Where have I been?

Let's address the elephant in the room.  I've evidently not been posting or present on my twitter, blog, and barely on my Instagram.  The good news is: I'm alive, I've graduated with a BSc Hons in Molecular Medicine, and I've officially moved to the big city London from America to pursue my masters in Global Health.

I assumed that moving to London was going to be quite a culture shock but it was surprisingly easy. Many of the streets reminded me of Bristol.  There are countless parallel characteristics between both cities.  In fact, I was immensely underwhelmed.  This could be due to the fact that I am a New Yorker.  Therefore, the large, boisterous city is the kind I've always thought London would be similar to. Nevertheless, I assimilated quite quickly.

The only downside is getting to your destination.  It isn't difficult to get from one place to another, but it is a lot of effort.  Transportation is time consuming but easy to follow despite the fact that there are 20 odd bus stands near my house.  My fear of not being able to understand the tubes or bus maps was quickly eradicated during my first few days here.  However, I always loved public transport. Something about having a coffee in one hand whilst taking the tube is so glamorous to me in a metropolitan way.

Perhaps I may begin posting monthly updates about my time here to enlighten any individuals thinking of breaking out of their comfort zone.

On another positive note, I am making it a point to do three blog posts a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday despite the fact that this post is going up on a Thursday.  I will be following this newfound schedule starting this Saturday.  In addition, I will attempt to make sure I have a fairly even spread of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty so that this blog does indeed encompass all that it is meant to.

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