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#GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in 'Date Night' USA: $14.95
#GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in 'Date Night' UK: 11.00

The Beauty Crop are an underdog brand that tends to broadcast their products via monthly subscription boxes such as Birchbox or Boxycharm.  I personally haven't seen the brand sweeping other beauty blogs or store shelves such as Sephora, Ulta, or Boots but that could just be me turning a blind eye.  

The company is inspired by nutrition, healthy living, and making 100% cruelty free products. This justifies the price point of these products for a brand that isn't quite as common or popular.  

This liquid lipstick feels non existent on the lips upon application.  It fails to emphasise on the lines of your lips, and dries to a beautiful matte finish in about 1 minute.  Although over time, the lipstick begins to show slight signs of wearing near the edges of the lips, it does not transfer on cups or upon contact.  Later on in the day, I found that it did make my upper and bottom lips stick together slightly but nothing that made the lipstick feel uncomfortable.  Overall, it is indeed a comfortable lip product.  

The color is a gorgeous 'nude' for those that are of a darker skin tone.  The stunning warm-toned muted pink is perfect for everyday.  On the other hand, it is a gorgeous color for fairer skin tones wishing to match it with any appearance: casual or formal.  It would work well to compliment a smokey eye especially without looking over done.  The color is perfect for fall with its warm, rose wood undertones; making it act more subtle compared to other colors such as red-based lipsticks.  

Overall, this is definitely a liquid lipstick and brand I wish to invest in in the future given the message they stand for as the high quality of their products.   

How this product wore throughout the day

10:00am:  I decided that I wanted a super simple makeup look today consisting of only mascara and this liquid lipstick.  It was enough to make me look fresh and get me out the door in less than 10 minutes.  The lipstick applied easily and dried to a gorgeous matte finish as seen in the swatch above. It did not highlight any cracks in my lips and complimented my skin tone beautifully.  

11:00am: A quick check in the bathroom mirror revealed no signs of bleeding, fading, or emphasise on dry skin.  It still looked fresh and wasn't transferring to any products or clothes that come into contact.  The lipstick feels comfortable and non-existent though when I smack my lips together, it does appear to cause my upper and lower lips to stick together slightly.  Weird. 

12:30pm: Lunch time!  As a proud south-asian, I eat with my hands a lot.  To my pleasant surprise, despite being a messy eater, the lipstick wasn't staining my fingers or appearing to transfer or bleed.  

1:30pm: After lunch, I checked the mirror and noticed that there was little evidence of fading at the inner portion of my lips perhaps from eating.  There was still no bleeding or need for touching up as it wouldn't be visible unless stared at up close.  My lips still looked moisturised with no lines, cracks, or crevices being detectable. 

3:00pm: I've been roaming around and completely forgot to check myself in a mirror.  Thankfully, the lipstick did not budge and still looks as it does post-lunch time.   

4:00pm: My lips still stick together which is strange but I feel this is one of the only downfalls of this lipstick.  The lipstick still has not budged and has proven to be quite 'life proof' as the website suggested.  My lips look fresh and not dried or wrinkly which is always a fear of mine when testing out matte colors.  

5:30pm: Finally home and haven't been doing anything great for the past hour which could prove strenuous on my makeup.  I decided to wait out before washing my face until after dinner for a more thorough daily wear test.  

7:30pm: After eating dinner, which was more finger-food, I found that my lipstick had faded more from the inside out.  Because my meal was very 'wet' that perhaps caused slight transfer onto my fingers.  Therefore, this lipstick only seems to show signs of wear when faced with a force or direct contact such as eating.  

All in all, this liquid lipstick is a beautiful nude for darker skin tones. It only shows wear when exerted to certain pressures or contact such as eating.  Otherwise, I had no problems with bleeding, fading, or emphasises on dry patches.  I love what this brand stands for in producing vegan and cruelty free products and do genuinely feel that the quality justifies the prestige price point. Reapplication may be necessary after a meal but with the small applicator wand, you won't risk wasting any product.

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