My go-to Outfits | Vol. 1- Hanji Hello

I wanted to add these segments which highlight my personal wardrobe choices or preferences so you guys may be inspired or get to know me better via my outfits.

As I've mentioned previously, Hanji Hello by Raxstar is one of my favorite go-tos for sweatshirts and T-shirts.   I vividly remember buying one of his first T-shirts which was a white tee with floral bordering the 'Hanji Hello' logo. I love to pair them with Levi jeans (dark or light wash) with my adidas gazelles (navy, pink, or burgundy).  My favourite habitat is comfort.  Luckily these looks are comfortable, simple, yet still, in my opinion, adorable and can leave your doorstep.

Shop the looks here: Hanji Hello by Raxstar

Outfit 1: Graphic T shirt

I'm usually not a graphic T-shirt person.  I prefer simplicity in my outfits such as solid colors and no extortionate prints or patterns.  However,  this T-shirt is just too cute to dismiss. Novelty tees are an essential in your closet in my opinion.  They have an edgy vibe but pairing them with a black pencil skirt it can give it a girly touch.  Also, can we appreciate the pose?  I was laughing so hard at my stance.

Shop the look:

Hanji Hello 'Earth' Black Tee: $25.95 but currently on sale for $12.00

Outfit 2: Navy blue Hanji Hello sweatshirt

I had my hair tucked in at the back of the sweater, which is why I look inflated in this picture.  On a brighter note, this is a simple sweater.  It's not too thick that you feel suffocated but not too thin to feel like a shirt.  I adore the #HanjiHello on the corner; the coherence of the branding is well done.  

They have released new sweaters with 'Hanji Hello' written in the middle surrounded by a paisley border which can be found on their website.  It's a casual mix of graphic and subtle.  Also, I need to practice posing.

Shop the look:

Hanji Hello Hashtag Sweater in Navy Blue: $29.95 on sale for $23.00 

Outfit 3: Parka Jacket and Burgundy 

This is probably one of my favourite outfits even though the only difference is the parka jacket.  I love parkas because they synch at the waist and provide enough length that it doesn't seem like a dress, but works with any type of look: sweaters, tees, dresses, skirts, etc.  I personally do not like tops poking out from underneath my jacket.  This parka is thin enough to work with sweaters and still provide warmth.  I like the sleeves of my outfit to poke through the jacket as it gives off a more put together appeal in my opinion.  It seems more consistent.  On the other hand, to prevent everything from looking too 'matchy-matchy', I switched to navy blue gazelles.  

Shop the look:

JustFab Puffer Parka in Black: £70.95 reduced to £54.00 

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