dorothy Perkins
£22.50 at Dorothy Perkins

Cuts. Although it may seem easier to avoid any cuts or ruched fabric, this doesn't have to be the case.  Some cuts or plays on fabric can appear intimidating or unprofessional but when worn it can actually be the opposite.  Subtle details in a solid colored dress can add touches of individuality and personality to the outfit.  The dress will appear more flattering on the figure, without losing the overall refined dignified look we aim to achieve.  This dress pictured and linked below is a personal favourite of mine due to its elasticated sleeves, symmetrical cuts near the décolleté area, and the figure-flattering but not figure-hugging silhouette. 

£10.00 at Dorothy Perkins
Flare Dresses.  Above you can see a pattern of shift dresses which are, more or less, a rectangular piece of fabric.  However, flare dresses are very stylish and decorous despite having a reputation of appearing childish or airing on the side of fashionable instead of professional.  I want to debunk this myth.  Flare dresses (better known as skater dresses) are a beautiful way of representing a put-together outfit that is neither tight around the waist or legs, nor restricting.  This is perfect for the girl-on-the-go or days cooped up in the office.  Many trousers I own tend to be tight and uncomfortable, and experience has proved that it is difficult to adjust yourself in the presence of others.  Hence, why I opt towards dresses and skirts.  

£18.00 at Dorothy Perkins

£15.00 at Dorothy Perkins

£12.00 at Dorothy Perkins
Skirts.  As aforementioned, I will almost always prefer a skirt over trousers unless they are loose and bootleg.  Pencil skirts to me are too restricting and revealing for my personal comfort.  Therefore, I opt for shift or flare skirts.  In addition, skirts are a great way to play with pattern and print!  I usually pair a patterned skirt with a turtle neck for a cozy yet polished appearance.  My staple is a black turtle  neck but if your skirt has accents of other neutral shades you can match up your turtle necks accordingly. Given my height, I choose 'tall' skirts so I know that I do not have to worry about mobility or breaching any dress code. Lastly, if your skirt is plain black with little to no embellishments, don't be shy to try on a colored T-shirt that gives the impression of luxurious fabric - without the price tag.  As long as the T-shirt does not cheap, wrinkled, or worn, go for it!  Looking professional shouldn't be limited to just blouses. 
£16.50 at Dorothy Perkins
Thank you very much everyone for reading! I do hope that these ideas has inspired individuals to break down the barriers of sophistication and professionalism in fashion.  These are all pieces from my personal wardrobe so I do indeed practice what I preach. Be sure to check out the links as everything is on sale!

My Exciting Project Announcement!

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to discuss the very first item of my mini project. As promised, I wanted to release the first 'product' this week and make this post that will inform you of up and coming products in the near future.  

I have created an Etsy shop and Stuvia sales channel to sell the notes that I have made for an accessible and small price.  Over the years, I found that notes sometimes didn't provide information in the dept that I would have liked, or it was too steep and complex for me to understand.  Therefore, I wanted to create these notes which are easy to read, attractive, and hand made drawings by myself! 

It's not going to be textbook material, but certainly I believe these notes can be printed and offer a lot of help to those who are pursuing a medical, physiology, or biomedical degree.  In the near future, I hope to upload notes from my Public Health Masters, and my undergraduate degree in Molecular Medicine.  

Currently I have the following notes on Oxygen Transport ready to download from both Etsy and Stuvia.  I recommend downloading from Etsy as it is cheaper! 

I wanted to make sure my notes covered everything to a reasonable degree for someone sitting an exam on the topic, so I based it off of my personal experience on examinable material, and also information provided by my lecturers.  Furthermore, I did not want my notes to be an extortionate price as I know that students are, more often than not, on a tight budget!  Therefore, I wanted it to be accessible to anyone and everyone.  

I will ensure to copy paste the table of contents of the notes into the description and have a picture so you are aware of what the notes will entail and cover. 

Here are the links to my notes here and here

My most recent notes can be found here:

Notes that are coming up in the near future: 

-Molecular Techniques 
-DNA, Genes, and Proteins (this one is a BIG document!) 

Coming soon:


Thank you very much for supporting this project and I wish you all happy studying! 

Random Rambles | Adjusting to Med School + Exciting Project!

Given my inactivity, I decided it be right to put up a post just discussing how I am adjusting to living in a new city as I did when  I first moved to London, and a brand new course. 

I've moved out of the hustle and bustle of London to a quieter and more quaint area.  I find myself occasionally reminiscing about walks through Hyde Park, taking the tube, blogging opportunities, and simply about life in the capital.  I do miss it very much and feel I truly reaped the benefits of living there.  

Nevertheless, where I now reside is truly lovely.  It's near the centre of the city and is rich in culture and diversity.  Prior, I always found it difficult to source out very specific things to fulfil my needs but I no longer have this problem.  It's also a further relief to have a lower cost of living compared to the Big Smoke.  However,  I could easily visit KFC, McDonalds, and other chains when living in London as I mentioned when I first moved there.  Unfortunately, it is about a 15-20 minute walk to get access to huge malls, popular fast food chains, and even high street stores.  However, everything is truly within walking distance which is a blessing in itself.   I don't believe my pace of life has significantly changed since moving out of London except that I hardly use public transport and am saving a lot more money.  I can see myself wanting to settle down here but that could change in a few years.  

Life in medical school is a dream.  I wake up everyday filled with gratitude and disbelief that this indeed is a result of my hard-work and persistence.  My younger self would've never thought this day would come.  My university is a lot smaller than Imperial but it makes for attending lectures, seminars, and talks easier.  I do not have to plan my journey in advance.  Before, I use to walk 30-40 minutes to my lectures in South Kensington from Paddington but I have the luxury of sleeping in a little more now. 

My medical school is very big on self-study and group work.  Therefore, we have fewer lectures compared to other universities that administer a 9-4 but we apply our knowledge and are left to our own devices to find solutions to worksheets.  Somedays, the worksheets aren't very strenuous and other days it can be overwhelming.  Having group work on a daily basis can seem daunting and almost exhausting to some people; it takes getting use-to.  Ensure that you read over the answers afterwards in your own time and ensure you have grasped hold of the key concepts.  I did this prior to a formative/mock exam I had this week which further explains my absence.  I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the question style, difficulty, and level of detail they would require in medical school.  Therefore, going over group work questions alongside lectures really boosted my grade.  If you're lacking past papers, I recommend downloading the worksheets again and answering them from memory to test your understanding.  

Having done a bachelors and a masters really set me up in a positive way for my medical degree.  It has strengthened my comprehension of concepts I've previously learnt, provided me with a deeper understanding of critical themes and theories, and has enabled me efficiently take notes and produce work to a standard that I am proud of.  I've built a strong work-ethic over the years that will hopefully enable me to do well.   On the other hand, it also made me realised how leaky our brains are.  It's surprising to think about how much I once knew and have now forgotten! That is reality. You are not going to remember everything and that doesn't mean you aren't smart, rather, it means you're human.  There are going to be students who can absorb, understand, and apply information taught at the flick of a switch.  But the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.  It is not a competition and everyone has different ambitions within the degree itself: some want to be consultants, others want to be surgeons, some GPs, or even a public health doctor!  I will be doing further posts next week on how I take notes in medical school, more science of beauty posts, and a fashion look book in the coming week.  

As a result, I have decided to begin an exciting mini project I am planning on trialling.  Hopefully it will help many students like myself and I will be announcing it next week so watch this space!  

Thank you for reading.  

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