Review | ELF's Velvet Matte Lipstick (Berry Bordeaux) and Lipliner (Wine)

ELF UK Lip liner and Blending Brush in Wine £4.50

The Lipliner and Blending Brush in Wine
First off, the lipliner applies very smoothly.  Although it is creamy, it does feel dry on the lips so a lip balm is a must when using this lip liner.  Furthermore, exfoliation is required as it would cling to the dry, dead skin of the lips as most mattes and lipliners do. 

The blending brush works wonders in ensuring that the color is evenly spread from the outside of the lips to the centre; saving you a lot of product as a result.  This is important given that blending brush and the lip liner come in one single tube, already suggesting that you will receive less lip lining product than if you bought it alone.


Personally, I do not believe you can wear just the lip liner on it's own because it feels very tight on the lips as though it is sucking out the moisture.  It is very drying. However, it did prevent bleeding of the lipstick throughout the day.  

In addition, the color wine is suitable for women of darker skin tones.  It does not appear washed out though the swatches online may suggest so!  I think it is the perfect liner to use under any lipstick (liquid or otherwise) because it will not take or influence the color of the lipstick unless it is significantly lighter.  Wine is the perfect in between shade which would work with deeper nudes regardless if the undertone is purple, red or pink.  

The lipstick in Berry Bordeaux

The swatch and image online is NOTHING compared to the real lipstick.  I was heavily disappointed when I received the lip color because I was looking forward to using a very deep dark purple which I personally do not own.  It would have been perfect for the fall/winter trends.  Nevertheless, the color is gorgeous and is much more appropriate for day to day wear.  It is a lighter shade of what appears to be a burnt rose with heavy pink and purple undertones.  

Though this shade is suitable for women of color, it acts more as an everyday shade rather than something statement.  It is more subtle.  If you have a more fair and lighter skin tone, then this lipstick will be appropriate for going out and complimenting dramatic/event/occasion looks.  

 I can wear this lipstick on its own but it does indeed transfer a lot more (bleeding, onto mugs/cups, when eating, etc).  Therefore, constant reapplication would be necessary.  

How it wore throughout the day when paired together

9:30am: After breakfast, I applied the lipliner and lipstick together and found application with a lip balm and exfoliation gave it a smoother appearance but took away a bit of the matte shine. 

11:00am: It started fading slightly on my upper lip but still had some vivid color present overall.  Little bit of bleeding on the top but nothing too major.  All I've done is drink two glasses of water.

12:30pm: Went to the gym for an hour and came back.  The lipstick is still going strong and pigment hasn't changed since exercising which is amazing.

1:30pm:  I've just finished lunch.  I can feel the dry skin and patches on my lips getting tougher and more prominent which makes me feel uneasy.  I look a little parch.  When I went to check what the lipstick status is, it has pretty much vanished at this point.  Therefore, re-application would be necessary by now.

I think 4 hours isn't too bad for a lipstick and lipliner duo at this price.  It's not too expensive so reapplying it wouldn't hurt your wallet.  Bare in mind, I did go to the gym and most people would go in the morning prior their shower and makeup.  I did put this lipstick to a bit more of a test than most to really see its longevity.   

Overall, I do believe that the lipstick is worth the buy.  The lipliner is drying so exfoliating with a lip scrub or simply using sugar mixed with oil would be essential.  However, this is expected with a majority of mattifying lip products so I would repurchase the lipliner with the brush as well.  

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