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I have been blessed to be granted the opportunity to interview the lovely Trisha Patel.  I've been following her for years now ever since she made it big by talking about taboo topics that most brown people wouldn't dare discuss.  However, her love for sharing knowledge, hard-working nature, and bubbly persona is more than enough to attract anyone to her videos. 

What career path do you want to pursue if you know? 

I am a qualified optometrist and wanted to be one since the age of 17. 

Where does your inspiration come from for your videos? 

I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and I realised how much more confidence it gave me to do my own makeup, so I was inspired to help other people. Not only to do makeup, but just general life advice for girls that maybe didn't have people to turn too. Inspiration from my videos comes from the viewers, I get quite a few requests from young normally Asian girls that don't have someone to ask, so if I feel that I can help even one person, I will film the video.

How do you deal with hate if you get any? 

Hate! Oh the dreaded hate! Lol! Hate is something that at the beginning used to be to me a lot. Especially the comments about the way I looked, as I always hated the way I looked. I was very insecure growing up and then realise it's normal, we always have things we would want to change, but if you can't change something you have to learn to love it!

Do you have a favorite video you have made till date?

My shaving down there video is the video that probably is the biggest reason that my channel even started to grow. It is still my most viewed video to this date per day. I'm secretly proud that I made the video even though I knew it was gunna get me a lot of backlash. But I'm sure if helped a few people, also it started as a request from a girl that was going to university.

What is your proudest moment?

Proudest moment! That's easy. The day I signed the paperwork and bought my own business. That's was my biggest and most emotional journey and it took me 10 years to get there! I feel I need to film about that, might inspire someone.

Something that most people won't know about you?

One thing people may not know about me is I'm totally tone deaf and have the worst singing voice ever! Lol! I secretly wanna take singing lessons. Not for anyone else. But just so I don't deafen myself in the shower!

Fun/silly fact about yourself?

Random fact, I write with my left hand but do everything else with my right!

What advice would you give young people, especially those of the south-asian decent, to pursue their dreams and deviate from the norm (Engineering, Law, Medicine, etc.)?

Life is not only about making money. No one wants to be the richest man in the grave. There's a lot of sad rich people out there. People need to realise life is short and the most important thing is being happy. Yes you need money to eat and survive but happiness is more important for your mental state! So make the right choices.

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