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I can't count my blessings enough for this experience.  This was sponsored by Influenster, Marc Jacobs and John Lewis.  I had a wonderful complimentary makeover in store at John Lewis and received a deluxe sample of the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara by Marc Jacobs.  I've been using the Rimmel London x10 Volume Flash mascara for a few months so it is great to try something different.

My mom and I arrived 30 minutes early at John Lewis on Oxford Street as I couldn't trust public transport to get me there on time and I was tremendously excited.  I was met with the lovely and beautiful Chloe who guided me through the what, why, and how process of the makeover.  What I admired most about her as an MUA is that she was very considerate of my natural features and worked to enhance rather than change or manipulate.  Chloe ensured that every decision made was something I would be comfortable with.  Truly, she made me feel like a princess despite having to manage sales and other costumers whilst tailoring to my needs.  It was initially scheduled to be 15 minutes, but she kindly granted me one hour; being very thorough throughout the procedure.

A majority of the facial products used were a part of the Marc Jacobs' Coconut range.  The aim is to achieve high coverage but hydration without looking sweaty, wet, or oily.

1. Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer in Invisible 

£32.00 for 30mL

This primer really felt cooling and the finished face looked youthful.  The foundation used later was applied with ease; showing that this primer was a phenomenal base.  I am not one to use facial primers as they are quite expensive most of the time, but they do take your makeup look to the next level.   There are five forms of coconut involved in the production of this product: fruit/pulp, water, extract, milk, and polysaccharides.  Each play a different role to ensure the foundation does not move, transfer, hydration, evening/smoothing of the skin, and blur out imperfections.  If you are someone that is quite lazy with your skincare but still love using foundation or primer on a daily basis, this is highly recommended as it works to nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.  In addition, it comes in a pump applicator which I always prefer for hygiene purposes.

2. Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate in Cocoa Light

£37.00 for 22mL

This. Is. Full. Coverage.  The foundation is 42% pigment making it one of the highest pigmented foundations you can buy.  I'm usually very hesitant about foundations because they feel heavy and uncomfortable.  I find myself consciously aware of its presence; hence, I avoid them like the plague.  To my pleasant surprise, this foundation is practically weightless.  Chloe had initially applied what I believe is half dime size (or 10p coin) worth on my face.  As we progressed, she noticed that the foundation was becoming ashy quickly.  She took off the foundation and then reapplied a lot less (perhaps 1/4 of a 10p coin) evenly across my face.  The dot applicator enables you to avoid wasting product for buildable coverage.  Therefore, I highly recommend going in-store and requesting to try the product out and be matched rather than buying online because the foundation does indeed oxidise about a 1/2 to 1 shade after application.  Like most brands bar Fenty, there isn't a range of options for deeper skin tones.  I believe my perfect color would have been between 'Honey Deep' and 'Cocoa Light' but obviously that option is not available.  Thus, we opted for a warmer shade to match my neck but I found that it did blend in like a charm.   As I've mentioned before, I suffer with tired, dull and dry looking skin.  This foundation did indeed add more light and radiance to my face which I normally don't see achieved in other foundations I've tried out, hence why I move towards lighter coverage BB creams.  It contains luxurious ingredients such as golden mica (patented), jojoba, sunflower and acacia.  Nevertheless, after a few hours I found that it became ashy around the mouth area.

3. Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

£32.00 for 30mL

This is the product I fell in love with the most.  Not only does this product contain the 5 types of Coconut mentioned earlier, but it also has Provitamin B5 to help improve hydration and nourishment of the skin which usually struggles with frequent makeup use.  Illuminizers are the best way to achieve dewy and glowly affect without having to consume 10 litres of water (I am not endorsing cutting back on your water intake though- this is a makeup elixir not a health fixer).  I love that it has a golden and peach undertone to compliment adding warmth to all skin tones. Regretfully, I forgot to take a picture of a swatch of it on her hand but nevertheless I highly recommend checking it out if you go in store. As I was getting my makeup done there were quite a few people checking out this illuminizer.  Chloe used this on the high points of my cheeks, brows, and cupids bow as well for definition.  In addition, mixing this illumizer with the foundation enabled the color to be more complimentary to my natural skin tone by slightly lightening it to produce a shade that would slot between 'Honey deep' and 'Cocoa Light'.

4. Marc Jacobs Brow Wow Brow Defining Longwear Pencil in Dark Brown

£19.00 for 0.28g

We all know I am very loyal to my ELF Eyebrow Kit and cheating on it breaks my heart.  This pencil does indeed fill in my brows, adding definition and shaping but remains natural.  Chloe also used a brow gel by Marc Jacobs which is known for being one of the best for its brush, working to slick the individual eyebrow hairs into place.  In addition, there isn't too much gel on the product which prevents the shiny-brow look which is not quite on trend.

4. Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer in Invisible 

£20.00 for 11mL

I've recently mentioned loving the ELF Primer for those who don't want to break the bank.  I felt that the primer worked to provide a smooth application and canvas for the eyeshadows.  Furthermore, prior to application it appeared to even out the skin tone on my lids to allow the shadows to stick on.  It acts to absorb the oil on your lids to ensure that you have a good canvas for your makeup.  There is literally no creasing, fading, or smudging of the eyeshadows which is super impressive as if I want to go bold, I always use eye makeup instead of going heavy handed with contour and blush. 

5. Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Longwear Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition   

£39.00 for 7g

These eyshadows are wonderfully buttery and velvet upon application.  A little goes a very long way when it comes to these palettes to provide a very pigmented eye look.  Therefore, it is worth every penny as you do not need to go heavy handed.  It's refreshing to just dab a brush into an eyeshadow rather than dig in.   She used shade number 1 on my whole lids and I believe shade 2 in the crease and outer corner for a sultry smoky eye which is my go-to.  

6. Marc Jacobs Eye-conic Longwear Eyeshadow Palette in Scandalust 

£39.00 for 7g

Shade 1 was used as in the outer corner.  This has a deep berry undertone which complements deeper brown skin tones very well.  

£23.00 for 1.42g

This eyeshadow stick was stunning.  It was amazingly pigmented and rounded off the eyeshadow look with its shimmer, sheen, and shine.  I loved the way it added dimension to my lids and it felt
glamorous despite having done this on a Sunday afternoon.  It was extremely glam.  It's a cream and liner in one, infused with pure alpine snow water from the Swiss alps, providing added hydration alongside the eyelid primer. 

£19.00 for 0.11g

The application of this eye liner was easy and smooth.  It glided onto my lids and waterline to add definition to the eyes.  It's definitely opened my eyes to using dark purple liner instead of black eye kohl as the purple is softer and less intense.  I tend to tear up when lining my water line but luckily this is waterproof.  

£22.00 for 9g

This was the star of the show.  Marc Jacobs has come out with an outstanding mascara which finished off the whole entire look by adding 1800% more volume.  The brush enables the roots of the lashes to be coated evenly with the mascara.  Not only is it volumising, but it adds curvature, length and isn't weighed down as the day goes.  The lashes do not look spidery rather it is fluffy and remains appearing soft.  This is easy going to become my go-to once my Rimmel London mascara starts to dry up.  

£25.00 for 3.6g

Chloe was wearing a stunning lipstick in the colour 'Dashing' that I was very tempted to try.  Rest assured, she found a shade that would be better suited for my skin tone.  The color 'Goddess' is a warm toned red where the image here fails to display.  I took a picture of my lips for you guys to get a more accurate impression about the color shade.  It feels buttery and creamy on the lips and evidently did not accentuate lines on the lips.  It is a highly pigmented lipstick which worked on my naturally darker lips.    

£25.00 for 112mL

At the end of any makeup look, a setting spray will ensure the look stays weatherproof.  It further enhanced the main elements of dewiness and hydration.  It contains the same five coconut active ingredients to ensure there is no stickiness and your skin doesn't suffer underneath the makeup which is the usual case with regards to other foundations.  Nevertheless, I feel makeup is moving towards the organic, vegan, and healthy approach as there are brands that offer these three aspects without hefty price tags.  

How they wore throughout the day


1:30: Makeover's done!  So incredibly grateful to have had one hour of pure effort by Chloe compared to a rushed wham-bam goodbye ma'am session.  I'm in love with the finished look.  It doesn't feel like I have any make up on my face.

2:30: Whilst taking pictures, it appears slightly ashy around the mouth area but nothing too drastic.  I think this is a result of oxidation. I feel that colour corrector would play a great role in this case.  Nevertheless, I find that it isn't too intense to feel embarrassed in public about. 

4:00: Finally home and looked at myself in the mirror.  The ashiness does not seem as intense as it appeared in the camera of my phone.  I remain looking glowy and even toned.  It appears to be staying strong with no signs of breaking, fading, or smudging.  

5:00: I'm beginning to see wear around my cheeks where the patches are appearing slightly gray and around the mouth area.  This emphasises the fact that color corrector mixed into the primer would've been very handy in the longevity.  

7:00:  It has slightly worsened since 5pm but again, it only requires light touch ups but I am not one to wish to do that as I am far too lazy to maintain my appearance throughout the day (bar lip balm).  At this point I do wish to take off my makeup, also because I have uni in the morning so I need to shower soon.  

Overall, I do think the wear on this could be very exquisite with the help of a color corrector if you have a deeper skin tone.  If you are more on the fairer end of the color spectrum then I can't find this foundation being anything buy re(marc)able.  It is weightless, long lasting (advertised to be 24 hour longevity), and makes your skin feel and look youthful, radiant, and healthy.  


1:30: The lip looks phenomenal.  I never wore such an orangey undertone based red lipstick with so much confidence.  It complimented my skin tone wonderfully.  In the picture above, it appears that the lipstick is fading slightly on the bottom lip. 

2:30: The lipstick bleeds slightly but is nothing abnormal.  It is advertised as 8 hour wear, which I do believe it is indeed weatherproof.  It did transfer onto coffee mugs. 

4:00: I bought some chicken wings for lunch and let me tell you, the lipstick is not chicken-wing proof.  It most definitely has faded considerably but with such finger food I would be more than surprised if it soldiered through my eating.  That's what matte liquid lipsticks are for! 

5:00: There is slight traces of lipsticks in the middle of my lips but otherwise I think there is very little visibility of the lipstick and complete reapplication would be necessary. 

Eyebrows and Eyeshadow

I really do not think that a time line is required for either of these because they literally look like a carbon copy of each other from 1:30pm to 7pm.  It is highly probable that they both can wear a lot longer without budging.  I am highly considering the eyelid primer.  A good base provides perfect application after all.  

In essence, that is the break down of what happened on my little Marc Jacobs Beauty Experience at John Lewis.  I truly did enjoy every second and do not be surprised if next month, the mascara or other products are featured in my favorites.  

Be sure to check out the Marc Jacobs' beauty line here or in-store.

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