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Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria: 16.00

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere, so it's very difficult to resist temptations when new brands or lines are popping on shelves left, right and centre.  In my Birchbox USA, I managed to get a hold of the Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick in 'Aria'.  It is a beautiful pink berry toned lipstick with cool undertones that works perfectly for any skin tone.  It's a beautiful color to welcome the colder seasons.  

The application of the lipstick is simple.  It dries quickly to a matt finish as seen in the picture below. However, it does tend to highlight the crevices and cracks in the lips, giving them a 'lined' appearance. Nevertheless,  the lipstick does not feel drying in any shape or form. It almost feels non-existent which surprised me greatly.  This is a characteristic that most liquid lipsticks fail to illustrate. Throughout the day, the lipstick showed very little signs of wearing.  Once I got home, I was shocked to see that this liquid lipstick is a soldier.  This is most certainly one that I will purchase in the future with around 21 different shades to choose from this line.  

How the liquid lipstick wears throughout the day

9:30am:  After my shower, I did my normal everyday skincare routine alongside moisturising my lips with an EOS lip balm in Vanilla.  I then applied one even layer of the lipstick as no more is necessary considering it is amazingly opaque.

10:30am:  The London pollution is getting the better of me.  No wonder the city is called 'The Big Smoke'.  I'm constantly wiping down my face and around my mouth, being careful not to move or distort the lipstick.  It's a series of constant bus rides and long walks so I wouldn't have the chance to touch up even if I needed to.  However, after a quick look in my phone camera, I notice that the lipstick looks as good as new.

12:00pm: I forgot to eat breakfast again.  This is becoming a bad habit.  I bought myself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (obviously, how can I not?) and a KFC zinger burger.  I couldn't help myself.  After my 'brunch', I notice that the lipstick, once again, held up nicely showing no signs of fading.  It didn't transfer on my food or cup either.

1:30pm:  It started to drizzle, which comes to no surprise in England.  I was worried that the water would cause the lipstick to move.  At this point, I noticed that there was slight signs of fading near the inner portions of my lips rather than the outside.  Perhaps a light touch up would be necessary but the fading was barely noticeable by the naked eye.

3:00pm:  Arrived home to drop off the groceries and other 'moving in' essentials purchased.  I made myself a quick apricot jam sandwich before I had to head out again. The lipstick didn't appear to do any further fading though the 'lines' on my lips seem to be further emphasised at this point.  

4:30pm:  After signing up with the local library, sorting out the laundromat, and buying vegetables for days, I can confidently say I am done for the day.  I arrived home and notice that the lipstick has faded slightly more from the inner lips outwards.  It's beginning to highlight the dry patches on my lips suggesting that reapplication would be a must or complete removal of the lipstick.  My lack of water intake throughout the day, running around like a headless chicken, and the polluted city air could also play a vital role in sucking out any remaining moisture within me.

All in all, about 6-7 hours of wear throughout the day is perfect for anyone that is cooped up in a 9-5 job or on the go and cannot afford to think about touching up their makeup.  Nevertheless, about one touchup would be required for maintenance after 4-5 hours.  I think the light-weight feel of the lipstick makes it a best seller considering it doesn't feel drying or present on the lips.  However, exfoliation and lip balm is a must as with any matt liquid lipstick.  Overall, I would most definitely repurchase it and I'm already tempted by the other shades available!

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