Christmas Gifts for a Girly-girl Under £100!

Christmas is nearly here!  If you're a last minute gift-giver like myself, well you're lucky that I have a few sweet quick finds for that special person in your life.  Whether it be a sister, lover, best friend, or mother, these gifts are sure to be appreciated by the women in your life.  

1. Pandora Rings

I have been very blessed with a special person that doesn't fail to buy me gorgeous rose gold rings (of course) which compliment my aesthetic.  This is perfect for that girly-girl in your life that loves sweet and simple jewellery.  I've never been one to be too big on flashy ornamental pieces but these rings are too stunning.  These are the three rings which I own and wear every single day: 

2. SheIn Saddle Handbag with Chain (a.k.a Chloe Drew Bag Dupe)

One of my very close friends got me this as an early Christmas present which I absolutely adore as someone who has been drooling over the Chloe Drew Bag since its first release.  Obviously a price tag of four figures is something absurd to spend on when I'm only a student and have no where fancy to go except for university.  Therefore, this is the perfect bag for the fashionista in your life that may be a little bit younger or in her teens with no need to flaunt designer labels.  The color pink is perfect for many outfits but there is a variety to choose from. 

3. Yankee Candles

These burn till eternity.  There is a range of scents that you can purchase to fill your room with any aroma.  This candle which was gifted to me by another bestie of mine whom is basically my sister is the Yankee Candle in True Rose.  I have always been a candle and incense stick person so this is a mighty fine present.  I feel like air fresheners seem too artificial and strong; fading after minutes.  Floral scents have always been my favorite, especially roses and jasmines.  This this is right up my alley without a hefty price tag. 

4. ELF Rose Gold Matte Lip Vault 

Okay, this is more something I personally would like but I can't deny how much I love this product. I have about 5 of the ELF Matte Lip colors and love them all.  They're highly pigmented, long lasting, and creamy upon application.  If you're on a budget and want to try good quality lip colors these matte lip colors are your perfect and best bet.  For the price, having 10 matte lip colors in the stunning rose gold packaging makes this product aesthetically pleasing and worth every penny! What's even better, every shade would flatter a deeper skin tone so its perfect for everyone. 

5. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a luxurious designer brand without the hefty label.  Their products, for sure are high end, but do not necessarily break the bank in comparison to most other designer labels.  It is rare to find something extortionately priced.  The brand as a whole takes time and effort into their aesthetic making their products pleasing to the eye and functional to the consumer for use.  This is a major reason why they are one of my absolute favorite brands of all time.  I have compiled a few products on their website which are simple, won't break the bank, but are very sweet staples to gift her. 

6. Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfume 50mL Gift Set

I have tried many perfumes in my lifetime because my dad is an avid perfume addict.  He isn't afraid to purchase random perfumes in hopes that I would fall in love with some.  Miss Dior is a perfume that has been my number one since it was called Miss Dior Cherie during its early release dates.  It's a romantic scent with topnotes of mandarin and roses, providing that floral scent and basenote of vanilla and amber for a sweeter aroma.  This gift set comes in such a gorgeous packaging that I am sure that any girl unwrapping this will be more than delighted!

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