Review | ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick - Worth the hype?!

Everyone and their dog are raving about the Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks.  I managed to get my hands on a Hello Kitty edition in Lock Diary 17D2.  

I think that the rave is justified.  I found that the application of the product was easy with minimal transfer or effort.  It does not highlight the cracks of my lips; leaving a smooth finish.  The color is extremely vibrant even after drying into its matte finish.  I found that it did not adhere to any dry patches of skin on my lips though I did exfoliate prior.  It feels and looks more expensive than the 6 dollar price tag.  Most certainly, I want to invest in more of these as I feel they will become a staple in my makeup collection.

How did it wear throughout the day

10:00am: Instead of going to the gym later, I went earlier this morning so I can test this lipstick fairly.  I applied it after exfoliating with my lip scrub for a smooth, silky finish.  It dried matte, as assumed, but the color stayed true to the tube.  

11:30am: There is no bleeding or fading of the color to be seen.  I've been drinking water and coffee and found no transferal of the product onto the mugs occurred.  

1:00pm: Lunch time!  I had a delicious lunch and found that there was slight transfer due to the liquid-based foods I was eating.  

2:30pm: After finishing lunch, I found that there was fading around the centre of my lips and a little bit on the outer corners where my lips touched and rubbed against cutlery.  This comes to no surprise.

5:00pm: The lipstick is still going strong but my natural lip color is gleaming through in some areas making the lipstick slightly transparent but this cannot be detected from a meters distance.  

7:00pm: My dad wishes to head out for dinner.  I reapplied the lipstick for the purpose of leaving the house.  I wiped off a majority of the excess product off of the wand before application.  

10:00pm: Came home from dinner.   Thankfully the lipstick was pink otherwise it would start looking like a crime scene.  The lipstick transferred to my napkin, my glass, my cutlery and my fingers.  However, when I came home and looked in the mirror, I found that the color was still as vibrant as when I applied it at 7, therefore making this a winner!

Overall, the lipstick seems perfect for everyday where with minor touchups potentially necessary but I wouldn't bother with a normal 9-5 day routine.  Arguably, 6-8 hours went past before I felt that reapplication was needed which highlights the stunning quality of this product and I am more than excited to invest in more of Colourpop's products! 

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