Adidas and Nike Alternative

Every single new year we promise ourselves that we are going to get fit, eat healthy, and hit the gym like its our job.  And every single year I fail to do that. I accelerate amazingly and then hit a wall. One day off becomes a week, a month and then I find myself greeting the new year with the same diet and fitness regime I had before.  To motivate myself to do it for real this time, I’ve treated myself to some work out gear.  Rather than grabbing an old pair of leggings or harem pants with a sleepwear top, I’ve decided to take it more seriously.  Consequently, this should mean I take the health and fitness more earnestly as well. 

I couldn’t bring myself to spend too much on high end brands such as Nike or Adidas (both of which I do love so dearly).  Instead I splashed out on buying multiple things from Xersion for Jc Penny.  With the fantastic sales going on, I felt like it was my responsibility to share this find with you all.  It feels premium without the price tag and fits beautifully around the body; thus, it is not restricting when working out.   

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