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Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer (8.5mL) UK : 3.55 + 3.88 shipping 
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer (8.5mL)USA: $3.99

Concealers are usually hit or miss with me.  I find it exceptionally difficult to find one that doesn't look caky, crease, and cause an ashy white caste.  Thankfully, I came across the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer which comes in the perfect color for my skin tone.  Though I do believe a greater range of colors should be available, I was lucky enough to attain one suitable for me.  With a bit of red lipstick or color corrector around the mouth or under the eyes, this concealer works wonders in giving a flawless finish with no ashy-ness.  It is important to remember that all face products work differently due to variable skin types.  Similarly with perfume: both react with the natural oils or textures of your body causing a different appearance or scent compared to others.

For me, this was a very durable concealer.  It did not crease, cake, or budge throughout the day.  I find that using this without any other base such as foundation or bb cream is more than enough for me.  I baught five when in America before moving back to England because it's evidently more expensive here.  You do not need to slather on layers of this product.  I found that one was enough to blend out and cover up all my dirty secrets.  Therefore, it is worth the price.  Another huge plus is that Wet n Wild make cruelty free and vegan makeup.

Shade: Medium Deep Tan

How it wore throughout the day

10:30am: Another busy day but I decided to give myself a lie in.  I applied my normal skincare routine which consists of sunscreen and a rose facial oil by Ouai.  Despite this, the concealer doesn't slip and slide; aiding in easy and smooth application.  I set my face with the Revlon PhotoReady Powder which I've been using for 6 years now and refuse to cheat on.  

11:30am: I've been running around in the Big Smoke but whilst checking myself out in the bathroom mirrors of a restaurant I found that there was no evidence of creasing, fading, or caky-ness.  It's only been an hour however since application. 

1:00pm: I've been sweating slightly from wearing multiple layers to tolerate the English weather. To my pleasant surprise, my face still looks fresh as a fiddle.  There must be some magic fairy dust in this concealer. 

2:30pm: Decided to head to the high street for some shopping but sadly didn't find anything eye-catching. On the plus side, my face remains looking like I only applied the concealer a few moments ago.

3:30pm: By this time, even my foundation begins to appear run-down but I'm still bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  There are still no signs of creasing or fading.  

4:30pm:  It's starting to rain.  There's a long walk home before I get to check if the concealer is wearing at this point.  I've been making a conscious effort the whole day to prevent myself from wiping my face due to the pollution, rain, and sweat. 

5:00pm:  Home sweet home.  A thorough analysis in the mirror shows very little signs of wear, fading and absolutely NO creasing.  Like I said before, there is magic dust in this concealer which is granting everybody's wish of long-lasting face products that don't budge or look ashy, crease, or fade. After a shower, it came off easily with face wash and water without any effort.  

Overall, this is MOST certainly going to be repurchased by me.  As I said before, I got over 5 whilst in America.  I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a drugstore priced concealer that won't break the bank but make you look like you're ready to walk the red carpet.  This is going to be my go-to concealer for any occasion: formal or casual.  The price is the best bonus alongside the quality as it means I won't feel guilty for overusing it.  

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