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I haven't done a lipstick review in quite a while!  These are one of my favourite posts to make.  Of course, I'm coming back with a liquid matte lipstick because what's better than that?  As I've mentioned in my confidence post, I've been laying off makeup for a while to let my natural skin breathe.  Nevertheless, whilst reorganising my makeup I found that I haven't tried out this ELF lipstick! This is completely unacceptable.  I couldn't resist the temptation to try it as liquid matte lipsticks are my all time favourite.

On my pigmented lips, the color appears to be a muted toupey purple which compliments darker skin tones beautifully.  It didn't appear to wash me out regardless of it's almost gray-like undertone.  It's a gorgeous shade to welcome the autumn/winter months with.  This lipstick color does not bleed or transfer which is a huge plus.

The application of this lipstick is very impressive.  It feels non-existent and has a creamy texture due to the presence of vitamin E.  It didn't feel tight or highlight dips/cracks in the lips which is perfect during winter when moisture is sucked out. Once dried, it appears completely matte and opaque with just one layer.  It dries nearly instantaneously so quick application to ensure minimal clumping is necessary.  The applicator (don't mind my sloppy job in the picture because I rushed in the morning) allows immense precision with its diamond shape; making it great for giving the appearance of bigger lips with subtle over lining.

However, one qualm I do have is that the formula is very drying.  This was disappointing considering its extremely lightweight consistency. If at hand, applying lip balm throughout the day will help maintain its smooth appearance.  Usually, I prefer a non-fuss makeup look so this is a disadvantage.  Within a couple of hours I looked like I've never seen water in my life.  The price tag doesn't help the lipstick's cause considering it is still quite expensive for a drug-store brand.  In essence, I am hesitant in purchasing more colors for this particular line as for £6.00 I could purchase a NYX Matte Lip Cream which is stupendous quality.

How it wore throughout the day 

8:00am: I applied one even layer of the lipstick sloppily on my lips because I was a bit pushed for time.  I was pleasantly surprised at the shade which appears slightly different to the actual bottle and online swatch.  It didn't feel drying, uncomfortable, or sticky. Time to test out its wear during a standard university day.  

10:00am: Oh no.  I look like I've been sent to the Sahara dessert with no fluids.  My natural lips don't even appear this cracked.  It was a bit shocking as the lipstick is advertised to have vitamin E infused to aid in conditioning and nourishment.  Within 2 hours it most certainly didn't look like it.  I began to feel subconscious during uni in case anyone noticed and felt the need to offer me a drink.  Luckily, one sweet girl complimented the color which is certainly a good sign.

12:00pm: Early lunch! One of the best feelings is finishing a lecture before the scheduled end time.  My mom packs my lunch for me and makes me a 500mL flask of coffee to last me the day.  After finishing my second cup and lunch, I noticed fading on the inner portion of my lips.  Though the scaly, dry, appearance seems to have reduced,  it gives off an uneven impression.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring my lipstick with me for the day as I hardly reapply makeup so I had to leave it as is.  In any other circumstance, I would either remove the lipstick or touch-up at this point.

1:30pm: I decided to make a quick beeline for the bathroom before my next class to check the status of my lips.  It looks similar to how it did after lunch but with slightly more fading near the centre of the lips. 

4:00pm: Home sweet home.  There is nearly no trace of me having a matte liquid lipstick on since the morning bar a slight overall tint on the outer corners of my lips.  

Overall, the longevity of this liquid matte lipstick is quite short at about 3 hours considering the price.  In addition, it is extremely drying even though the application process is a dream.  As a result, I most likely will not be purchasing lipsticks from this line in the future but ELF is still one of my favorite brands. 

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